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    hello GAMEFORGE why are you changing the coin system and leaving us with so many tokens???
    please revert the change!!! me and many other players are very much ok with the coin system as it's always been (do not listen to the handful of people always complaining on the forums!!!!!!!!!!!! u guys rock!)

    hi i have been playing this game for like 6 years and truth be told i've never enjoyed a patch as much as i've enjoyed this one!!! GF U ROX!!! I LOVE THE STATE OF THE GAME!!! PLEASE KEEP IT LIKE THIS, THE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ARE JUST CASUALS!!

    PS KEEP IT UP WITH THE GOOD WORK!!! :):):):):):):):)

    they bsically shut you up for good by bringing you the obvious (that everyone for some reason wanted to hear) as some kind of news (who would've thought they wanted to merge a graveyard useless server, riiiiiight?) and it's funny cause everyone has been crying about it for months and months, yet now you got your "answer" (even though it's pretty much a useless one) and now you for sure can't spam about it anymore
    let everyone shut up by basically saying nothing 101

    why don't you guys update the classic server to lv 65 patch (vm4) instead of just merging it with the live server when the time runs out? :/
    every single person i asked to said that'd be a great idea, so why not? i'd actually prefer that a billion times :rolleyes:

    Bring nothing to the table? I'm basically telling you everything that is wrong (and should be changed, else why would I complain?) with this server.
    They encouraged people to go through older content (vm1, vm2) first and completely failed at that the moment they decided to hand out Oculus as starting gear.
    I played a bit then quit, I think I had around 2 days of playtime? I think? (and that was two days ago, by the way)
    Leveled up to 60, got to oculus gear, no jewelry, no anything, facerolled everything up to REHM (let me repeat, with Oculus gear. And that's not skill, everyone did that. That leaves you only ABHM left, nice event server) where I got my T15 gear. Fodder isn't that much of a problem, but masterworking stuff is - wanna know why?
    Because I literally nolifed the game for 2 days straight. Anything I could run, I would. And when after two days of playtime you managed to get less than 10 MES, then that's a problem, considering you could potentially need hundreds. Just because one guy got lucky and masterworked with a few it doesn't justify the droprate being so crap.

    And we're talking about Devastator here, by the way. VM3 is completely out of the picture. Really doubt anyone is gonna be able to get it unless something changes.


    you get out of leveling with oculus gear, which is more than enough up to REHM - where you get devastator.

    rates are increased for t13 and t14, both of which aren't enough (cause they're literally crap gear) to clear ABHM, which is the ONLY content you can't clear with oculus.
    so you get devastator and... you can't masterwork it cause on this joke of a server you can't get your hands on MES (because you may have used 10 to mw 2 t14 pieces, but one t15 piece could even take you up to 200 MES like the old times). but maybe you get lucky and you indeed mw it, then you can't enchant it cause MWA drops are pathetic and they removed them from lot, sooo ?(

    what you basically do in this server is:

    get to lvl 60

    get oculus gear, from that point on EVERYTHING other than the ONE SET you'll have to grind 6 weeks for (basically until the server shuts down, unless you go p2w) aka deva, is a downgrade


    and also don't tell me how the ping relies on where i am located. i ping 30 on the normal servers and 200 on this shitty classic joke. they went full budget and everyone knows about it

    Yeah it's called battlegrounds. Get lost with your PvE brain.

    Sucks to be you that you need constant new content to have fun with your "PvE" activity and can't understand how someone else doesn't.

    wait last time i checked we had battlegrounds in our current version, didn't we?
    and considering that'd be the only thing left to do, would you really ask for a new server just... to play bgs? lmao (a WHOLE server for the 1%! hot stuff!)
    i think ill get lost, this whole topic is just too much

    Sorry but I don't have fun anymore in the current Tera, it's become utter crap IMO in the last 2 to 3 years and I totally dropped it in the end of last year.

    I'd have much more fun restarting from scratch with the game like it was in 2012 when i started playing, with patches once in a while in the same order as the past, and this time I'd drop the game just before the beginning of the crap.

    and that's something we can all agree on (as in restarting from scratch, but still going with patches every now and then, wouldn't be the best thing ever but still "interesting") but having the server .. S T U C K F O R E V E R at REHM patch? (HELLO?? RUNNING RIFTS EDGE FOREVER?? HOW IS THAT BETTER THAN THE CURRENT TERA?? you'd like quit in a few days???)

    i mean lets be serious, you guys are all delusional, why don't you just go and play a different game?

    Yeah I am sure that exchanging VM1 gear with Frostmetal (best scenario) is 100% worth the time it takes to grind it.

    Also you just talk about merely utilitarian stuff, you haven't mentioned the word "fun" once, guess you're one of those people that think playing games is serious business.

    i get to have fun with any of my friends on any game that i play. i don't need the game go to back 5 years in order to have fun, if i want to play tera, i can have fun in the current one as well

    you're just one of the pathetic people that are just way too nostalgic to let go, there's no point in having a classic server permanently stuck at one patch. and there's no saying otherwise - it just makes NO sense to be BEGGING for a server like that

    -> Talking about pointless when the main activity in the "modern" server is afk fishing

    Explaining me what's the big deal of wanting to switch from the classic server to the modern one when all you gonna carry over is....what? gears? useless on a lv.65 server, consumables? mostly will be unusable.

    But yeah! you gonna save half the day nowdays you take to level from 1-60, that alone is a good reason not to make the classic server permanent, right? so much value in bringing your nice lv.60 character with useless gear in the lv.65 gear! right?

    You get to retool your gear so people that are playing on the classic server can carry over an extra geared character to their server. Let's say you're playing on Mystel, you started recently. You've heard about the "good old times" (HAHA) of this game, seen videos, never got to experience it. You're gonna go and play there, when the time comes, your time won't completely go to waste.
    You're one of the AFK Fishing people? One that already has done everything there's to do in our current patch? You go and play there without expectations. exactly to waste time.

    But yeah! Let's have the permanent version of our beloved classic server, where after a month or two, the time it takes you to literally do everything there's to do, you won't have ANYTHING and let me repeat, A N Y T H I N G to do, that is a great idea, right? (how is this better than AFK Fishing?_?)



    Weekly competition to who jumps the most in CoF??? Forever?? HELL YEAH
    Let's have a permanent competition amongst who bugs the shit out of this game the most... FOREVER! THAT IS CONTENT!!!
    I really wonder why Bluehole hasn't hired you yet

    why going through the classic server if he doesn't like it?

    because most of the people that are playing this game didn't experience how it was before, having a little jump in the past is okay, having it permanent would be pointless.
    literally 99% of the people are complaining about how boring this game is, about how long they have to wait every single time between patches... and then there's you, lmao, actually thinking that having a server STUCK at THE SAME PATCH F O R E V E R is a good idea - what's the point in having that server up for more than two or three months? you'll run out of stuff to do, you won't get any new patch, you won't get anything, so again, what's the point?

    as i said it only is a good idea for the people that started playing after the 65 patch hit (because they didn't get to experience how the game used to be) or for delusional and nostalgic people (... lmao)
    there's no bringing this game back to how it used to be, it still is the same grindfest, you get the old bosses brought back again with event dungeons or regular ones, example being Dreadspire - most of the people qqing about how they want to fight manaya again cause OMFG MCHM??? BEST DUNGEON EVER MADE!! didn't even bother trying to run it (and let me remind you, we've had 4 (5? counting EM? and literally ALL the content you can clear on the classic server except for a few was part of a fight in DS) different versions of it

    i really don't get it lmao
    it's gonna be a pve server so just shut up with your pvp stuff
    dungeons will be the same as current ones, considering the constant recycling of bosses - name pretty much any boss you can think of, we've had a fairly recent version of it (except you maybe can't cheat your way to the last boss and skip the entire dungeon, that's something worth missing :wacko:)
    game will be a complete grindfest as usual - idk about you but i very much prefer actually running stuff in order to gear up instead of being STUCK in LoT the entire day trying to get MWA

    and what you'll get is... having a few skills less? not having flying mounts? having to pop a panacea every now and then? (GOD I MISS THAT SO MUCH!!! WHY WOULD THEY REMOVE THAT, IT REALLY WAS SOMETHING AMAZING, I WISH I COULD USE PANACEAS AGAIN!!??!) recharming?

    really makes you think

    >bring back THOUSANDS :D

    you're basically asking for a server to be stuck at one patch forever, what happens when you get bored of it after let's say... 2 months at best? 3?

    gonna run mchm forever because the dungeon is soooooooooooooooooo much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun right