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    Hello about this guide. Could you by any chance add ''Taking debuff de-generates aggro so it's not recommended for tanks to take it (ideally)''. Because I have seen many people flaming tanks for not taking it due to it not being in some guide they seen. Not sure if it's yours not tryna flame or anything just would appreciate it to be added ^^ By the way the guide is very nice and clear imo

    Thank you for the feedback :) That's a point well made, I'm creating a section where i add extra stuff, like timers on special attacks, or debuff explosion from In/Out.

    Dude we already have too much Dungeon. It's already annoying finding VG Quest. If they don't remove them we will have 40 Level 65 Dungeon ... 10 Progression Dungeon between level 65 - 69 and maybe in the future many lvl 70 Dungeon.

    It's too much. And no one really no one cares for TRHM and other dungeons.

    I wish the game's biggest issue was to have to search for longer for vanguard quests.

    It's not about certain dungeons being good or bad, but about having options and having variety. It's insane how easily even good dungeons can feel limited, grindy, or straight boring when there's not many other things to do.

    I get it that some dungeons get way too easy as players progress with gear (as new patches come out), so they need to be updated. But that's also clear that changing a few HP and damage variables, or even the drop table of 2-3 bosses wont take a year, and could be applied with the next patch right away. No need to remove dungeons for that.

    The new system (having to pay for name changing/being limited in numbers of pets/partners) should only apply to NEW content, the partners. Old pets should have been left the way they were. I agree with OP's concerns.

    Hey Mayku,

    after reaching 65, lvling is much-much slower, which is intended, so gotta accept that. You have a couple of options tho to gain some xp.

    • Spamming high-end dungeons
      • Depending on your gear, you can farm higher end dungeons (RKE, GLSH, ...)
    • Bam farming
      • If you are the grinder type of player, you can solo farm or team up with someone to kill bams in the daily quest areas (like basilisks in Sienna Canyon, ...)
    • Daily quests
      • You could/should complete your daily quests beside the options above. After completing the lvling story quest on 65, you should have daily/green quests in Tria and Tralion. Complete them everyday if you wanna get the max out of your xp gain, or if youre not rly into dungeons.

    There are quite a few more ways, but this should get you started. 8)



    After clearing BoL on event server, left the instance matched party, but my char did not get teleported out for 10+mins. Then i closed the client, since relogging didnt seem to do anything either, but now when im about to enter my char at character selection screen, nothing happens and i cant get on my character anymore.

    Anyone has any ideas for a solution?
    Thanks in advance.

    In case anyone in-charge sees the thread, would it be possible to get my char teleported to a different location?


    Hello guys, here is my newest video, a Guide for Broken Prison dungeon, as it was requested multiple times. Hope it helps, good lucks for your runs. :) (Make sure to subscribe to my channel if you like the content! :) )


    Hello guys, im back with a leveling gameplay video of Tera's NEW CLASS, the Moonlight Warrior (or whatever the name's gonna be later). There is more to come, make sure to subscribe to my channel to get notified :)


    Hello guys! Im back with a video guide for Ruinous Manor (RMNM) for those who still kiss the ground running the dungeon. Hope it helps and i cant wait to be back with more like this. Greetings :)


    Description: I am having horrible lag spikes for two days already (only after last patch). My ping goes up to 3-4k ms from time to time then goes back to normal. Skills are activating 5-10-20 seconds after they were casted (while others are moving and acting normally), and soon after spikes appear (and get worse and worse) server disconnects me. Me and a few friends are also having the same issues, we are from the same region (Hungary), however with different internet providers (ISP) and different location.

    Server: Killian

    Screenshot: *insert 3k ping and "server disconnected" here*

    Additional Information:

    Hey peeps :)

    I still see many groups fail in the newest dungeon, Manglemire, so i decide to make a simple videoguide for those who are still not so familiar with the mechanics. Hope you enjoy! :)


    PS.: maybe the timing is abit unlucky :/