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    People should start to realise how bad the current state on yurian is.

    It is impossible to run any endcontent dungeon because there are no people to do so.


    Mid week 5:20pm....

    It's not only in the morning impossible to run anything but also in the late afternoon.

    Please give us a big merge or atleast the oppurtunity to transfer with all our AP and EP

    Dunno who you are talking to but we are not talking about clearing it.

    I think I can talk for steasy and myself that we have both static which don't really struggle to clear any of the stated dungeons. It's just a fact that yurian is loosing players everyday. And we the players on yurian suffer from it.

    So I totally agree that all dungeons should be crossserver - even tho I know that those are "special" ones.


    wie im Titel steht verkaufe ich eine Gilde - Das Level ist 120 und alle wichtigen Skills sind geglypht.

    Preis wäre bei 500~ angesetzt ist aber verhandelbar :)

    Am besten hier im Thread, per PN oder Ingame bei





    I would rather play on a server and communicate with the easiest words than play on a close to be dead server.

    We need people to run and play with and if DSU/KN/RE would be crossserver - NO problemo.

    But it isn't.

    Literally everyone has english lessons in scool. And if they didn't they can still use google translate for important communication. There is already a big german community for example so for me your argument is invalid.

    But I mean it's easy to be against something you're not effected of everyday like we are on our 'dead' servers.

    We should have name reset system once every 6 months or once a year (For the Inactive guild names and character names)

    Maybe not every 6 month but every 12 month would be totally OK.

    There was a time when I was thinking about transfering to mystel due to the low activity on yurian. I checked for my nicknames and they are both taken to gunners which are obviously there just to hold my nickname. Both not even lvl 65 yet. What can I do about it!? Nothing right. I mean I'm using this name for almost 4years already.

    Anyways. I feel really really sorry for all those guilds who have lost their guildnames to inactive guilds with only 2 members or something. I really hope gameforge will bring a solution for this.

    Please no, Mystel is already struggling with English.


    Mystel is an international Server. It is normal that not everyone is brilliant when it comes to english. Be a little bit more tolerant seriously.

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    Mystic is by far one of the weaker classes to level up.

    What you can do to improve your situation:

    - Add dual stat to your weapon. Roll double cdr (because wraith will roughly be 6min then) and what ever dmg stats make the most sense to you.

    - use DPS cristalls

    - use mana pots if u dont have a servant or be smart and use your skills to stay alive with mana

    - change glyphs (put glyphs for thrall auf wraith and for casting speed of the bubbles and let them explode)

    - use dmg talents (there is a talent that will greatly increase your thrall of wraith dmg & some for your overall power

    - use mana underwear

    - unlock the lvl 69 boomerang dmg option (50% increased dmg)

    - use the talent for corruption ring (when casting corruption ring when u have 100% hp u will refresh a lot more mana)

    - get a servant with the mana skill since it literally procs all 5seconds

    - just use crit and awak aura

    Btw best dmg rotation for mystic doing daily content is probably (example Moth):

    - kite all 12 moth together by using volley of curses

    - put ur stun

    - if king blob is on cd->

    - spawn your thralls + place bubbles underneath the moth (thrall of wraith will have the aggro) let bubbles explode

    - once tow got killed just run in circles around the moth to avoid the golden freeze

    ->Drop mana and hp bubble and let it explode (will refill some of your mana and deal a lot of dmg)

    Even on lvl 70 with stated aspects a mystic is very weak when it comes to solo content so just get used to it and try to make the best out of it.

    Atmorph spend his free time to watch the streams of br em. As it seems he find a few things to improve. I am really thankful since It shows that he actually cares for his work that he put Into these dungeons & he wants to make it playable/enjoyable.

    I really appreciate this and I don't see any problem in a maintenance to fix stuff. Especially since most ppl are working/school anyways. It helps us- so I am glad :)

    Personally I believe 4 entries are fine!

    Imagen you can run it unlimited..idk. there are ppl that work or go to school.

    Dailies+4x em+1000coins left are totally fine. Also the loot will be very good in orca so I think it's a good argument to run it only 4 times a day.

    Still the coin system is super bad when it comes to do regular dungeons.

    I really do like the training lfgs. Even as an expierenced player it's good to have a run that lasts 8 instead of 3 mins so you can get used to mechanics u might struggle with or you are not 100% sure with. Also fighting a boss for 8 min is a lot more challenging as if it lasts 3min and everyone plays perfect.

    I just dislike ppl that have 0 expierence in dungeons and apply to super expierenced party and if they get rejected they call u elitist or what not. NO, but there were dungeons that could wipe you since even exp parties needed to play save (e.g. Bahaar back in the days).

    And at the start we wiped multiple hours aswell. Thats what some ppl don't understand as it seems.

    From time to time I also like to help try grps - so we get more ppl to run dungeons with.

    It's all a matter of giving and taking.

    GV HM Regent (endboss)

    > for some reason there seem to be an unvisible hitbox in the center of the room where the boss spawns.

    When edict of judgement(priest) is on and I use shock impulsion to heal my grp i only deal damage instead of heal my team. This is very annoying especially considering how healing based this dungeon is. However if the boss moves somewhere else it is working completley fine.

    Resurrection (on Priest~mystic friend told me she has the same problem even if I don't have it on my myst but on priest)

    > sometimes your rezz don't get through even if the dead body is in the centre of your resurrection circle. I know there have been changes to the skill but still if someone is in the center - they are in the center. You should have a look about it.