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    they dont even give an usefull answer

    There's communication happening, but besides announcements it rarely ever is through the forum while users are encouraged to keep submitting feedback through it.

    I've seen unofficial answers through other channels instead, which shows how inefficient forum communication is.

    The Classic Server option should be on the "mode selection" screen instead of TBA.

    I'd rather have it in server list to avoid unnecessary loading screens.

    Thread update

    Game bugs

    Plenty of battlegrounds new bugs including:

    -Battleground matching can't be cancelled without closing the client sometimes

    -Getting skips after queueing for a long time, apparently relog helps sometimes, this bug used to be rare but it's getting frequent

    -No vanguard rewards for winning Gridiron

    -Persistent queue bugs from previous patches

    -Queue bug that doesn't let you enter a battleground after the raid is matched, leading to dropout for most of the raid as they are forced to get kicked/leave

    -Reappearance of the friendly fire in Shore Hold and Gridiron for some players in your team

    -Uneven number of players for each team in Gridiron

    -Wrong queue display showing different numbers of players in the queue for different players, plus it won't even display more than 1 if there isn't a heal in queue which is persisting from previous patches too

    -Linking threads asking for staff reply concerning this situation [1],[2]

    Reimplementation and rework of removed pvp content

    -Linking poll by kirino to share your thoughts about a Classic server and also a thread to provide feedback for it [1],[2]

    -Linking thread mentioning PvP is completely dead [1]

    Nerf Staggering Strike on Berserker. (This was deemed busted back in the day, afaik 30% reset chance and 3s stun duration? Change it to whatever it was changed to on later patch - need the insight of Berserkers here.)

    I'd say the stun duration was not a big deal, if not properly calculated the target would easily escape the charge, so it required proper comboing to work.

    Just the possibility of lucky resets bothered some people. Back then it was useful for 1v1 and in a minor way for mass following.

    I'd not take it away as it's berserker's only stun skill and mostly an optional gameplay thing, but if it goes away it wouldn't be the end of berserker class either, just it'd make it less versatile/gamble based.

    i really don't know if the person or the team who making these changes even play tera or have Any idea how it works and what the players want really .

    Neither do I and I'd like to know how the process goes, so far it's deeply obscure to me which causes a certain scepticism.

    I'm clueless about who or how the players are being represented if at all and it doesn't exactly boost my expectations.

    Warning: further discussion about it is in the spoiler:

    As a Balder player I'm also disappointed at the lack of outlaw.

    Next patch is the final killing shot for PvP.

    If it survives after this it's going to be amazing.

    Tbh if the new gear shore and cs are getting was truly equal for all and balanced then we'd be talking about a completely different situation. I wonder who is going to queue and for how long they'll keep doing it too.

    Considering Gridiron barely pops, you either have to pay or RNG the jewelry and accessories in every other battleground except for team 3s that suffers from severe powercreep and elitism, plus the overlapping hour restrictions and discouraging unfixed bugs, the next patch is looking real grim for PvP.

    PvP should stop being looked at as a complement activity and have a proper progression of its own, where players can reach a challenging endgame community and compete in conditions as fair as possible.

    This isn't an error/bug.

    So is it fully and officially intended, that we are still able to play a seasonal battleground outside of its event time without half of its rewards, instead of having it removed?

    I also want to know who came up with this decision and approved it, if the team is aware of the current ingame situation.

    Why did the Gameforge team not remove Wintera completely, could you please get this information for us?

    People generally just don't like French people and they can't/won't communicate in the common tongue.

    People generally just don't find German people funny and some of them won't communicate in the common tongue. Granted they are more willing than French people.

    This is definitely one of the possible conflict points. Rather than true dislike for other people's nationalities, many people in Mystel complain in the global channel whenever a language other than English is being used.

    However, Mystel is an INTERNATIONAL server so while English may be considered a standard language for communications in EU, the use of other languages should not be punished or trashtalked upon to begin with.

    Trying to obtain ingame information and communicate in one's native language is not something meant to spam or make other users feel left out.

    This could be solved by the creation of a custom channel for a certain language community (users can do this already).

    Another alternative is increasing the block list numbers, which many people would be happy about to get rid of global trade spammers/multi accounting haters. That's in the case GF can't provide something as separate global channels that are ENG/FR/DE.

    The language barrier is not as infuriating as a dead LFG and some people speak more than one language, making coordinated runs possible. Though using only one language really helps a lot, between multiple languages and imminent death of a content, I'd say the later is more harmful to the player.

    Imho after my experience playing bgs and im cross server, I'd say many people won't listen no matter what regardless of the language. While others with worse barriers don't behave like that.

    Playing is still possible if people want to and those that aren't provided with decent alternatives or don't mind it, should be given this option to increase overall activity; that ultimately benefits the market and the entire community.

    HH Should require coordination and as such it makes no sense to LFG for a fill spot unless you plan on doing the first two phases only.

    Tbh fill spots should be able to be LFG/IM to prevent people from wasting the entire run if one has to leave dramatically, but different phases can be troublesome here.

    Given the current situation, I'd say yes to this merge and make the new server pvp.

    Thread update

    List of solved PvP Issues

    -Wintera season ended, battleground removed successfully without a maintenance about 5 days after the end of the event (on the 16th of January) [1],[2]

    Reimplementation and rework of removed pvp content

    -Coming soon: Kumas Royale and Champion's Skyring (Solo), plus active hours to enter remaining battlegrounds being limited [1]

    -Linking thread asking for a rework of the Civil Unrest system [1]

    -Linking thread discussing disappointment on next patch's lack of free for all outlaw content [1]

    -Linking thread discussing the incoming changes [1]


    -Information on incoming rewards and changes to the Bellicarium shop in the battleground's link above

    People would just open multiple guilds and play together if only 20 players can participate for their guild.

    This tbh. Since things such as alt towers still exist, it's very likely this would be the case. Either that or alliances.

    The ones with the best teamplay and most skilled people will win and it will be deserved.

    TL;DR: It's a very noble goal, but in a game where progression is RNG rather than skill based, you can talk about a competition but it's pretty difficult to talk about a fair one.

    Instead of limiting the numbers that can join Civil Unrest, make it easier for people to join in and actually have chances of winning.

    Discussion may get a bit long here so I'll spoil it for those of you that are interested in how it could actually be improved and not just lurking.

    Leveling up is already a chore like alwaysss.

    If you're not in a rush or want an alt for farming, there will be a leveling up event at the end of this month scheduled to start on the 28th.

    However, leveling as of now is the fastest it's ever been (besides plevel days where friends could help each other).

    Even as a healer you could be soloing dungeons up to level 65 and it'd be faster than waiting for the event, but I'd rather wintera now to stack up on coins and take advantage of the event later on.

    Pvp is fine too.

    Healers are much needed in pvp content, so if you're available to play during the evenings around 8pm on weekdays then you should not run out of content anytime soon.

    For extra activity consider joining a guild to go to Civil Unrest on Sundays then you'll find group content easily too.

    Also if you don't mind adventures you can try your luck in LFG and instance matching with the resets you get from the coins.

    Many things changed, now RNG is higher and the max level is 70. We're going to get new gear soon and a leveling up event at the end of the month.

    There's still some PvP up but nowhere near what it used to be. About PvE new training rooms for endgame dungeons have been opened and dungeons keep rotating from time to time.

    The community hasn't changed much. I'd say poke in and find out, peak activity times are as usual around evening at 8 PM CET. You can check Highwatch channel 1 and LFG (Y) to have a rough overview on the current playing population.

    Let PvP die already.

    No thank you, it's what I play for mostly and I'd like to enjoy it until the very last drop.

    Give me a developer's announcement that this game will discontinue pvp permanently and sink me with the ship, or I'll keep asking for more PvP.

    Thread update


    -Cheating in Wintera regarding bug abuse and looting reported to still happen on the daily

    Game bugs

    -Apologies for the misleading information, Wintera vanguard rewards are not bugged, they are confirmed to apply once for each character/day correctly

    -After the leading update to Corsair's Stronghold, the radar bug displaying allies as enemies is confirmed to persist

    -Linking thread asking for information regarding persistent pvp game bugs [1]

    -Wintera resurrection and queue bugs persist too, plus the ice circle at the edge of the battlefield may be invisible (rare bug) or even able to make you lose HP from base before the bars go down (if you go close to the outer edge of the base)

    PvP Community Manager

    -Official announcement encouragement to keep submitting general feedback for changes through forums

    Reimplementation and rework of removed pvp content

    -Battlegrounds removed from Shen [1]

    -Linking thread to reimplement the Fraywind Canyon battleground as an event [1]


    -Official announcement of new materials being obtainable through PvP activities [1]