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    What would be the point of fishing, if not to sell fishes or boxes to the specific merchant...... ?

    It'd only punish people who are fishing manually or 2 hours AFK before timeout. And ruin the whole fishing thing, since it'd be totally useless.

    The suggestion wasn't to remove the ability to sell it to the fishmongers. It was to remove the ability to sell it to regular merchants who pay some 10 times less already.

    Not everyone is skilled and have HO gear in this game. I have been in multiple low gear parties in dungeons which you mentioned, nothing is "too" easy, its just those dungoens are not designed for players with max/nearly max gear.

    They're easy even with minimum item level for any given dungeon

    ^ LoL.

    Also quoted from you on another thread which is relevant: "I still dont get it. People complaining about slow progression in an mmorpg"

    A great game would let you kill the people gathering mats and loot them off their corpses. Also owpvp doesn't mean there should only be 1 channel/server/world/instance/whatever. It just means you can defend against crashers in your own spot. A good game also wouldn't have stupidly high gear/level gaps, so anyone can fairly try to claim the spot in a fight. Being 10 levels higher you pretty much 1 -hit kill anyone with any attack. Or just being max level, but having maxed gear vs some pleb gear, can also 1-hit kill. That's not fun, but then you'll just have to find a new channel if you're the weakling. Which shouldn't be a problem according to you.

    Not the 2014 version. Go back before reapers, avatar weapons, OW BAM nerfs etc. And make it a PvP server. Or just make both PvE and PvP server if classic's popular enough.

    If GF and BHS could be trusted to update a classic server without ruining it with too much greed and ignorance about the game and what its players want (content polls could help), it could possibly be a good game again, with new content that was never even seen before. I could absolutely see a revitalized TERA being a success, but hard to see it actually happening...

    Oh classic U.u

    Anything is viable. Healers are slower, but can play recklessly since they can heal up at any time for free. Lancers can easily stay alive, even if they may take a while longer to kill stuff than the dps classes. It might be easier for a lancer however, since some of the dungeon bosses are hard for a noob to solo with a dps class. Berserker should be pretty powerful as well, since in "classic" they have knockdown immunity shout again and they can simply use cyclone to clear whole rooms at once.

    Possible to add non-transparent option, maybe both dark and white versions? It's hard to see some text now. Also Pinned threads should be more visibly separated so you can see them at first glance, always.

    I'm not against dps meters. I never claimed that. I just said that this generic "lmao u mad cuz u bad" argument is pathetic. The community is already bottom of the barrel and so elitist that it makes me cringe, dps meters only promote these behaviors even further and take it to an extreme tbh

    So you're not against dps meter, but you think they are causing bad behavior, and opened a thread saying "get rid of an actually working and accurate dps meter since it is not necessary"..? Well ok.

    I agree bragging with dmg meter here is a bit silly, since there's no true competition. I've said before that there were no really good players in tera EU (idk nowadays I took a long break and only play occasionally now, but I doubt it), no best of the best tryhard players who really want to do good and be the best of the best. And there are no in-game incentives to be competitive. Only third-party scoreboards. Just because some people want to brag with numbers doesn't mean dmg meter is bad. Also dmg meter exposes the truth. It's better to have some of the actually good players bragging than having bad players calling others bad. Which happened many times when I was running pugs before dmg meters were popular and tera was still pretty new. And still happens in other games.

    With newer hardware (and their software) there can be odd and hard to find compatibility issues with older games. Which TERA is at this point. Having a good computer isn't the only thing that matters. Although unless these problems just suddenly started now, then probably not the problem. Unless an update to windows or some essential software screwed something up.

    I've played a bit of brawler, and used all of the older classes a lot. Even after playing for 5+ years and this time included tryharding , I can only say I "mastered" one class, as in, not finding other people doing better than me or seeing them on any leaderboards anywhere (to clarify, of course mastering doesn't necessarily mean being the number one best of them all. I would consider it being in the same range where the top players are. For example if in equal conditions, gear - consumables etc, the best players did some 4-5m dps, but most "decent" players did something less than 3m/s at best, I wouldn't say the 3m/s guys have mastered their class, even if they were easily above average and had no trouble whatsoever with anything). And now of course classes have changed and taken long breaks so there's no mastery in anything anymore. Mastery is temporary in this game. Brawler is definitely not easier to master than anything else. It was the slowest class for me to learn to be decent with (partly because I only played it every once in a while and never really cared about the class that much). Miriad means being decent, able to do any hard modes easily etc. means "mastering"?

    And PvP and PvE masteries are two different things. While some skills carry over from one thing to another, someone who focuses on one type of content is better at it. A top pve player can easily dominate a casual battleground, and a top pvp player can easily do any dungeon in the game and still be in the same range as top pve players with minimal practise. But tera was always so sparsely populated game the best players here could be both at the same time. There never were serious top players here who were at the limits what their class can do.

    The best game would suit a mix of casual and hardcore.

    Doesn't strive to get absolute best gear and stats
    Gear differences due to significant difficulty reaching best gear and stats make competition always unfair. Everyone should have equal gear. There could be choices between things like speed over strength. There would always be one meta, but ping differences, skill differences, equipment fine tuning differences even if all still technically equal tier. And many other things may make one thing work better than another for different players.

    And I can think of one example when equal gear is not necessary. It should be a risk of losing that expensive gear like it is in runescape pvp worlds and wilderness. Death means losing all items or sometimes keeping one item out of usually around 2-12 expensive pieces of gear.People can take items worth millions to be more powerful, but dying means significant losses. It also means you don't have to be rich to do pvp and be competitive since most other people also will use budget gear and you can generally pick your fights. So RS is the only game I can think of where gear differences and expensive super gear existing have worked while still being fun. Everyday PvP is both fun and a way to make money this way, while still being unbalanced sometimes. In serious tournaments or such there should never be gear gaps though.

    Cares about mechanical depth, variety of choice, etc
    I think casuals care too, but it can't get too difficult. Low-Medium dungeons can have complexity while still being manageable and fun for casuals. For example Kezzel's Gorge was a good dungeon with mechanics and it wasn't too hard. In pvp the complexity of combat systems shows in hugely skilled players while others are so bad in comparison they stand no chance even with equal gear. But non-ranked pvp is still fun even for new or casual players. In tera most players in BGs were pretty bad. In random FW matches it was entirely possible to lead your team with equalized gear which really was absolutely terrible and not "equalized" by any standards. Just having one piece of med level pvp gear enchanted to +9 with an etching was massively better. Or you could constantly lead your team in CS with level 30 characters that lacked so many important skills and glyphs and crystals.

    How many games do you know which rebirth after ppl left and additional the developer did neccassary changes?
    Right, noone, cause both facts together will never happen. Last game i played, they just shut down the servers and the game ended

    Runescape got back to almost the best days it ever had in terms of player count when they released old school server and kept updating it. Every update is being polled, and the playerbase decides which updates are good for the game. New content requiring vast majority's support to make it into the game. I'm not sure exactly how dead it was at the worst days but it was something like 5-30k concurrent players, while it has been near 150k just for the old school version lately during peak hours. They still keep updating a modern version of the game, but it still only has some 15-30k concurrent players. While it never was exactly dead, it lost at least 90% of its players within a few years due to bad content decisions and introduction of p2w systems.

    Find me a single person in this world that would buy that armor to see the jiggly animation,it makes as much sense ad elins in kindergarten uniform

    Looking at skyrim armor mods people download the physics versions even for non-skimpy outfits all the time so yeah =D