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    Since you guys obviously do NOT play your own game and definitely won't even bother testing it by yourself.

    Important Facts our Community-Manager (that has no clue about the game) probably needs to know before even answering:

    1.) PvP Gear at +7/+8/+9 has roughly a 10-16% Chance to succeed. (Number is hidden so god knows what is really is)

    2.) PvP Gear has a 100% chance to DOWNGRADE when it fails and a 50% Chance to get DESTROYED when it fails (has a 85-90% chance to fail)

    3.) Destroyed Gear needs to be repaired which costs roughly the same as one try (basically you have to pay double the price with a 50% chance)

    4.) PvP Gear does NOT gain increased enchanting-percentage after failing! The chance does NOT change no matter how many fails you have! It always stays the same!

    To keep it very simple: If you want to get +9 you need to take three dices and roll a 6 (100/6 = 16% chance which is roughly equal to pvp gear) on all three dices in a row! because if you don't roll a 6 it gets downgraded. You dont gain more % after failing or playing more games. It is ONLY rng if you succeed or not. Has nothing to do with skill, winrate, games played, effort, putting work into it - its nothing but RNG.

    This is what Tera has become -> take three dices and you HAVE to roll a 6 on all of them in a row and then you get rewarded with +9 gear. Can't believe that I as a player have to explain an community manager how their games works and how fking awful it is but yeah people getting payed for doing nothing sadly seems to be normal in this world. :elin15:

    Alright. Patch was released at 22.01.2019 so now 16 weeks later which makes 112 days and I've played at least 1400 Games in that timeframe.

    1400 Games / 112 Days = 12.5 Games per day . One Game with queuening + waiting + playing takes roughly 10 minutes so for the last FOUR MONTHS I PLAYED TWO HOURS EACH AND EVERY SINGLE DAY of Shorehold and I'm one of the highest rated players in Shorehold with a 82 % Winrate in those 1400 games (Win = 6 Boxes and Lose = 2 Boxes so I was able to try so much more than all other people in this bg) and after all this shit my gear isn't +9 ?

    Like seriously, wtf u want me to do? Farm for another 4 months until this fking rng finally rewards me? There are people with literally less than 200 overall games and like below 50% winrate who are full +9 just because this system is pure rng. It has nothing to do with skill or getting rewarded for playing well and often. ITS JUST RNG!

    Also, you do know that Shorehold gives 7400 Skill EXP per win? thats literally the only reason why people even bother queuening for this shit. Because its literally the only decent way to farm that shit without having to p2w these stupid coins to run Paquina NM. So YES EVEN IF PEOPLE WOULD BE DONE WITH THEIR GEAR THEY STILL HAVE A REASON TO QUEUE IT!

    The sad thing is - there are so many people p2w'ing these retarded rng pet-boxes. Why would anyone be dumb enough to support this kind of scam? The pets are literally p2w because you cannot farm those ingame (Dropchance is a fking joke so dont even mention those essences).

    Also at least in my opinion - considering all that grinding and shit rng they implemented, they're literally asking for the game to be exploited or people using fishing bots to actually be somewhat able to keep up.

    ^This to be honest.

    Getting banned for fishing is deserved BUT a lot of people in the past have not been perma-banned for their first offense and a bunch of people have even been unbanned after some time even though they abused several exploits or teleportscripts.

    Shouldn't all those people be punished the same way? :elin18:

    Community Manager that actually cares about the game and listens to feedback or at least answers to any thread, when?

    Legit no idea why nothing has been done yet - we, as a community, are more than vocal enough and give you a lot of good suggestions but nah, as usual no one cares.