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    I'm glad that people here finally (After how many years?) stopped blaming each other and start blaming GF/BH, took you so long, lol.

    Also it's not only about PK. Don't limit PvP to only PK-ing others. Whether you got your 1 channel with PK or your VO with PK, it's still the same result as current Mystel/Killian on the long run.

    If the game itself doesn't care about the PvP part of it, then there is no hope.

    Many things need to be fixed if you speak about PvP:

    - Balancing classes regularly in order to serve PvP matches

    - Balancing PvP gear between classes

    - Fixing the GvG system

    - Balancing Battlegrounds matching system

    - Introducing PvP tutorials to make it easy for new comers

    - Revamping CU while taking into consideration the Monopoly and the alliances that some guilds do

    - Organizing more events like the 3v3 tournament we players organized before with the help of Athena and Baldrov

    and I think there are points I forget to mention, since I quit long ago anyway, better ask someone who is still playing.

    Again, If the game itself doesn't care about the PvP part of it, then there is no hope. We tried as players to make it better by making events or by making Discord servers for battlegrounds or by fighting after CU is over or after the PvP bam is over or by doing pointless PK and Drama in Open World or by making battlegrounds pop out of the event time, but now most of us quit, so it was just temporary until we reach this stage.

    It's just hopeless if GF is only following what BH is doing in Korea <.<

    Yea instead of trying to revive PvP community, lets just kill it. This is exactly how community manager should think.

    Just want to mention that when we gave proper feedback about Fraywind Canyon and how to solve the issues there, the answer was to remove Fraywind Canyon.

    Anyway, thats Bluehole decision, so a proper feedback is just a waste of time since so long.

    Did some ppl actually thought that the merge will result in a PvP server, lmao?

    Now we are blaming PvP players who transferred?

    How epic can the need of blaming someone can reach? Pathetic!

    As someone who transferred, there were reasons behind the transfer, u just throw those reasons in a garbage and gave the crying ppl here someone to blame.

    Haha, How pitiful!

    Starting the thread by blaming PvErs and ending it by blaming PvPers, and blaming myself in the middle. Can this get more pitiful?

    so you're telling us to blame you, since after every single cs loss global was full of sodium chloride until you decided to log off

    If you so desperate to blame someone, yeah you can always blame me ^^

    You are another good example of how great is this community ^^

    Hi again,

    It's a good idea to have some channels where you can PK, but this will only result in another Killian within Mystel.

    So you are again delaying the inevitable.

    If the game doesn't take some serious actions regarding the PvP part of it, then nothing will change.



    Well, its great that the bgs are active, thats something to be happy about.

    Hope Gameforge dont ruin that by adding p2w pvp gear materials in Tera Shop.

    Also, CU I believe it will be crap, but we will see. There is not enough owpvp content and for CU to be limited to 2 hrs per week is kinda not that good.

    So yeah, lets hope for better!

    Like that you excluded healers and thats sad tbh :/

    Tera was never a 1v1 game

    Make it a 3v3 or a 7v7 (since we going to have a bg like that)

    You need a good reward to make it work though

    Good luck

    I have the same problem.
    The launcher says "An unexpected error occurs, please contact the support"
    After trying for multiple time, which is an annoying thing to do, I could login.


    Basically what you guys saying,

    Lets get PvE ppl to Killian cause we lack population in our PvP server. They have to come to us, and they have to accept it.

    I let your imagination work for the problem here, if you can't see it, then discussion is useless.

    Let's assume that the merge happen, on the long run, the same problem will happen again.

    Waiting for that thread where we merge with Yurian and Seren as well....

    Why you cry about Merging a PvE server with a PvP server instead of crying about



    Why don't you ask something like Cross Server LFG or Cross Server Broker ?

    Also why I see 14+ ppl agree to that crap you say ?