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    The sad thing is - there are so many people p2w'ing these retarded rng pet-boxes. Why would anyone be dumb enough to support this kind of scam? The pets are literally p2w because you cannot farm those ingame (Dropchance is a fking joke so dont even mention those essences).

    Also at least in my opinion - considering all that grinding and shit rng they implemented, they're literally asking for the game to be exploited or people using fishing bots to actually be somewhat able to keep up.

    You are supporting it by still playing the game.

    Wanted to give a look to materials for tier IV jewelry etchings in preparation for the incoming new set, and I noticed that these mats were removed from the meta shop. So, how do you farm them? You need hundreds of them to craft etchings.

    Also, BHS removed tier 2/3 etchings from dungeon drops.

    Can we stop implementing these questionable decisions?

    it's actually pretty wise and calculated in advance decisions, don't worry everything will be available in the cash shop.

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    Most elitists preffer priest, so play mystic to avoid being picked by them. Those are no fun people, trust me.

    Don't listen to that guy, you won't find a group since " the elitist players " he's talking about are 99,9% of the actual community, just play priest or gunner/lancer, nothing else.

    Since new rng p2w stuff was added to the game and that you can exploit to milk players through the cash shop (companions, relics/halidoms), you could consider making outdated quite useful stuff such 2.0s more available in game, since prices on broker are ridiculous and not having one, as said already billions of time since their introduction, is not even to consider, as their impact on the fight is quite observable

    Imagine having a huge swimming pool in your garden with huge whales that have the capability of defecating lots of money every month so you could continue feeding them rotten fish, would you actually stop giving them rotting fish risking that they defecate less money ? Think about it.


    So much this, why i'd like to farm lvl70 and 180 skillpoints when it's already a pain with one character, let alone two.

    It's not a pain, it's content, be grateful to our lords and saviors BhS & Gameforge for making it possible to have THAT much content and THAT much to do, imagine how much time it'll take you to gear and level 8 characters. #it'sactuallycontent

    Good suggestion, I'm in need of another Canyon Conqueror title.

    On a more serious note I don't think GF can bring it back - it's BHS that needs to do that and we all know how it turns out when we need something from BHS. :lol:

    EDIT: NA has it? Big, big oof. :wacko:

    You still believe that BHS decides everything ?


    Are you talking about the pets that I acquired YEARS ago "new content" ? okay.

    "New content" = Putting artificial limitations to things that weren't limited before only to sell your the solution.

    What's next? coming with a "costume limit" per character - that you can solve by buying "costume limit expanded vouchers" - only 9,99€ each.

    Actually that costume limit idea is not bad, you should probably post that in the suggestion category, and yes, it's still content, either you like it or not, it's something new that is implemented. :)


    We cannot give you yet a fix date as we still need to work on a lot of technical sides, prepare everything for it to happen and also due to the current game content schedule. But we will do our best to make it happen as fast as possible and as soon as we will have a confirmed date, we will let you know about it!

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    Dude we already have too much Dungeon. It's already annoying finding VG Quest. If they don't remove them we will have 40 Level 65 Dungeon ... 10 Progression Dungeon between level 65 - 69 and maybe in the future many lvl 70 Dungeon.

    It's too much. And no one really no one cares for TRHM and other dungeons.

    Yeah right, 40 dungeons is " too much" for a game that's been out for that long.