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    How could you play for a couple of years and never heard about PvE on killian? It's most populated server so of course we have a lot of people doing pve content along with one of best players in EU. (actually pvp is barely alive but recent changes to 3v3 might help)

    Since when is Vortex > BD awful? If you already had to roll to get behind the boss you might aswell use it. The buff stays for 5 seconds so you can first use your core combo and if BD reset fill in with Vortex (wich does the most dmg from all the skills used to combo iinto BD)

    I didn't say vortex > BD is awful, and what you say after is obviously true, i said roll -> vortex -> BD is awful (forcing yourself to use roll just to enable vortex to chain into BD

    :thumbup: This guy gets it.

    Funny how prejudiced clueless people are. Inb4 "How the fk are we supposed to kill (enter tower boss name here)?!

    Kelsaik. inb4 "Why do i have to kill kelsaik?", "What/Where is kelsaik?" questions.


    I still believe they should separate Corsair on "normal mode" where ppl lvl30-60 can enter, and "hard mode" for people lvl60-65. That way lowbies still have an instance where they can lvl and practice pvp, and higher players wont be frustrated with low lvls running around like headless chickens. But thats just my view on this, who knows what would happen xD

    Yeah, cuz that went well with gridirion.

    YEAH E-PEEN KEYBOARD COMPARISON. You clearly run out of arguments synx and going full retard now so just stop, it's pathetic. Borsuc complained a lot, it's true and he had right to do so (also his arguments were valid). He finally got what he wanted so of course he's happy.
    Besides, why would you need gear to pvp nowadays, hmm? GvG when it's all about catching afk people and camping castle scared of fair fight? Gridirion where it's buff-fest and oneshots everywhere geared or not? (also it's getting equalized soon) Duels/owpvp? 3v3 got equalised so don't need gear there. The only place you'd still need gear for is FW and with all the aoe around there and "push to mid then camp enemy spawn" strategy = much fun. He's playing it smart not wasting his life farming gear and instead just enjoying eq content.

    Yeah but all you need on sorc is back-crit FB and it's gg. No crit? Fix them up with some vp, now it's gg. They should really nerf FB and vp dmg, then you can stay like this. Reaper does have a lot of animation locks, it's just that if they don't miss you probably get staggered so can't take advantage of that (oh wait, warp barrier). I agree that nerfs that sorcs got now are bullshit, they got them in completely wrong places.

    @up, you forgot to mention warrior stun ;) also i don't mind stagger -> stun (at least pillar -> stun trap one, it's same shit as archer kick -> stun), what my problem is that you can jaunt to enemy, which is way different than having to walk up to stagger. But you know what, that ALSO isn't that big of a problem, real problem is you can use warp barrier before jaunting and then I can simply let go of my keyboard and get rekt because there's literally nothing I can do to stop you from killing me (unless i get amazing ping and reaction time to dodge in time, oh wait you can just waste my iframes with lock-ons)

    @lina LOL yeah sorc with recall would be amazing xD and retri cancels out more? Not in pvp it doesn't, any projectile will hit you.