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    Damn - two years earlier than expected but I guess it's finally time to let Tera rest for good.

    Thanks for the (mostly) great community - especially much love to the friends/people that I was able to meet & have a ton of fun playing with over the last few years. :elin29:

    May we meet again in another game!

    By now we all know Gameforge just does the bare minimum for this game, it's not surprising anymore.

    Pretty ironic reading that from probably one of the last few known "whales/dolphins" in this game who threw a pretty decent amount of money @this specific scummy company just to reach full +12 on patch release day or buy consumables like seals or other items from letter events - probably didn't help that much with their motiviation to improve their behaviour if they are still getting shit ton of money for being garbage publishers but okay. :elin31:

    Regardless - gonna have to agree with the topic though (Kinda glad that I'm stuck in Lost Ark now and don't have to deal with Tera anymore) but at least for the few remaining people that are still interested in playing Tera for the next two months they easily could have just turned the whole game into a "Everyone gets anything for free" kinda server - which includes gold, gear, costumes, any other items that people never were able to get, any past dungeons that we haven't seen in years and other shit that I can't think of right now.


    Oh dont worry - I'm well aware and unfortunately definitely have to agree with that fact.

    But let's just say - for some reason I seem to personally enjoy shoving stupid people their own mistakes down their throat - especially when they are too ignorant to acknowledge and learn from them.

    Might sound a bit petty but oh welp - I'm mainly just here to remind them about their own incompetance. :elin31:

    Don't feel like translating the stats right now but these are all possible options on the new mythical weapon for example.

    You could literally remove like 99% of these stats cuz they are useless anyway, lul.

    Feedback suggestion:

    1.) Remove the Unique Passive effects because you are unable to balance them anyway lol

    2.) Reduce the amount of useless rng stats from 36 to 9 for overline stats (Only keeping the highest stat)
    3.) Reduce the amount of useless rng stats from 91 to 13 for underline stats (Only keeping the highest stat)

    Would result in 1/[(1/9)*(1/9)*(1/13)*(1/13)*(1/13) = 177.975 which would be extremly similar to the old Kaia's Soul rng chance which...would be fine compared to this garbage we had & will continue to have apparently.


    There are so many different options that you guys could have choosen instead of this shit again.

    New Gear Review

    If you guys remember my previous post about the last gear content - in this specific post I complained about the rarity or rather the chance to get THE best in slot item possible:

    Kaia's Soul was 1 / [(1/56) * (1/56) * (1/56)] = 175.616

    Mahtnan Gear was 1/[(1/27)*(1/27)*(1/27)*(1/65)*(1/65)*(1/65) = 5.405.443.875

    new Gear which has 1/[(1/36)*(1/36)*(1/36)*(1/91)*(1/91)*(1/91) = 35.158.608.576

    What the fk is wrong with you idiots? xd

    Gonna try to keep it shorter than usual (guess I failed after finishing it oh well) cuz its pointless anyway but just for anyone that's wondering -> as everyone should know the current gear has one unique passive effect ; two overline stats and three underline stats and let's just compare the previous to the new version that's coming tomorrow.

    1.) Unique passive effect:

    Most people should know already that there were nine different effects who in theory each had five different ratings - for example the effect called "Rage Supressor" increases the damage against enraged monsters by either

    08% if T1 effect

    10% if T2 effect

    12% if T3 effect

    14% if T4 effect

    16% if T5 effect

    but we're only gonna look at mythical gear which always luckily only had T3 & T4 & T5 - meaning that for nine effects you had three different tiers so 9 stats * each has 3 different values = 27 different options

    New Gear:
    Mythical Gear this time is not only able to roll T3 + T4 + T5 but sadly is also able to roll the worse T2 option aswell which increases the amount of possible options to 9 stats * each has now 4 different values = 36 different options

    2.) Overline Stats

    To keep it short & simple:
    You are able to get Physical & Magical Amplification; Physical & Magical Penetration; Physical & Magical Ignore ; Physical & Magical Crit Power and just the basic crit factor stat so nine different stats again who for example looking at Physical Crit Power each have different values aswell:

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.042x.
    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.051x.
    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.06x.

    = You have once again 9 stats * each has 3 different values = 27 possible options

    New Gear:

    Everything is the same but instead of three values you now have four values just like the unique effects:

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.04.
    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.05.
    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.06.
    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.07.

    = You have again 9 stats * but each has now 4 different values = 36 possible options

    3.) Underlines

    Previously you had 13 (!) stats which include Physical & Magical Amplification + Penetration + Ignore Resistance + Crit Power + Resistance and HP + MP + Crit Factor who each had FIVE different values for example:

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.010

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.012

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.014

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.017

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.020

    Meaning that you have 13 stats * each has 5 values = 65 options overall

    New Gear increased the amount of the 13 stats from five different values to seven different values - for example:

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.003

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.006

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.010

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.012

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.014

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.017

    Increases Physical Crit Power by 0.020

    Meaning that you have again 13 stats * each now has 7 values = 91 options overall.

    And which genius had the great idea to add TWO COMPLETLY USELESS LOWER STATS NOW????


    So old mythical gear compared to new mythical gear:

    1. Unique effect went from 27 to 36 options

    2. Overlines went from 27 options to 36 options

    3. Underlines went from 65 options to 91 options

    Literally the only good thing about this new content is the fact that there is an improved mythical gear which ONLY affects the overlines stats though but at least they reduce those from previously 27 options to now 20 options because ONLY for the overlines you cannot roll any magic stats on physical gear.

    Which means old mythical gear compared to the improved new mythical gear:

    1. Unique went from 27 to 36 options = worse
    2. Overlines went from 27 to 20 options = slighty better

    3. Underlines went from 65 options to 91 options = much worse


    According to the korean devs actually getting the gear will be a little bit easier but let's be real - why the f*ck would you add more useless stats when every single region complained about there being too many rng stats already:?:

    My personal conclusion & opinion: You guys are too dumb to read any kind of feedback.

    Let's be real though - any person that ever bothered to ask a single somewhat knowledgable person in this game, forums, discord, wherever absolutely knew how scam this shit is. Still cannot believe that even in 2021 there are still more than 0 people that waste their money on this "event".



    Event: Fire Demon’s Tome

    Hope you guys get fired :)

    Edit: Flaming

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    Pick up the POWER Key from the TERA Shop today to unlock the POWER Chest and get your hands on the glorious treasures within! The POWER Chest can be looted in level-70 dungeons. Open it for a chance to get mighty gryphons, gigantic parters and loads of other great items.

    The POWER Chest

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    • Hellfire Skill: Mighty Stygian Gryphon
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    • Mahtnan Weapon Crate (Legendary)
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    First - I'm glad that this shit is absolutely not worth the price of 49 TT so hopefully people won't fall for this scam.

    But on the other side - what kind of garbage loot is this? Do you legit expect anyone to pay for that shit? Ingame TT prices are like 1:6000 or 1:7000 on mystel so you expect people to pay like 300.000 ingame gold for ONE key to get that garbage loot? xD
    Literally nothing (expect maybe the mounts assuming that you get them on ur first try which is omegalol lotterly rng anyway) is worth that much gold/money so who the fk is creating these items?

    Thank fking god (at least in this case) that you're so disconnected of this game and have absolutely no idea about anything related to the value of ingame items etc. - so people don't waste their money on shit like this but jesus christ how incompetent can you be?

    Also do we have to remind you guys about your whole "We remove all P2W Consumable sources" lie? Seems pretty shady when you're just gonna add them to ur shitty cash-shop events again & again cuz letter event will include seals aswell. Spoilerwarning btw :^)

    Thanks to the perfect actions based on our recent feedback (Sarcasm)

    Once again - while yes temporary double/triple drop events are nice ... we have a fking permanent problem with shitty Loot in most dungeons so still nope, you don't fix that by adding only temporary events ffs.

    Gonna be straight up honest - that first patchday was or rather would be literally one of the best things that could ever happen to this game. You actually got a shit ton of loot for playing and you could easily do like 8-10 Desolarus runs a day to actually FARM stuff. I legit will never understand why these shitty devs just ignore every single community feedback since years because in my personal opinion thats literally how this game should be published - no stupid entry limits - lower or no adventure coins so you can actually play for a few hours - actually getting useful and decent loot for the time invested etc. etc.

    But as it seems we are going back to the old shitty Tera after this maintenance - its such a shame.

    Gonna have to agree - they should have banned all scripts from the start like Fast-Valk, Fast-Unleash or any Ultimate Scripts or literally anything that ignore the limits from the game itself, because now most people realised that there will be almost no consequences for buying & abusing those scripts which results in there being absolutely no reasonable competition anymore - because people are legit just cheating - sadly can't describe it nicer than that.

    They still could just ban the main offenders of these scripts but then they would lose majority of the valks and NA zerks but shit happens - either just ban them and lose a ton of players or they also have the option to finally decide on banning these people but be considered enough to make a public announcement few days before that which at least wouldn't completly kill like 5-10% of the remaining community (even though they absolutely deserve it)

    But Gameforge is still on the whole "lets just do nothing and ignore the issue" tour so doubt that they will ever do anything against it - sadly.