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    Nettes Bild :elin28:
    Darkan gehört auch zu meinen Lieblingsbossen, ich trage bis heute noch ein Perimos Herz in meinem Inventar mit mir herum :')

    Lancers are always needed and prefered over brawlers.
    A 65 char will be fine since you will get a returner-package giving you the latest low-tier gear from which you can work your way towards the endgame gear.
    Starting fresh would result in the same gear, since it is a story reward.

    Hope you enjoy coming back to Tera!

    Hey Ciela, hast du vielleicht einen Controller am PC angeschlossen?
    Die sorgen gern mal für Probleme mit der Maussteuerung weil sie sich um die Kontrolle streiten und dann allerlei nervige Problemchen verursachen.
    In dem Fall einfach mal /controller eingeben, und in dem Menü die Controller Steuerung sowie Skills in Char Richtung deaktivieren, oder den Controller vom PC abmachen.

    Sollte dies nicht die Fehlerquelle sein, bin ich leider ratlos :/ Höre zum ersten Mal von derartigen Problemen.

    Why do people spread this negativity in a harmless thread that's basically doing smalltalk? Smh...

    I would bring more bonfires and charms since I deleted some of them out of severe storagespace issues on the live servers, other than that I still have most of my VM1-5 stuff so I don't need most of the old stuff.
    Good idea with the bombs, though, I would probably do that too.

    Too bad I did not play the classic servers at all, I am a sucker for those kind of memory-items for nostalgia reasons.

    There is nothing that can help you not forget to use ur rotation when boss mechanics distract you other than simply practicing, learning the mechanics so you are not distracted, and make your rotation a second nature so you can focus more on positioning and the boss.

    For rotation in general, I can't really help you as I have not played Archer since Vm2

    The problem is, that most players who left Tera, were PvP players

    Why do people always say that?
    I do think that more PvP than PvE players have left, but definitely not most of them. I lost so many friends over the past years, none of those were active in PvP. I wasn't even active in PvP myself for the last 3 years or so, when I left in october.

    The problem of Tera´s low population is the PvP. The developers dont care about PvP and they do everything for the PvE players.

    The problem with Teras low pop is the ridiculous grind that the endgame has become and most people do not have the time (or credit card) to deal with that. On top of that, Tera has lost its pinnacle spot as THE action combat game, there is simply enough other stuff on the gaming market that we do not have to put up with the shit the devs pull off. We can simply move on.
    That applies to PvP and PvE equally.

    dear crappy devs of BH, one day you come out with an idea to allow players to do dungeons in single player mode,

    It's not like we had solo modes for dungeons. I don't know why they were removed, but they were a thing, so it's no new invention to be made.

    All leveling dungeons are perfectly soloable though, unless you level a healer (who shouldn't have issues finding a dungeon group) all classes can easily just go solo. Even healers can but that is not really time efficient.
    Please don't start a debate on if it is possible or not, though, unless you want to give actual reasons why you can't (saying that you can't is still not a reason why).

    And of course, i cant remember the last time BF did something actually good that we can call improvement. I just cant remember lol. Everything they "revamped" so far has been for the worst, unfortunately

    How long do you play, though?
    I remember so many good revamps that I honestly would miss them if we went back to classic times.

    Do you remember getting rezzed and having to put down a campfire midfight, to re-charm?
    The stamina system was great and deaths were punished, but it was still very uncomfortable to play around.
    Do you remember having several bank tabs full of T14 weapons and armors as enchanting material?
    Do you remember having like 25 golden weapons which are completely useless when you wanted to do your gloves?
    Do you remember not being able to teleport to literally any dungeon, but instead had to rely on teleport scrolls?
    Do you remember paying for spellbinds and crystalbinds?
    Do you remember rerolling three masterwork stats on top of the normal three stats and wasting tremendous amounts of those spellbinds on 1% healing? Do you even remember masterworking at all?
    Do you remember the times Vanarchs did not put up Skill Trainers so you had to leave your god damn level area to find a zone where you could actually upgrade your skills?
    Hell, do you remember actually needing a trainer?
    Do you remember when archers shared Veliks Mark and warriors had to carefully rotate their scythes?
    Do you remember - no wait, this is not worth the effort.

    As fucked up as the enchanting material cost is right now, the revamped gearing still is more comfortable to play with. No more dropping your armor, hoping for the correct weapon box to drop, or actually having to roll against multiple other classes for DPS leather gloves.
    In regards to accessability the gear revamp and keep-your-gear stuff was really good. The rates are fucked, but that is not the systems fault. The system is great.

    Man there have been some really good revamps, but then again, just keep on hating.

    By the way, since you keep mentioning elin costumes - the teams that work on costumes and design definitely are not the same who fix programming bugs or improve the gameplay mechanics. Telling them to stop making costumes and fix bugs instead is pretty stupid.

    I'm still leveling up to 60 on classic and I'm already opted to grind mobs and do yellow quests to even have some kind of progress.

    Thats simply how the game worked in classic times and has nothing to do with player scarcity, but I agree with your first point of it splitting the playerbase on already too empty servers.
    I still remember the good old devan grinding from level.. 48? to 56 or so.

    Because it will either catch up with live at some point or permanently be behind in content.
    Both would suck in my opinion. At some point this is not classic anymore, but just an outdated version of the live servers. I wouldn't want to re-play the content with a few years inbetween.
    On the long run this would die out just like live servers do and we would end up with two dead versions of the game, especially when the classic server comes closer to what most people think of as the downfall of the quality of content and Tera in general. Especially a few weeks after each patch the classic server will quickly empty out again, because the content is known by most players and after getting your gear there is no point not to swap back to live servers.

    This basically feels like a private server without all the benefits of private servers.

    Die Sache mit dem "Gold nötig um dort hin zu kommen" ist immer schwierig zu beantworten.
    Ich habe meine Chars alle auf +9 gemacht ohne millionen an Gold in den Handelsagenten zu pulvern, da ich viel selber gefarmt habe.
    Die Goldkosten halten sich in Grenzen wenn man die farmbaren Sachen selber beschafft und nur die Kits, bzw Edelsteine kauft und die fixen Goldkosten zahlt. Alles andere ist bis +9 easy farmbar und sollte auch gefarmt werden, man kann nicht zwingend sagen dass du 600k Gold brauchst um eine Waffe zu plussen. Das Gold was du in deine Waffe steckst fließt nach und nach hinein und du wirst viel selber farmen, +9 ist definitiv machbar auf deinem Main wenn du bereit bist das Spiel zu spielen

    What exactly is the purpose of moving a resolved issue around? Just close it, the problem has been fixed, and

    Tera shop differences....

    By making both shops equal... upgrading "modern Tera" servers shop like the one in the "classic Tera" one, and not the other way around.

    is hardly feedback, and if it is it belongs in its own thread.

    Are you mods running out of work or whats up?

    Because they are afraid that the feeling of accomplishment and being a veteran might go away if others can do what you did years ago.
    In reality, you still are a veteran if you did those dungeons with little overall gameknowledge and class knowledge, at level 60, with 56k HP and even putting in HP cruxes, to ease the strain on your healer in buff rotation phase. It's those memories that make you a true veteran, not the clear.
    The title / achievement is what you link with your memories, but people need to realize that this does not take away from your memories at all.

    I myself feel kind of the same - I always cared about having prestige items from older times. I carry a quill in my inventory just because I can, I also still have a perimos heart lying around on some alt. I have all my VM weapons in the bank etc.
    But titles? Hand them out to each and everyone, what do I care. I have whats precious to me, and if I want to brag, I got friends to turn to and message them with old shenanigans that new players will never experience. And that's fine. They will make their own memories of the "classic" experience. Who am I to forbid. They can not replicate my memories, my experience with the game and the wonderful people I have met and therefore I don't care at all what people playing the classic server might get from it.

    What I have is unobtainable for any of them. I don't say that out of spite. I say that because I am proud of my past. Nothing can take away from that and I wish the very best to the people who actually are making new memories they can cherish, because I stopped playing this game long ago.
    If anything, I want people to experience the same awesome things that I got to see. More people having happy memories doesn't make my own any less important to me.

    What does the title color matter now?
    What matters the most is how the title matters to you.

    Personally, I played the last four years with titles disabled, basically since god damn flashlight Abscess titles were around. I would prefer if all titles were white rather than shining bright like an advertisement

    "Hey our PvP is shit lets make it into the 32nd iteration of failed Battle Royales because this shit is lit right now!"
    - somebody, at "that" company.