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    Since currect PVP server, Killian, is dead why not merge it with mystel or delete completely and replace it with PVP server with vm1 patch and leave it be? Like this we will have at least 2 active servers instead of one. PVE - Mystel, PVP - new server.


    • PVP was more balanced.
    • Open World PVP.
    • Competition.
    • No AOE skills that you could spam 24/7. (Casting skills in opposite direction and still manage to kill target :lol:)
    • GF wouldn't need to update it. (It's not like GF doesn't keep updating dead servers kek) except Shop updates or some PVP events.

    Why will it be active? Well, nothing kills PVP more than patch updates with PVE grind and since server will be stuck on one patch, people will not worry about upcoming PVE grindy patches and keep playing for the sake of PVP, unless there will be patches for PVP content. If they get bored some may quit some may reroll classes but they can come back anytime and their effort won't be lost, which will not put them at disadvantage.

    how about make vm1, Regent, Queens wrath, Abyss, Agnitor, Conjunct only obtainable gear :crazy: like that vm1 vm2 vm3 content will be challenging. But Its too late I guess.

    i ve already quit after 2 days and i'm basically almost a new player to tera, FOR ME i've had no fun playing it except when i picked reaper and started to get 5-7+ kills in every CS, but i love the warrior so reaper bored me,and yeah warrior is such a beatifull mobility class but couldn't get more than 2-3 kills in CS, attack(deal "0" dmg) and run

    In Classic tera each class has its role in mass pvp and Warriors role is to snipe healers down because they are the best at that, they are like ninjas hiding in shadows waiting for perfect moment, while in 3v3 and 1v1 Warriors shine like the brightest star in the sky. Sorc and Archers more viable in mass pvp becase of AOEs and they are always in front. But reapers do every role equally as the classes that were best at. oh and they can also heal themselves :crazy: 

    Current tera just killed that and made every class braindead, just spam skills in pvp and you good :lol:

    vm3 patch means we can skip vm1/vm2 to gear up since oculus gear is better than vm1 and WHHM gear :crazy:, Reapers, PVE server, endgame: RENM REHM abscess, nerfed vm1/vm2 content, everyone in Enlightened Union and it's temporary fake classic server.

    Conclusion: Dead PVP content, bad PVE content ----> Quit.

    Slayers do not 100 - 0.

    BS combo : Stagger(first hit of auto attack) ---> Backstab -->Combative--> Cascade of stuns ----> Pounce ---> Rain of Blows ---> Reaping slash --> Roll --> Vortex ---> Blade draw

    That's the only combo warrior has. Outside of that you have to learn how to dodge / interrupt / stun with the rest of the skills.

    I understand comments saying "but my Classic is without content XY" - and that will be true for you. But at the same time, every one has their own definition of what a Classic TERA experience should be, which we hope with the current chosen version we can give to most of our players.

    Expect that everyone says the same thing about what REAL classic server should be not just me. VM1 or pre VM1 time.

    And one additional comment regarding the PvP / PK content - unfortunately, only having one server available for this action made us take the decision to release it as a PvE server. Looking back in time, we've always featured more PvE than PvP servers, which ultimately lead to this decision we're discussing here today. Choosing the 1 server to be a PvP server would be against our existing experience publishing TERA, and elicit a similar reaction from our PvE oriented players

    PVE is done WITHOUT going outside of safe zones. By making it PVE server you are limiting PVP oriented players, since PK/OpenWorld PVP content is meant for pvp oriented players. Why not satisfy both communities? In addition Killian, a PVP server, which used to be BEST server for pve oriented players, had a huge pve playerbase but did they complain about server being pvp? No and most them have never dueled even once. Your point?

    You want to experience the Battlegrounds from back then? We got them.

    With reapers? no, thanks.

    You want to play the Wonderholme Raid? We got it.

    Prefer KN20 and KN10.

    You want to experience the Alliance System? We got it.

    With the playerbase so small, commanders buffs and reapers? nah.

    As for "we can just skip VM1 content and get VM3" - we've taken some steps to make the VM2 and VM3 content slightly more difficult, to encourage the playing of VM1 content first, before moving over to the VM2 & 3 era

    Sounds Interesting, would love to see how that will work. If it is mandatory to get vm1 to play vm2 content and for vm3 content - vm2 gear and gear evolution goes like vm1->vm2-> vm3 then I am not complaining, but if it is possible to go straight to vm3 content then that's the deal breaker.

    The way they set up the "classic" server is a turn off for me.

    Because in vm3 patch dungeons like Manaya's core, Kelsaik's Nest, WW were nerfed and ABHM was annoying. Instead of alliance they could have promoted openworld GVG and pvp because everything you do in a current patch and did in vm3 was instanced leaving open world empty.. farm for kaelik spark and argon vitriols in a pvp territory was fun. also patch includes etchings, broken class and gear disparity was far greater than in previous patches.

    For an event It is dumb to choose vm3 because time for reaching the "soft cap" that was good enough for an average player to enjoy and compete with someone who had top gear was greater than in previous versions.

    Why do you keep playing TERA? Not because things like MCNM are still in the game .. because there comes new dungeon and stuff.

    I think it is opposite. as far as I know every upgrade brought more damage than improvement. In my opinion it would be much better if they reverted time back to vm1 or idk when tera was in its prime and upgrade the game from there not stepping on the same mistakes. I know many will be against this since they will lose everything that they had in previous server but those people probably will quit in 1 year and lose those stuff anyway, just like many did.

    Well, I hoped for vm1 or vm2 patch even pre vm1 patch, since for top gear you had to do everything the game had to offer. But since it is vm3 patch and reapers are included... well I hardly call that server classic. I guess we never can have good things :elin11: But, hey :V It's still 10 times better than current game right?
    p.s it sucks that is going to be pve server, when main reason why people wanted classic server was pvp. :elin7: will never understand why people are so against PVP in openworld. as it was what switched me from being pve player to pvp one. I still remember how I got pked in lumbertown when I visited pvp server for the first time xD But I discovered fun parts, watching other people dueling, group fights, campfire afking or just talking and soon afterwards become friends with those people.

    those were good times.

    Reverting everything back to vm1/vm2 patch would be great as long as there will only be oldschool classes, since the balance between classes was more bearable back then than it was after they started introducing new classes.

    Also the thing, I think is worth considering, is that some classes favored particular race which resulted in people switching to that race in order to gain some advantages i.e faster animation on 1st hit of left click, longer attack range on some skills ... etc. I wonder if GF will introduce oldschool server will those problems be fixed there?

    Also, it's harder now to explore tera open world since they placed invisible walls. (I guess it was due to flying mounts?) Would love to explore TERA beyond those invisible walls again. (I miss baldera)

    High lvl skills are low lvl now so it shouldnt be big deal now playing bgs with low lvl chars, especially in kumaylum. Gf/BHS can increase kumas resistance to stun/KD or give them 30sec immunity to Stun/kd/stagger after they get stunner or smth to balance teams :/

    if u wont then increase rewards for iron battleground, at least its less cancerous than kuma royal

    • Bring back murderous intend in 3v3
    • Separate Solo queue 3v3 and 3v3 Team Ranking OR make 3v3 solo queue to give 0 rating after lose/draw/win.
    • Bring back Frywind Canyon (premade) also separate ranking for it OR Make non-premade FWC to give 0 rating
    • Rework GVG system who gets 100 kill wins but Opponent guild should have the option whether accept GVG or NOT, let it not be force Gvg/Hunt/staying in velika. Like this it will be possible to make more organized GVGs.
    • Bring back alliance, reduce number of ppl that are able to get (echelon/commander/exarch) from 120 to 40 And Increase rewards by 8-10 times. Also buff invisible bam and add materials for VM/Top gear
    • Bring back crusades but give rewards only for top 3 guild.

    • For PVP Crusade
      When GM chooses PVP Crusade guild wont be able to recruit more than 40 players/accounts.
      The points guild gets should be calculated by what ranking/rating each person has in 3v3 Team, FWC premade and GVG if lose u lose points if win u gain the points. Lose and gain should be 1 to 5
    • For PVE Crusade
      When GM Chooses PVE Crusade Guild will be able to recruit more than 40 players/accounts but no more than 100.
      The points guild gets should be calculated by how fast X party was in Y dungeon(hard ones ofc) (since this is PVP thread i wont go deep in this)

    7. Rework CU

    • Buff bams since its dies in 5-10 min in my opinion it should be 15-20min or more because it will make guilds to decide to go bam or attack tower while its defenseless
    • Only 40 Players are allowed from the same guild ( This will prevent guilds getting 80~ ppl in CU in case pvp guild decides to switch to pve to out number others)

    8. Balance Classes

    Some classes have too OP skills that break the games PVP.

    • Valks pull change it to Only pulls 3 players no more, Reduce range of valks stun , make Shining crescent hit only with first hit 2nd wont have any affect on players also REDUCE DMG on Dream Slash by 60% + Backstab nerf
    • Brawlers Ground pounder Only pulls and knocks up 3 players and decrease its hit range by 20%
    • Reduce DMG for reapers on some skills like whipsaw and sundering strike
    • Gunners balder reduce pvp dmg by 50% and ban this skill from Bgs
    • Archer/Sorcerer skills like Meteor/Rain of arrows dmg reduce

    • Basically anything that is Aoe should be nerfed :V cuz everytime i am in BG or 80% of raid or part is aoe class and its pretty annoying as a melee class to play

      P.s If there is flaws in my english sorry