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    i ( think) i've had the same problem, even if slightly different.

    i was walking in one area and got dc'ed.

    relogging, the same problem occurred. and again, and again...

    i managed to get out by clicking the unstuck button quick enough before it was going to dc again.

    no idea what the cause was and the answer might sound simplistic, but it worked.

    hope this helps you too.

    this answer is very simple: try out different classes and play WHAT YOU LIKE.

    ignore everything else. they all have merit and can make a good contribution to any party.

    what is top dps today might be different tomorrow.


    So - I used to be a dedicated TERA player in enmasse days, spent a lot of money on it, now coming back for a bit of nostalgia. But not for very much. TERA is still one of the best MMORPGs desipite its age, oh, but how it has been damaged! I mentioned the shop in another post, but now I find that the crafting system, which used to be one of the best in MMOs, has been trashed. It used to be that you could craft armour that was actually useful. Now you can't, so there's no point in gathering ores.

    I also notice that many zones are now redundant. As soon as you come off the starter island, you go to Oblivion Woods, so Fey Forest might as well not exist. Then off you go at once to Porporia, skipping another few zones. And so on.

    I am guessing that the idea is that players should skip ahead to the endgame as fast as possible. This is an egregious miscalculation: levelling is fun, especially in a well designed game like TERA. It's all very sad.

    very sad indeed. i remember getting a warning in the past for having played 24 hours in a row. i hardly reach the 1 hour point now.

    i was always quite sure the pick up areas of them used to be much larger than they are now.

    in those days i didnt have to stop moving to have pets pick up something, and i do (seem to? (cant prove anything)) remember they sometimes went so out-of-their-way to pick up far away stuff i lost sight of them regularly.

    regarding the other comments: that's tera today, year long grinds or simply pour in hundreds of euros.

    and then maybe ;)

    true for partners as well as ... well almost anything else you can upgrade these days.

    im afraid they entered a path from which there is no return, but i keep hoping, against all hope.

    never was a dedicated pvp player ( prolly cos i got killed more than i killed others :P ) but i found the alliance zones a very nice way to pvp. no must-do-this-and-that necessarily... you could just hangout there and see what would be coming at you, nice bosses (incl. invisible ones) to keep you occupied, materials to gather and they were large enough zones to not force you to encounter enemies (but you never knew) and plenty of ways to hide, run or hunt down players for the hell of it.

    somehow today im very sentimental about its deactivation.

    more examples on YT

    magic / physical was introduced a while ago.

    it is the main thing after power and crit.

    classes are either magical or physical ( dont think there is one that needs both)

    check skill menu to see what your skills (mainly) use

    there is magic and physical gear (armor/wep/jewelry), all of which CAN have additional stats and can be infused with infusion-gear.

    extra stats are magic-/physical- : -amplification -piercing -ignore resistance -resistance.

    most outcomes are random and some randomness can be controlled with certain items.

    that can control the random outcome, varying in the amount of control.

    it can all be very expensive so make sure you get the right things.

    simply always READ and re-read THE DESCRIPTION before you waste gold.

    hope this clears it up a bit.


    forget it, this was asked before and the answers remain the same just made worse thru neglect.

    TERa has gone full p2w assuming you weren't exploiting the hell out of it. People simply had enough of the abuse.

    no it isnt full p2w. you can absolutely max your gear for free.

    it just takes a few years longer.

    and do give up your day job.

    i never minded spending money on tera. i felt since i could play it for free they deserved it, just contributing to something i really enjoyed doing, cos nothing is really free right?

    but this has gotten ridiculous. no chance of upgrading without shop help ( broker/trading included) unless you no-life the recommended quests 24/7.

    im sorry but i play games for FUN. unfortunately having to play like this (daily routines/efficiency/fasterfasterfaster) makes it more of a second job than a fun thing to do.

    i think it went downhill from that patch that made every try fail cost at least 5k and upupup. the ones after made it worse and worse.

    and since now all activities outside "recommended" bring you nothing that upgrades you, not even gold, i dont really spend time in tera anymore.

    goodbye my love, it was fun. thanks for the good times. i'll drop by every once in a while.

    * heart breaks* ;(

    well speaking for myself there is nothing to do anymore.

    the only thing you can do to progress is the dungeon routine ( boooooring) or visit the shop.

    outside that nothing is really worth doing anymore. you could make gold from them once at least but thats reduced to almost zero.

    so basically im supposed to do those routines in order to do those routines slightly easier in the end? lolol

    nevermind if i want to do routines i'll just stay at work.

    maybe its just sentiment ( 8 years in tera) speaking idk.

    maybe ive played games long enough to recognize that point where excitement of experiencing new stuff and having fun makes way for realizing progress will not happen any further unless you grind for years or visit the shop. ( almost any game is like that).

    either way i dont play much anymore. last thing i did for amusement and a little gold ( enough for one fail at enchant) was doing vanguards on the classes i enjoyed most.

    but they chose to reduce that gold-jackpot feature to ONE per account, which i can finish in under an hour or less. so now....

    im on the forum more than in the game. hoping for signs of better times i guess...


    i dont use discord so idk really :s

    you (usually) get a medaillion for participating (the second best one i think) and the best if you landed the final blow.

    keep in mind though , even if you get the best medallion, its a token that gives you a piece of infusion gear with RANDOM stats, aand applying it gives a RANDOM result.

    soooo you might need more than one lol

    Cerrus spawns in Lorcada. Yunaras Snaggletooth's dad. teleport to Habere.

    Ortan in Blessing Basin/Essenia. big monkey that farts mythically purple. tp to Tralion.

    Hazard in Quarantine Zone. vault boss that escaped from vault. tp to Frontera.

    if you dont have club (village atlas) its wise to always have a number of tp-scrolls each in your inventory, cos it can be gone (killed) in a matter of 5-10 minutes, depending on how fast it's found and who is playing.

    its always appreciated to make a POI in Area/Global if you spot it first.


    ... we dont let them use their skills, we dont let them change the skillbar and the controls, oh Yeah this will be great...

    why did they do that ? its one of tera's best features to be able to bind anything to any key...

    i usually quit other games cos they dont have that. and yeh i quit tba after 10 minutes too.