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    Wenn du mal mehr Kohle hast, kannst du auch die linke Option von lvl 69 nutzen. Je nach Dungeon kann man dann switchen.

    In Bahaar zB. die Option von Pewkie und in GV NM die linke Option. In GV funktionieren keine Anti Knock Back Effekte, weshalb mehr Healing sicher nicht schadet. Zwar büßt man etwas dps ein, allerdings ist das ja auch eigentlich nicht die Aufgabe der Heiler.

    Der rechte Skill des lvl 69 skills ist für Solo Kontent extrem hilfreich, da der dmg auf den Skill um 80%?? erhöht wird. Also ziemlich nützlich für Basis z.B.

    Die regulär wichtigsten, hat Pewkie dir schon richtig genannt.

    Noone said the current content is good.

    I dont play on Yurian but i doubt the lfg looks like "LF lvl70 healer with maxed lvl68 skill", "LF lvl70 D with maxed power and crit" , etc.

    If you want to do speed runs you will find the persons for that so it not a life-death matter if most ppl wont have maxed skills. Only those ppl will refuse playing with this players like your warrior in your group who just called the others trash on stream and rage quited after 2 wipe when Bahaar was released.

    talking about lfg and speedruns in the same sentences just shows that you have no idea when it comes to a topic like this. So I'm tired to waste my time. Also why you need to put in someone that is not me? I'm not that player. If I would stop playing with players that got trashtalked I could just quit because there would be no one left. It's so funny how ppl start to watch streams just to find something they can trashtalk about. My parents taught me to get to know ppl by myself and don't judge them by things they get trashtalked for or what ever they did. Said warrior was very friendly with me and didn't backstabbed me like many other players did. People should really start to think about their own behaviour. I bet EVERYONE flamed or raged at a point. The difference is - as a streamer people can see it. I want to get to know a person and make my own expierence with them. I'm in the game for almost 6 years and all that drama and trashtalk is just shocking and I'm glad people stop to contact me for trashtalk besides ppl like you who put smth like this with no relation.

    Anyway this is so off topic but this just makes me wanna rage.

    There won't be anyone streaming anymore if this childish behavior doesn't stop - start to care for your own shit.

    I am over lvl69 and only did 30min bam farming 2-3 times/week.

    So yeah... lvl70 is doable ppl just searching the easiest way cuz they dont want to do anything for it.

    No ones complaining about the duration to get to 70.

    But about that there so no proper way to do so.

    Skipping basiliks will just give you disadvantage when it comes to advancement exp.

    Maybe you don't mind but within the next 3 weeks most active ppl will reach lvl 70 and speedruns etc will start again. Maybe thats not yor style to play the game but I know quiet a lot ppl who do care.

    Who will take a mystic with 0,05 cdr when there are mystic that have 2.0 cdr?

    Give us proper stuff to do that is worthy, buff dungeon drop and advancement exp etc. There are enough ideas on how to improve the current situation.

    Just stop supporting a shit system as it is right now.


    Hallo :) ,

    wir sind auf der Suche nach zwei DD's für unsere Stammgruppe.

    Derzeit bestehen wir aus folgenden Spielern:

    steasy-e | lvl 70. Lancer Full HO+3

    Pho | lvl.68 Mage Full HO+3

    (Maint bald Valkyre aktuell HO+1)

    lady.kill / ladykill | lvl. 69 Priest & Mystic Full HO+3

    Was du mitbringen solltest:

    - Klassen- und Spielverständnis

    - Bereitschaft zu Pushruns

    - HO Gear

    - Knowledge über aktuelle Dungeons

    - Zuverlässigkeit

    - Aktivität In-Game als auch im Voice (bei Stammruns)

    - Einverständnis das die Stammruns auch mal gestreamt werden

    Aktuell Leveln wir unsere Charaktere und farmen advancement exp. Desweiteren laufen wir viele der Scoll Dungeons, GV NM und je nach Laune auch Bahaar.

    Wenn der neue Kontent da ist, wollen wir täglich ab spätestens 19Uhr laufen. Bis dahin solltest du das benötigte Level (68) erreicht haben.

    Bei Interesse meldet euch bei einem der oben genannten Personen. Unser Sorc hat derzeit leider kein bzw. nur begrenzt Internet. Dies sollte allerdings bis spätestens in 2 Wochen gefixxt sein.



    fully black is most likely never working besides on fashion cupon items.

    Most black dyed do look black/grey tho. If you're someone that has a very big eye on detail it might annoy you.

    I changed to mana underwear since I'm really good on endurance anyway.

    Still doing solo bams etc will consume a lot of mana and force you to use mana pots to be most efficence. Just follow the ^mentioned tips and go for mana underwear and if you're still having troubles there might be a problem with your rotation/mana management.

    If you really think your mana is bugging, record a video which includes your glyphs, rolls,cristalls, talents and record the situation when you run out of mana.

    Beside the tips nothing will help you anyway in this forum.

    Classes change with patches and thats what happend to mystic too. Adjust to the changes or reroll if you don't like it. A healer was never meant to be a dps thats why we have the triangle system.

    I was able to procc this effect 1 time since patch anyway - and guess what I was doing? I was in a dungeon. :pepehands:

    For me the servants are just pure p2w when it comes to the power stat and pure trash when it comes to the second abilities.

    1 time since patch..xd

    7 Items für ein neues zu zerlegen ist dann aber auch etwas over the top.

    Nach 15 Kisten habe ich es aufgegebe, irgendetwas gescheites zu bekommen. May the rng be with you :)

    Ansonsten finde ich die neuen Kostüme aber echt nice. War schon immer ein großer Fan von Färbbaren Varianten. Jetzt bin ich zwar 1,5 Mio ärmer aber meine Elin dafür schöner 🤘😂

    Visionmaker 1 is so outdated. That was the current bis for when I started playing 6 years ago. Lol..

    Just bank it as a memory. Get guardian gear is the best option for someone that has been away for so long.