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    As to events, it would be nice to have something to do that isn't a dungeon and which is actually interesting to do and which gives real reward like say gold so I can actually enchant stuff. I make so little from daily quests.

    As I already told you in another thread the main focus of this game is to do dungeons to gain gain upgrade materials and gold. it is not meant to be soloed all the way until max gear. The solo parts are (still) there to have something to do while coins/entries to dungeons are reloading.

    Das einzige was mir aufgefallen ist, wenn man über Tool läuft das die Pets da teilweise neu beschworen werden müssen, zwar nicht immer, aber das hatte ich schon ein paar mal gehabt.

    Ich kannte das bisher immer nach Abschluss (mit Reset oder Gruppe auflösen), dass man dann neu beschwören musste. So lang man nur rein und raus portet (wegen Wipe und ähnlichem) bleibt das Pet/Partner draussen.

    I also have witnessed both ends.

    Either I had trouble finding groups to run the new endcontent dungeon with, especially when I was "late" to the party (after release weekend usually) or guild mates were not in the mood for long teach runs and preferred clearing in one go instead. Even with experience it happens that groups preferred someone else instead.

    But unfortunately on Yurian we no longer have the luxury to wait a minute longer for a more experienced player. For anything below and including GLS HM you can use instance matchmaking to fill remaining spots or hope to be a remaining spot for others or have to wait an eternity until someone even applies to your LFG.

    great, to sum up the worst of the recent ktera changes:

    • added hard mode for a single player dungeon (hard mode is party dungeon) BUT all party members have to be in group before spawning the portal.
    • randomly spawning merchants that have random prices for their goods, some limited server wide
    • additional inventory space where you can unlock more space by buying tokens from previously mentioned merchants

    All those changes come with RNG or are linked to another RNG thing.

    Each time someone is talking about PvP, there are PvE trollers who try to ruine it.

    From my point of view PvP is only a very small feature in Tera for years now. The game is based around PvE dungeon grind and offers PvP as an option in case you are done with PvE stuff (all entries/adventure coins used). BHS/Krafton expects PvE players to do PvP so they have something to do why adventure coins recharge.

    Based and this expected playstyle upgrading PvP gear (for only one battle ground so far) is just another "small" gold sink compared to main gearing (HO and new accessories)

    Ok, bei manch "kreativen" Instanznamen braucht es tatsächlich diese Liste. Aus dem bekannten Muster <Instanzname> und <Instanzname> (schwierig/hard) brechen speziell Revolutionärslager und Veliks Zuflucht aus.

    Yea it looks like u cant take the reward of leage

    of levelers , pls fix it and make the leage of levelers for all classes and all chars . Was waiting this event to level up many chars... and now cant even level up one ..

    League of Levelers was announced for popori brawler only. Happened in the past for "new" classes as well, so don't expect it to change for this specific one.

    They are restructering Tera from Free to Play to a Freemium-like mobile game where you have to wait to recharage to play another round of the game or you do the shut-up-and-take-my-money move to play instantly again.

    As u pvers,people dont wanna play with shit gear people right ? So pvpers doing same thing.Can u bring low ilvl for bahaar ? No.If u use instance matching you pvers doing same thing.Kicking people who dont have a clue about the dungeon or low geared.

    PvE instance matchmaking has a gear score minimum. In my case the only kicks before fighting the first boss are either the player is not joining or the rest of my group wanted to get matched with someone specific from another server, so they kicked the other player without saying something which I could not agree with. At the endboss I also was in a group where we kicked a player who has not done GLSHM before after we already wiped 3 or 4 times. We were blessed with another player who was not really used to Kylos at that time but at least he did not die that often and we could clear the instance after another wipe.

    Killing same boss over and over with same mechanics and clearing dungeons getting sh!t ton of sellable materials,amplifiers,rare items blabla.Comparing these loot fest with pvp rewards is hilarious.

    If we would even get loads of sellable items at all. All enchanting materials can't be sold, some are not even bankable. This is also the case for amplifiers and masks. The only tradable stuff is usually a single diamond and legends tell about gear boxes which i have never seen as drop since gear revamp.

    The enchanting materials that are sold at trade broker come from Tera shop via divine support boxes.

    Pvp is different.U need skills.

    So why do some PvP players kick others that HAVE PvP and accessories and gear (enchanted but not +6 or higher) if you need skill, which you can't really see with inspecting the character.

    As Cannon already said you could queue SH when it was released but a few weeks later undergeared players risked being kicked before they could even show that they have skill.

    Edit : All the sh!t ideas comes from pvers for pvp players.

    This thread was started by someone I see as a troll but you think he meant it for real and you are insulting PvE players in general.

    Die Verlängerung war super zu sehen wenn man mal die augen aufmacht.


    Mehr hab ich zu den mimimi hier nicht mehr zu sagen

    Doch, eine Antwort bist du leider noch schuldig. Wo zum Geier hat man die Verlängerung super gesehn?

    Ich vermute du willst jetzt Discord sagen, aber der Discord Kanal gehört NICHT zu den offiziellen Infokanälen, auch wenn dort GF Mitarbeiter rumhängen und ohne weiteres findet man den Kanal auch irgendwie nicht.

    Wo hat man die Verlängerung super gesehn? Dadurch dass es einfach weiterlief?

    Mein verlinkter Thread kanns nämlich nicht sein, da das Enddatum erst auf diesen Hinweis geändert wurde.

    Und warum schreibst du "euch"? Ich hab Werners Frage nur beantwortet.

    Wenns um mein Gemecker wegen Forum Design ging: Genau diese bescheidene Farbgebung hab ich damals bei der Einführung schon bemängelt. Und keine der damaligen Beanstandungen wurde bis heute behoben.

    Aehm, ist das Farmerfestival verlängert worden?

    Ich dachte, es geht bis 21.05.2019, jetzt steht aber 28.05.2019 drinnen.

    Seit wann ist denn das so?

    Und wenn es schon länger als ein paar Tage drinnen ist, nehme ich einige meiner Aussagen zurück und entschuldige mich. Schimpfen werde ich dann wieder nächste Woche, wenn es nicht gerichtet wurde :)

    Bamarama läuft immer noch weiter!

    Das wird der Grund für die Verlängerung sein

    P.S.: Da sieht man leider mal wieder warum das aktuelle Foren Design Mist ist: Link so gut wie gar nicht unterscheidbar vom restlichen Text :(

    As we are ranting here already, I'll add the preview for popori brawler, too.

    With the launch of patch 82, existing Brawlers will be able to use a voucher to change their race to Popori.

    This is another punch into the face of the community.

    With the addition of male brawler and Elin brawler the only way to obtain them was start from scratch as race/gender change was only allowed months later. Now it is possible right from the start plus League of Levelers for those that have no brawler, yet.

    I presume the voucher will be only obtainable via Tera Shop.

    Neue Spieler haben glaube ich was besseres zu tun als ein mount was nix kann zu holen.

    Also lasst bitte den Neue Spieler Strohmann bitte mal aus.

    Ob das Mount was kann oder ned ist irrelevant, da GF damit geworben hat sich ein kostenloses Mount beim Event zu verdienen, was aber wegen nicht verwendbaren Items gar nicht erst möglich war.