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    Well, i don't think GF will let Tera go to another company, is still profitable with a peak of around 1000 players per day (steamchart), now if 50% of such playerbase leave or stop buying anything from the ingame shop i'm sure they will change perspective and listen.

    Even if they let Tera go i'm pretty sure someone else will pick this title immediately, Tera still AAA mmorpg with a good combat system and pretty 3d models you can't really find in any other mmo actually released.

    I guess i have to remember you that GF took tera NA, and this is the first American title (?) that gameforge takes so i guess no other company there was interested.
    TERA might be cool but it's a sinking ship in terms of playerbase and even a good company couldn't do much imho after so many years of bad management. We also need to give credit about the fact that Bluehole is almost worse than Gameforge at developing their own game and they probably made more mistakes than GF.

    Yep, you need to convince dissatisfied people and also a bit of lucky, and this can be done only by gathering people who support this feature through pools, advertisement in mmo communities and pm to old inactive players. But this is how you make petitions and move people to fight for the same cause otherwise there is nothing we can do.

    We can start with #TeraClassicServer tag and edit our signature like mine so search engines indexing this trend.

    This game goes on just because it's still cool ( in terms of mechanics ) compared to 90% of the MMOs around.
    You can't convince people that already gave up on this game to come back, we'd need a radical change that Gameforge will never dare do promote because they'd risk to lose a solid business to gain what ? Casual players ? They prefer milking hardcore dedicated gamers as ALL games published by them always did ( Check Metin2, Aion, Ogame etc... )

    The only chance would be an even bigger risk for the people currently playing: as you said, making the game "fail" in terms of profit for them but at that point if they give up TERA and no other company shows up you can say goodbye once and for all. You might be ok with it, but people playing right now probably aren't.

    Yeah good luck with that...

    Yeah i've already seen what you wrote in another thread about GF looking for Comas, there's a reason these people don't stay and keep changing, it's probably a shitty job because you get all the criticism from the community and people above you don't care. Pretty much all CoMas can do for Gameforge is being a sacrificial lamb to throw at angry players.
    I mean, it's not fair and shouldn't be like this but it's pretty clear that they don't have any power to change things unless the company itself wants to.

    I've never appreciated Gameforge but don't know what you guys expect from a Community Manager.
    It's clear the company has only one interest in this game and it's not making the playerbase happy. Do you think CoMas can come here and say "oh you're right our company sucks" without being fired ?

    HH has been made for elitist and pay2win, if you are not +15 you are not even considerate to enter in the raid party so you deserve to have bad loot since you already have almost everything in the game, do it for fun or don't do it

    HH has been advertised as average item level requirement, that's why i wrote it either needs to be more accessible to the major public or at least it needs a reason to be this difficult.
    The whole MMO genre revolves around receiving loot for your playtime, otherwise if i have to play just for the sake of totally wasting time there are better games around where i can have casual fun with friends without having to grind for everything.

    Don't worry anyway, i'd do HH even just for the title but it's almost too hard to even find people to clear it in the first place.

    Pretty sure this change was already planned.
    Now even if PH4 is doable there's still the part about ph1&2 being absolutely useless in terms of rewards. Whoever isn't in a raid full of experienced players will need to try a lot to be able to benefit from the loot of the final phases and i'm still not sure it's gonna be worth the effort :\

    Same reason why dungeon design has devolved over time.

    the average Dps value got massively inflated since its accounting for outside factors that aren't the norm.

    result content must be buffed ot compensate , but since you can only increase Hp so far, when they decide ot complicate mechanics you get people calling for nerfs.

    I didn't test PH4 myself and i didn't necessarily ask for a nerf but to make it worth the time spent.
    Unless you play with other 19 nolifers it's hard for the average player to even reach PH3, and the first 2 phases are useless in terms of rewards unless you can at least be sure to clear ph3. And even at that point it's ~500k for at least 2-6 hours of work, you have better chances to loot the same spamming different instances.

    Why bringing back a cool raid if just an elite of players will benefit ?

    When you wonder why you see the same names around and finding real new people is like seeing an unicorn this is one of the reasons.

    the way i see it even if they bothered to make it worth it it wouldn't result in anything worthwhile.

    seems that mechanic wise nothing has changed? so the difficulty is solely due ot the HP walls and a technical bug.

    it wont be long now until people manage to figure out the means to put the whole Raid on the same footing as it was before it got removed. if not then at least run selling wont be a thing as its not gonna be carriable.

    It's an event so it's not gonna last long. I don't get why it should be reserved to an elite of people considering Ph1 & 2 are completely useless in terms of loots.

    Day 6 and still Wintera is bugged? Merry Christmas...

    As long as there's gonna be some sort of compensation can't see anything wrong except the usual lack of official annuncements. I mean if something's bugged and requires a patch they can't do much about it, but i'm just guessing...

    Well, i'd like not to discuss here about HH being recycled content because i don't care. It's cool and many people playing today probably didn't see it so it's fine. The problem, imho, is that there's something wrong in HH either on loot-side or difficulty-side.
    Let's assume for a moment that this should be hard as it is, ok... then why is it so unrewarding ? I mean for PH1 and PH2 you get a total of 4 hp potions and 2 feedstocks. PH3 gives you a guaranteed Enhanced Medallion and PH4 gives 2.
    Now, considering the amount of time required for the average raid to even SEE ph3 i'd say that the single medallion as reward is barely nothing, but it's still something so let's go back to Ph1-2. I don't know what's the current situation on Mystel but our raid already spent a couple weeks to pass ph1 and we're currently having troubles with not being able to try more because of missing people and finding more people to replace them seems not to be the solution because the majority ain't interested.

    So in the end while TSH is a cool instance with decent rewards compared to the effort required, HH is just pointless because unless you have 20 really dedicated players with decent chunk of free-time you won't be able to get enough clears to gain the title, you won't get enough loot to make it worth to organize a raid unless you already know that you'll be able to reach ph4, and for what i've heard PH4 is currently impossible to clear because too tanky and the time is not enough.

    I'd honestly just like to know if you're gonna change something about it because except the initial hype about going back to HH i feel like it's better to run anything else.
    I'm not saying it needs to be nerfed but at least give decent rewards for each phase to lure people into trying more :rolleyes:

    Ah btw,elyon is coming.Another krafton game.They saying "it will be moslty pvp game" blabla.Believe me,if u can play first 2 years,it will be ok for pvp and after that they will do what they did to tera.And elyon is mix of BDO-TERA tbh.Graphical and skill wise BDO,UI wise TERA.So probably ex BDO developers also working for that game too.

    The lesson you should have learned with Tera is to never touch again a Bluehole/Krafton/Gameforge game, otherwise they've fooled you :P

    Probably a comedic remark to lighten people's days up while we wait for the glorious return of rewarding pvp into the game.

    So you're just wasting time i guess, not that i'm happy about it but it's the reality <.<

    Even if it's not on their side, the complete lack of information on when Krafton may deliver the required fix to them is certainly not going to please the playerbase. Just notifying when something has been solved, doesn't let people follow the process or plan ahead, causing a constant state of misinformation and distress.

    That's why i've put a "<.<" face.

    Btw they wrote rewards for wintera would change because of patch 101 during the event so it's not gonna take that long to see it, probably.

    Yes its your opinion. Some players told that game is dead from 2016 and what? Game is still open and players play.

    So some players like you telling that game is dead for years dont change the fact that players still playthis game and nothing changes. ( old? NA steam version ) ( EU steam version )

    NA decline is insane. EU looks better but that's just because most of the playerbase plays through gameforge client. And by the way you're ignoring all the Merges they did. Fraya server alone probably had more pop than all the actual servers <.<

    I'm not saying this game is definitely dead, because it's not, but every time i come back to Tera the playerbase is always smaller and while it's hard to make it grow ( except in the beginning ) for every game, this ons is going down too quickly.

    You can't contest this.

    Ah so it's only my opinion that this game looks almost dead ? Wake up dude : )