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    Agreed, its not even surprising that a ton of people abuse exploits considering how retarded the new stuff they added recently has been. Fishing? Exploitable. World Bams with Hidden HP which only rewards the person with last-hit? Exploitable. 40 Power Pet behind basically lottery rng? Exploitable. Old Whiskers Bug where you could skip making a second one (same system as reliques/halidoms)? Exploitable but sadly fixed. Putting PvP Gear into bank so you can enchant it without having to repair? Exploitable but sadly fixed aswell.

    Sorry but they are basically asking for it - considering how much dumb shit they keep adding as "content".

    Sorry but in my opinion these EM Dungeons aren't really considered "Events" done by Gameforge. (Its more like - done by Atmorph) Gameforge as a whole isn't really doing anything to improve the game. At least I personally don't see anything that I would consider worth mentioning.
    It's mainly just Atmorph having a lot of fun to play around with some old existing content - which of course is great for the playerbase but thats kinda the only thing that happens recently. And again, its not really Gameforge doing it.

    My opinion at least /shrug/

    Legit no idea why there wasn't another maint today to fix that shit. We lose 4 out of 12 Fulmi Tears a day because of that "bugfix" :elin15:Could have easily just reverted the bugfix with a short maint (cuz no one even fking cares about this minigame, srsly waste of time even with bugging it) or add an extra tear to fulmi loot or give us an double drop event until its fixed but nah...enjoy having to wait 2 minutes a run while losing 33% of your daily Fulmi Tears :elin15:

    Need more sources for T3 Scrolls! I unlocked my 180. Skill-EXP Level today but can't spend 20 points cuz I have no fking scrolls left. Takes me another 6 months until I will finally have enough scrolls cuz none of the Endgame dungeons actually drop scrolls and thanks to this awesome coin system I'm not able to run lower dungeons anymore.

    Might aswell let the three field bosses spawn every 1-2 hours instead of 5 hours - probably the fastest and easiest change if you dont wanna bother making useful events that actually help our progression. But please just do something about the whole game.

    1. Make T3 Scrolls more available

    2. Make Increased Enchanting Events for shit like Relics/Halidoms cuz once again you dont gain anything by failing them - you just need to get lucky three or four times in a row without a fail and you're done gearing. You dont get rewarded for playing well or grinding a lot if its just RNG in the end :elin15:

    3. Add stuff for gearing infusion - this system sucks so hard o_o you need to be lucky to get a piece, then you need luck to get decent stats on it and THEN you need even more luck to get the two best stats out of the available stats so basically three rng walls that you have to pass until you finally can get "okay" stats :elin15:

    Why is gearing only rng now?

    Please add a farm-able source for skill adv. tier 3 scrolls cuz considering that 90% of the ortans go to the same people with certain helpful modules its pretty fking hard to actually get those scrolls. Just doing dailies every day would need another 6 months until I'm finally done with all 180 skill level swblob


    1. When is the next event planned?

    2. Weapon should definitely have an increased chance of +50% aswell (in my opinion even more cuz its by far the most expensive one tbh)

    3. my luck sucks as usual and I didnt benefit from the event so yeah ty tera - I know a bunch of people that have 2-3 chars full +9 but guess I didnt put enough effort into this game to deserve at least my main char full +9 :elin32::elin32::elin32::elin32::elin32::elin32:

    Yap, hab je nach Gebiet 2-3 Portpunkte um mir den etwas längeren Weg zwischen NPCs/Mobs/Monsterspuren zusparen, braucht man natürlich nicht unbedingt aber naja wofür hat man das Buch sonst '-'

    Finde die Änderung trotzdem ziemlich unnötig, weshalb sollte man dort plötzlich nach 6 oder 7 Jahren nen höheren CD draufhauen '-'

    Wasted all of my plates with increased enchanting chance from the event and ended up with +6 damaged Weapon and Chest, AGAIN.

    I'm at 1500 Games with a 82% Winrate overall = over 8000 Plate-Boxes which give roughly 3-4 plates on average and my gear is still not done. Not even close.

    Dont really know what to say anymore but its just sad, nothing else...just fking depressing. How could anyone think this kind of system is somewhat fair for their players, I dont know?

    It's definitely gonna be Base Chance * 1.5 = Event Chance which is fine. Its maybe not that much for the later stages but it certainly helps to reduce the frustration of a few players.

    By the way, I have thought about something:

    I personally know quite well that bluehole doesnt want to make changes to the current system itself, but I know that they sometimes allow short events from time to time so maybe we could agree on something like this -> a certain "day" of the month (or maybe every 2-3 months if once a month would be too much) when we can activate this +50% chance event cuz it basically helps to fix the gearing problem without having to change the gearing system as a whole (while going unnoticed by bluehole cuz they dont really mind having those events but aren't interested in changing the system)

    Its just an suggestion but I'm pretty sure that we in Europe could definitely make it work to have one regular day with increased chance which basically lets the playerbase farm and keep all their mats until the next event arrives. (Something like "At the last day of the Ranking Season the chance to upgrade will get increased to reward the people that have been playing and grinding for the whole season" probably acceptable for bluehole and we - the community have something to look forward to after each season)

    Might be worth to consider that option but for now lets just enjoy some shorehold. :elin40: