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    2-) If your dps is low or you are just simply need more training please dont try to join more experienced players lfgs. You should first go "training runs" than you should find people who has same experience like you to train more for reach more gucci gameplay. You dont need to get mad at experienced people who dont accept you in lfgs.

    That is not how it should be though.
    First of all, most low dps players don't realize their dps is low, secondly just training does not fix a wrong rotation or understanding of the class.
    You need to play with better people to learn from their positioning and in some cases rotations, not play with equally bad players.
    If a group doesn't specify they want people with x amount of clears then new players should be free - even incentivised - to join such parties in order to get better.

    Getting mad for being declined is bad, yes, but I don't agree with the rest.

    Right now the sellers have fees to prevent undercutting every few hours, if the buyers pay the fee that would leave the undercutters free to re-list their stuff every hour.
    In my opinion your suggestion (or basically any other games marketboard) would work, but they should change the TC bonus to halve fees as a buyer.
    Sellers don't notice a change, but buying will be cheaper if you are TC member.

    A listing cooldown would be good though. If you remove an item from broker you should not be able to re-list it in the next 12 hours to prevent heavy undercutting spam.

    I love the mentality of "everything that is not OP is useless" ^^

    It's something. It may not be enough, but it is more than nothing and you guys should atleast be grateful about that super little thing you get there.

    You might as well get the usual "nothing" instead.

    Make a respectful post with feedback if you want to constructively criticize the usefulness of the event..

    With this kind of disrespectful attitude we are not getting anywhere.

    Or you can word your concerns the way you do it,

    So it will be useless

    to say it with your words.

    You asked for a car and now get upset it's not a Ferrari. Yes, it might be missing a tire and rusty here and there BUT IT IS SOMETHING to improve upon.

    SMH, the audacity of some people.. event hasn't hit live yet, already complaining about how useless it is.

    Then againn, some people had loads of vg points stored from previous events (talking about vg rep item in inventory), and got some juicy coins, aka can play forever now

    I agree, people who save up currencies are absolute scumbags and should be punished for hoarding saving.
    Who in their right mind does that?
    The people who saved gold now have gold, btw.


    Both can shield the party and support similarily good, the priest has less mana management while the mystic has a few fun, specialized tools that make it very fun to play. Priest is the more solid well rounded allround healer for every situation.
    Atleast thats how my two healers feel, I guess this is very subjective

    Then again, if you are still here waiting for nothing you have to be addicted as fk. Which means you want to believe it's not already over.

    You have a weird way of insulting me, yes I have a few thousand (way too many thousand) hours of playtime and I have been addicted, so.. what?
    I'm currently enjoying two other MMOs with content, more content, and especially atleast 10 times the playerbase. So no, I don't really care for tera anymore.
    Sad news: I won't come back after the merge, but I will be happy for the few friends that I have that still cling to this game :)

    Steam charts for both publishers give you very good idea how general population spread

    Great, you figured out that NA has more players than EU.

    Happy birthday sherlock.
    Let me tell you this: KTera has even more players.
    Which is completely useless information but that seems to be the trend here so I might as well go with it.

    I can understand not having any news after a month.
    I can not understand being completely silent though.
    No news? Show us you're on our side here and just tell us.
    Give us a reason to atleast try to believe you guys are on the communities side because so far you look like distant bystanders witnessing the community rage vs the big company that can simply not hear us over all the money thats dropping in.

    "Hey everyone, I know it has been a month but I still do not have news to share with you, we are currently corresponding with bluehole trying to work out a plan for a possible merge" or anything like that.

    I feel like you are making your jobs way harder than they need to be.
    What have you done so far?
    Transparency please. Yes, transparency includes getting hit by a massive shitstorm if what has been done seems to be ridiculously far from what we think has been done. But that is what happens if we are left in the dark for so long.

    Share what has been tried, share what has been done, share what's holding us back.
    You know, in a big player base, there are most likely some experts from every field.
    Some players easily decoded the math behind Anthems damage calculation and gave the devs better hints at how to fix it than they were able to work out themselves.
    Help us to help you and maybe you end up getting intelligent and informed suggestions, based on knowledge about what has been done so far, instead of random guesses what you should or shouldn't do without knowing if it's even realistic.

    All we can do is shout meaningless suggestions into the big black void that is GFs "Feedback" section.

    Bildergebnis für ah shit here we go again

    Peace out.

    What they have to do is make it multi-server to invite anyone to party regardless of their server and play with your friends openly.

    Today that other MMO I am playing ending on "XIV" introduced visiting other servers.

    Before, you could already play with your friends from other servers via cross-world partyfinder. Now you can actually visit your friends on the other server and with a few restrictions (guilds, marketboard) basically live there permanently.

    Now, that game has always had great cross server viability, good ingame matchmaking (actually telling you what number you were in queue so you knew if it was safe to go to the bathroom or so) and a relatively stable and reliable content output.

    Tera on the other hand...
    Well, apparently it is very hard to learn from the competition, that's why we're basically in stoneage with stoneage tech, unwilling to upgrade the engine or netcode to todays standards.
    What is to expect from this game anymore, to be honest? I'd be really surprised to see a merge at this point, and even more surprised if the game makes it into 2020.

    To say with bitter sweet irony:


    Hopefully that PSA will come soon so I can stop waiting for an official reply.
    Happy Easter, everyone who is lonely enough to read this today.
    May the egg heads be ever in your favor or so.

    Posted at 14.43 21/4/19, atleast we can gauge mod activity by looking at when this will be removed...

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    it's not rare to reach lvl 65 while still having to complete a step of the entire story quest for level 38.

    Fixed it for you.
    I never did story on my alts since leveling has become so ridiculously fast.
    Get boosted to around 15 on bams, then kill basilisks till you can solo BoL, which will then allow you to do SM and so on..

    Why even bother with story?