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    Gameforge could definitely do better, but to be honest, I think their hands are tied as only being the European publisher for Tera and not the developer.
    The main blame for Tera's state should be put on the Bluehole Studios developers. They are the ones making Tera garbage, and Gameforge is simply adapting that garbage over to Europe.

    Sure Gameforge could try to adapt it better for a North American and European audience, but maybe they're not allowed to by some weird agreement they have with Bluehole Studios. Maybe all Gameforge is allowed to do is pretty much translate this garbage game into different languages.

    Maybe Gameforge actually wants to make good changes to Tera and secretly hates the direction Bluehole Studios is forcing them to take with Tera, but they can't express any of this hate towards the direction without risking their relationship with Bluehole Studios.

    I definitly agree with your statement but thats simply transparency. Why they dont tell us what is possible with their influence and when they have to wait for changes from the dev's? The main problem is the communication between community and gamefore itself. I wouldn't expect some things if i would know that it isnt their fault and get constant feedback... but we dont get any informations...

    Also on some parts, its completely obvious that they mess up things (like loot adjustments, p2w gear upgrade in shop, etc.) because they already showed that they have the possibility to do so ...

    Krieger hat keine feste Rotation da alles auf deinen Skill Resets (größtenteils Klingenreißer) aufbaut.

    Auch wenn das Discord nicht mehr das aktuellste ist findet man dort alle nötigen Informationen zum Krieger. Bei tiefergreifenden Fragen kannst du auch dort in den entsprechenden Channeln nachfragen oder gern auch mich ingame anschreiben.

    Link zum Discord-Server:

    Hier noch ein Flow Chart zur Prioritätsliste vom Krieger Discord. An sich ist erstmal alles grundlegende darauf aufgelistet nach welcher Priorität du deine Skills/Combo's machst.


    I can't contact Gameforge support either cause for some reason my login credentials don't work on their support page.

    To my knowledge the support page have different accounts, so you need to create a seperate support account for this.

    Friendly Reminder threea

    The loot is still shit. You get less loot from double drop event then the event before with guaranteed loot. Even the loot event before was not enough to upgrade your gear ...

    Green scrolls for rerolls on new gear also dont really exist anymore after the event (currently 2-4 per commanders residence run for 20 people!?!? with double drop btw!!!).

    You know that there's a shield phase at 1%, do you?

    Maybe your damage was too low and you couldn't break it?

    thats not the problem. i watched some guys from my guild with the same problem. they had enough damage and the shield didnt go away even after 5-10 minutes of damage on the boss...

    i personally nerver encountered this problem but i heard from some other groups and saw it once in discord stream.

    well done tob!! i did the same math a few days ago in a spreadsheet and after that i didnt really wanted to play anymore. It is completly tedious to grind multiple months the same dungeon for your gear ...

    They can easily double or even triple the current event drop and make it permanent and it wont be broken. I dont understand why they dont just make everything as group loot from the start anyways. No one likes to run dungeons and get nothing...

    yes it acually was a nerf because the extra loot event is not active anymore. So they made the loot minimalistic better but without the event its still shit in every dungeon at the moment...

    just cash your mats, thats the way gf wants you to do it... or quit.

    4 belts from kg nm seems legit ... it is literally the same shit as cat. Even the event with 1 wing fragments as group loot in cat is gone.

    So you get less then 1 wingfragment/belt from 1 run... and need 12 of it from +5 to +6. So you need to run all 16 runs in the new dungeons to get 1 try which will most likely fail. Seems fun.

    i hardly doubt that the hm loot will be better.

    Eather cash the gear or quit, i think there is no option between.

    Agreed completely

    Drops for new gear in Catalepticon feels kinda bad even with double drop. Without the event it feels like running for nothing.
    Drops for new stat reroll scrolls feels extreme bad (2 scrolls for 20ppl in legat!?!? and never saw one in low dugeons). And this all with double drop event...

    alles nette und lustige leute die definitiv was von ihren klassen verstehen! wenn ihr ne top stamm sucht is das so ziemlich die beste gelegenheit (:

    ich hab noch ne frage die mir grade aufgefallen ist: wenn ich im deutschen teil des forums bin auf der mainpage habe ich oben 2 so fette blaue boxen (einmal mit neues forum blabla, und einmal mit chat/support und sowas). kann man die i.wie ausblenden bzw ausstellen?

    muss sagen ich find das ganze deutlich unübersichtlicher als vorher.. mal sehn wie man sich dran gewöhnt.

    was mir aber garnicht gefällt is das der en/fr/de teil jetzt auf einer hauptpage zusammen sind... aber mal schaun.

    wenns dir schwer fällt das zu sehen dann klick mal hier. das is nen mod der die balken etwas anders färbt. macht es meiner meinung nach etwas einfacher zu sehen wieviel edge man genau hat. ansonsten is es einfach gewöhnungssache