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    aww. :< sad to hear the cancel.

    well. ppl could sighn with what they have. like fraywind in the old days. ppl queued even with pve gear and it was oke like this. but ye. nodways ppl expect to be +15 1337 pvp gear with much skill and much wow. anythin other is too low and cant participate.

    well. whatever.
    koni, do you gona make some other event?~

    maybe, im thinking about it and how it would work.

    Don't make it Bo1. That's a really bad idea, because a game can be decided by just one giga like that (also you could lose a game, because of a slight mistake or a big crit even though you are the better team and would eventually win all other rounds).

    Also you should really allow Noctenium. Some classes really need it (Archer - Rain of Arrows cast speed)!

    And I don't like it being a Deathmatch at any place, because you eliminate the possibility of ressurection and you take away the pillars, which boost some classes (Archer combos, dodging lockons if you have no iframe - how should Priests dodge Burning Breaht, Plague and Energy Stars without pillars?) and are a big factor when playing healer. You will also still have noticeable FPS drops, which is why the arena would be the best place to do it.

    but no spectators. you have valid points, but we need a different place to fight. if you have different places that do not allow outlaw but have collision then please tell me.

    Advantage to do it in premade would be that most consumables are not allowed so no need to arbiter that. Unfortunately it also makes it impossible to spectate.

    That's quite an issue considering people can just not admit they lost, by drawing. You will not know which side did the draw, since both will lose points in same amount (depending on their rating, but anyway, it doesn't matter who draws, same points lost/won).

    Yes, but its a global server event, so spectating is nice and something i want. i think other people want to watch even though they maybe do not play.

    Deioth, the idea was actually to talk and test each other in guilds to see who plays best... :p
    And i thought about regular 3vs3's without a guild, but then the best of the best teams would show up from skyring, and other people would be scared to play and maybe not sign up. This way, its a bit more fair i guess.

    I will try advertise the event on the chats on killian upcoming weekend.

    To celebrate the return of Cupcake Thunder on blade & soul when it gets released, i decided to host a little "bye" event on Tera.

    I always promised to host a PVP event since we are a PVP guild so here it comes.

    Guild 3vs3 PVP Tournament!

    This is a battle to prove your power as a guild.
    When the event starts, you will fight deathmatches versus each other. Every deathmatch that a team loses, they get eliminated.
    However to make it more fun, the competition resets after the first winner is set. So you still have a good chance for the second or third place with your team.

    I will create pools of teams depending on how many sign up, who will battle each other. the winning team gets to be in the second round vs another team and they get higher and higher until they need to battle the other pool winner. That fight will be for the gold.
    After that fight, pools are reset and we go again for less gold.

    If you want to play then please post here your Guild - Names - Classes that are participating.

    - No potions or items allowed. (so also no savage)
    - Weapon/armor/crystals is completely up to you.
    - Played at Ebon Tower Entrance.
    - Only one 3-man setup per guild is allowed.
    - No interruption of the fights, or you will be disqualified.
    - Sign ups closes at wednesday 9 September 2015 20:00 CET. Get yourself registered here for the fight BEFORE this time.
    - Disqualification if i see proof you did not follow these rules. So make screenshots if you see cheaters with items or something.
    - The winning team can no longer play the event.
    - Only 1 healer allowed per team. Or no healers is OK too.
    - if there are conflicts regarding who enters the competition contact your officers or GM. No drama or no go.
    - You agree that the outcome will be publicly shared here and will not be defaming when participating.

    Prices will be 60k gold for the first place. 30k gold for second place and 21k gold for the third place. This gold will be given to the healer or else the tank of the 3-man group. They can split it.

    I hope to see you ingame at Sunday 13 September 2015, and hope you will play blade & soul with Cupcake Thunder when it launches. :elin2:

    For any edits or addons to this event will be posted here:
    - added rule about multiple healers in 3-man partys- not allowed.
    - added rule about conflicts and defamation.

    Since i soon have the choice to make a reaper, i now doubt if i should make a reaper and continue levelling that as main, or not.

    This is due pvpping around the auto attack stagger. its really good and will be removed soon....

    The event we had should have been quality assured on a test server to make sure it could not get abused to get rankings in vault. Now alot of guilds got free points that are not beatable in any way by other guilds in this season.
    I cannot edit post number 1 anymore but quality control is definatly also to add to the list.