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    I'm pretty sure the amount of bg credits we get is equivalent to VM1 times as I can remember being able to farm credits for glyph boxes pretty easily in VM2 for alts. Right now CS gives around 500 credits for a win and 120-140 for a loss. So you would have to win four times for ONE glyph box, on top of that SJG has been closed so for now there's no other way to get half the glyphs we need. The splendid fighter chest costs 24k Bellicarium and 12k Killing Spree credits, god only knows how much the full set costs to make but it's not a reasonable amount on a 6 week server. I know gameforge said they were prioritising PVE for this server but it's honestly ridiculous how much PVP has been neglected if they can't even get the credits right.

    If the classic server were permanent I wouldn't mind the leveling feeling so slow, but as it's only going to last until the end of march and we're supposed to be able to hit vm3 in that time it feels a little lacking. EXP when farming mobs solo in open world doesn't feel too bad but in dungeons so far it's been extremely slow so it feels like we're being punished for grouping up. Considering it's a fresh server and there's not the supply of crystals/consumables there would be usually it feels even worse than it did to level back in 2013 right now. Once again, wouldn't complain if this wasn't an event server where the focus is purely on endgame.

    Haven't seen anyone else really mentioning this, but the lancer shout debuff where you can't get giga'd again doesn't seem to be working correctly. Before anyone says it's probably the old giga hitting, it's really not as that one can pull 6 people max and I'm seeing large groups pulled from giga to giga with only a few seconds between.

    "You can't reinforce your argument because of your own personal decision, that's bias and makes no sense. Some of us do know how to play their alts, you know how? We played them / trained in EQ BGs (i.e Skyring Solo) so we got used to them too."

    Do you not understand sarcasm? I've never queued to fraywind on an alt I didn't know how to play, it's just a example of what this patch is going to create. The fact is, the best quality fraywind matches are the ones back when there were enough premades to have 3 on each team. Some of us actually enjoyed playing against other good players, not against cs level alts.

    Yes let me queue for fraywind on my ambit geared sorc that I have no fking clue how to play, spam hailstorm off cooldown and feed kills because lololol who cares about good quality matches REAL pvpers queue on their 296871061 alts.

    I don't think this did come from bhs Borsuc . As far as I know, Ktera has own gear in fw/grid/3v3. I could be wrong, but in all the patch notes I've seen from ktera nothing has said these battle ground will be made fully eq. This appears to be a decision gameforge made on their own.

    Sorry but in what world do you live in? If gameforge would actually put conflate stats on eq gear, that would be great. But realistically, it's never gonna happen and the eq gear will be the same garbage we've been getting for years now. And what no one seems to notice is that 'equalised' gear favours certain classes, such as reapers. Lancers and healers suffer more from eq gear as they rely the most on cdr/aspd builds.

    Not to mention healers get 1/3 less healing (not exact, just my guesswork) in gridiron. Own gear is the only thing that keeps healers alive in there. When it was equalised the entire bg died because no healers would queue. It simply wasn't possible to survive when you couldn't even heal yourself.

    storyguy In the upcoming patch, conflate would be better than +15 vm sets for armor. The gear difference was already being fixed, this extra 'fix' from gameforge was totally unnecessary. If people liked eq gear so much, why did battlegrounds die when they were previously equalised?

    The whole point of conflate gear is that it stops p2w from influencing pvp so much. The best in slot gear for the upcoming patch is +12 only. So WHY make bgs eq???? Even conflate weapon is only 5% worse than +15 vm7 weapon next patch, it's perfectly viable and people with full conflate could easily compete with those using vm7/8 weapons.

    As for being hard to make, just go IoD a few times a week and buy colluva ores with the tokens. I farmed a VM weapon for a pve char pretty fast like that, it's honestly not that hard. Etching II is more than enough to use on conflate, and isn't too expensive either. If you don't want to have a crit innerwear, go for enduring or hp instead. Both the blue and yellow ones are pretty damn cheap (80-200g for blue, 3-5k for yellow last time I checked). Tbh most people will have innerwear and a brooch for doing pve with as well, so it's not like they are buying it just to do fw/3v3/grid.

    And Hotasduck is right, eq fw was dead as hell even with the jackpots having equal chance in both. Gridiron died completely when they made it equalised, even during the events it hardly popped. I do agree that it's nice for 3v3 premade, but in fraywind and gridiron it's beyond stupid.

    Mystic is fine to be melee, just glyph corruption ring for less damage and learn to use it properly. You can also use warding scrolls to help if you're struggling to stay alive. But yeah, for pvp build into attack speed/endurance with the healing jewelry and pve crit rate jewelry.

    Wintera is still bugged. Queued in and all the names were red, including those from my own raid. Basically everyone was able to hit everyone, despite being in the same team.

    Battleground matching doesn't appear to be working properly. I've tried queuing wintera a few times since the crash and each time there were less then 10 people in the raid, none of whom could actually get into the battleground. Some people in global are saying instance matching is also not working.