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    You can get 6p with a T0 partner aswell. The game says it's more likely that you get more points if you use high grade partners. But in the End its Rng. For 50 fellowshop all pets must be atleast 5p. Well you can stick with 4p points but if you don't get 6p for every 4p you pet is just trash. Poeple should aim for 35 feelowship because at this point buff duarion is 180 sec on 180 sec cooldown. I would keep that pet and would try for a better one but don't sacrifice your 35 fellowship pet until you get a better one.

    The stupid part it is only 18 power the last 15 fellow ship rise this value up to 40 power which is retarded asf.

    System wouldn't be bad if we can max every pet. i don't care if player A only need 10 partners while i need 20 or even 30.

    Thank you very munch.

    I suppose at this point I'm just going to use lower level partners...

    It's completely random. 1 - 6p. I already sacrificed my first T10 partner just to get merely +3 fellow ship.

    So by sacrificing a T0 you can always get 1-6 but with a lower chance? Or you get lower like 1-2?

    Because, if it's the same but with lower chance, at this point I'm not going to grind 99 damn partners, and just pray rnguses 🤔

    How munch is relevant using lvl 10 partners as sacrifice to upgrade your main partner? I mean, is the fellowship gain from a level 10 partner way higher than a level 1, or is it still completely random?

    And does rarity have an impact?


    Since you cant transfer skills from partner to partner

    What, really? This suck... So if I ever get a partener with better fellowship than the one I have, I can't transfer auto-loot/bank skills? What a joke.

    How marvellous, you can't put your pets in skill bar anymore, you have to open crappy menu for whatever you want to do with your pet.

    This is utter crap.

    You can add them fron Option>Shortcut.

    In the lower end of the list thete is: "summon pet 1" "summon pet 2" etc...

    I went full power... The ratio is better, skyfall Tal is going to give us 40 crt rate and BH Tal 10% crt rate... With Lamb I've already +340 for priest with lvl2 acc etching and power vyrks, and I feel pretty fine with that.

    Probably when you reach max level on both of them you can even switch 1 or 2 Jewels to power too... The problem is reaching 180 skill exp tho 🤔

    Isn't the additional chi recovery good? You can shoot more BH during the recovery (Maybe 1 - 2 extra projectiles).

    I.e > stack 500 Chi > get 500 chi instant for using Atunement > 1000 Chi > Use BH > during shooting BH you regenerate 50 Chi per second so u may shoot more projectile before you are out of Chi.

    Sounds plausible, if it works you should be able to hit 2 more projectiles ca (since the casting time with att gliph is 3s~ you should recover 150/200 chi)

    You can get lvl70 in 90days (not years! )if you play casully. Like 1-1,5billion xp/day thats around 1,5h-2h playtime. (with lancer BAM grind what is the slowest one). Without TC is way slower ofc.

    So to you 3 months for a single character, grinding damn BAMs, seems reasonable?

    And the what about the new skill exp? What about skill scrolls? What about that other character I made and that I have to leave rooting because I have to focus on my main?

    Moreover, the patch is going to add more disparity between those players that can play 10hrs+ day and the ones who can't.

    I mean, there are already parties that doesn't take people for glh cause no HO+2/+3, so imagine when they'll receive a request from a level 66/67 while they're already 70.

    Like, the second day after the patch a friend of mine was kicked from a gln IM because she was 65 while evryone else was 66 already...

    And guess what? If you can play only 1.5/2h daily, doing only bams to maximize your levelling to get to level 70 in 3 months, you're going to not farm materials anymore, so goodbye to your gear too.

    I really hope that at least they'll get the new korean update to us as fast as possible.

    Hey there.

    If I'm not wrong, the "new" dyable Beach Beauty costume is a reskin of an old costume that used to work with chest shape changer.

    Could someone confirm me if this dyable version too works with chest changer?


    how many alts should I have? which class are enjoyable and good for Guardian Mission...

    A Priest set as dps is pretty good for guardians, mystic too but was nerfed a while ago, and they shouldn't be too hard to use.

    For dps, it depends on how good you are to use the class... Technically archer, warrior and gunner should be among best, but for example ninja is pretty good too since the guardian fight is usually pretty short.

    I still thinking about make some alts i Play now with only one char and this take me so much time to make some dungeons or x16 dailys for one day. Tera in 2019 and alts is still a way to go or i can make more profit witth play just one char properly... so?

    Well, one of the best ways to obtain gold is doing Guardian Mission; since you have a max of 40 daily boxes per char (12k ca.), the more character you have the more gold you gain... Yet is pretty boring, and can be pretty slow depending your equip and skill with your alt.

    Hey there, just a very fast question: what random buff does exactly give the active skill of a 2.0 Dreambird? And do they have a 30 min effect or 1h just like their cd?


    I have no luck :lol: and sometimes I need to craft emeralds for fcked up enchant system ne? And... well, a day is only 24, if Iwas spending all on Tera I would be crazy already. C'mon, get a life...

    Even if you are so unlucky to drop only 2 rubies from every Guardian Box (the bare minimum), with 6x40 boxes (+ 600gx6 from vanguard), you would gain 51.600 gold. And don't mention the emerald crafting... Here people said how to gain 50k gold daily, then is up to you how to use the gold/gems you gain.

    What are EP points?

    EP is a system that let you boost your stats and skills; you obtain EP by killing bosses and bams (very low EP) and by completing vanguards. The EP exp you gain at the start of the day (after 4 am) is extremely boosted, then you reach a daily soft cap and the EP you gain from every source sinks.

    Here is a guide to maximize the daily soft cap:…cAGLDuktYYfg2k/edit#gid=0

    Check for the best EPs for you class on discord channels or in game; just don't wast EP points on "EP damage" EPs since they're not worth.

    Bluefrost wrote:

    Is item XP is for enchanting?

    Yes, it is. The more item exp you have on gear, the higher is the success %; however, only Twistshard can be boosted to 100% succes chance with item exp alone, then from Frostmetal inward you can't reach more than 60% with item exp (and the percentage is lower on Stormcry and Hero); failure can add more %, you can virtually reach 100% (but I hope it never happens to you or anyone else).

    Bluefrost wrote:

    It seems enchanting is the main money sink now?

    Yes, it's a money sink, especiall after you reach Hero (Frostmetal and Stormcry are bearable, but could be pretty heavy for new/long time returning players).

    Bluefrost wrote:

    Theres also some skills you need to get from completing a quest?

    It's called apex, and it is a great boost for every class. At the moment, every class has it, and you can obtain those skills after a long quest that you unlock at item level 439 (full Frostmetal+0 ca.)

    Apex and EPs changes completely the playing style of your class, so at start you are probably going to feel very uneasy about it, but both are great boosts.

    I might change to do 1 petrax + a 412 with potion with my alt then switching back to my main to continue grinding and see how i progress

    Just remember to not do Petrax on the same character where you have already activated the boost (to avoid capping with just one Petrax) and you should be fine; use that character only to complete the big one if the potion is still active and you haven't already capped.