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    I don't use proxy, nor bots, but to my eyes, with the stupid idea to increase max level without any proper content just for the pleasure to add more grind and more RNG to the game, and Gameforge not giving a about their players paying custumers,

    bots are the only kind of players they both deserve.

    Well, I don't share at all your opinion.

    In my eyes, the only events that were not complete trash were the 2 gardians one and the compension for the rollback on patch 80.

    We're crying for ways to level up without having to farm basilics for years, but this doen't seems to interest Gameforge at all.

    I'm so disapointed by the so called "Anniversay events", I would have trade all of them for 1 hour of gardian event if I could.

    I don't know why you think pve people like me would be interested in this temporary event be it VM3 patch or VM1 doesn't change anything. I enjoyed MCHM when it was it's time, don't really want my awakened warrior to regress that much in gameplay and go back to shared edge. Maybe ppl that didn't have the chance to try manaya because they started Tera after it was removed will enjoy, hope they'll have fun there.

    I guess I'm going to afk fishing until patch 80, as we don't have already enough players to run dungeons in our dying servers, don't think it will be better if you split the small community of Tera EU between 2 different clients, meh.

    This new forum is awful, it really makes my eyes bleed.

    Can't you just use a black font with white text? Just take a look at Enmasse one, it's not flashy, it's not a melting pot of colors vomiting all over my screen, but at least it's readable.

    We all agree that VM1 patch was our best moments in Tera, but, as it was said, it was good because it was new and populated.

    As much as I hate to grind so much for Bis gear with etchings on every part, trying to loot a mask that never drops, there have been improvements in gameplay, and I don't want to go back to warriors sharing edge. I don't even understand archers or zerks that would like to go back to 2 skills classes.

    The only interest of a classical tera would be, in my opinion for pvpers, but come on, you really want to invest time for geting pvp gear for a temporary event ?

    meh, this event has 0 interest for me, I don't give a about bringing back a geared alt, that anyway I won't be able to level until lvl 70 knowing the cancer grind it will be, all my alts are already in stormcry or full HO.

    BTW your new forum makes my eyes bleed ;(


    I'm surprised noone told you about Underground BG, as this is by far the most efficient way to get gear XP, nothing compares to 2000 XP for a 7 min BG. You don't even need to win to have the daily done, just to contribute enough to have 400 pts to complete the quest.

    Sad thing is it's only available on saturday and sunday fom 20h to 22h, and you can only do 1 daily per caracter.

    When I first heard about gear revamp and gear XP, I thought every gear would have 100% enchant chance once at max XP, and this would have been a better system than old +15.
    But now having 20% chance at max XP is just retarded. When they implemented HO, it would have been better to remove gardian set and apply same chance to HO than it was for stormcry while increasing stormcry and every gear below, but BHS didn't find end game grindy enough I guess.

    Now I don't seem to find any sane personn that prefer new gear's insane amount of mats to good old +15. I don't know how BHS could imagine TERA, in it's actual state, could be appealing to any new player, and worse, this cancer gear may push unlucky people, that spent 8 million gold just for failling, away from this grindfest that they still call a game.

    IMO, there are solutions to this cancer :

    BHS can increase chance to upgrade on evey gear past twisthard, increase drops in dungeons (no, 2 weights per run when you need 21 just for 1 try is not a good drop rate) or reduce the amount of mats per try.

    Gameforge has demonstrate lastly that their servers can hold double loot events, they can also, as EME did not long ago organise double chance events for enchanting.

    And lately, us, as a community, except obviously working harder as some suggested (lmfao), could just play as if HO+0 was BIS and wait 3 patches to enchant to +2 when bows and weights will rain in dungeons, or play the P2W card and give Gameforge our hard earned money for doing nothing for us. Choose your poison.

    I agree that with HO upgradable until +2 and new jewelry, we need more silver talents.

    IMO, the best solution would be to simply add a silver talents box in elleon marks of valor.
    PVE players gain them by doing dungeons and PVP players by wining jackpot matches in BG, every one would be happy and no need of eternal war against both types of players.

    From a PVE point of view, this patch is not really better.
    Last patch, when they implemented new jewelry and the components to upgtrade them, mats were droping in 4 dungeons, it was nice for PVErs who could run 4 different hm dungeons to upgrade their jewelry.
    But, with new patch it only drops in 2 dungeons : GOLnm and hm, and DRC hm. Since those dungeons also drop Veiltroch, this makes every other dungeon just completly useless for the whole patch, not really any point keeping them ingame now.

    retiens toi un peu plus dans tes propos stp, franchement si tu veux qu'on joue à déblatérer des préjugés sur les serveurs, je peux jouer aussi.
    Alors Nidalee, Eliannah est le parfait exemple des joueurs Français qui sont partis sur Killian. Il semble y avoir un pack "killian Masterace" dans lequel, quand tu transfert vers killian tu obtiens du skill, un égo surdimensionné (je me demande encore comment ils font pour pas s’étouffer avec d'ailleurs), et un profond dégout de ton serveur d'origine.

    Après du point de vu Seren, les gens qui transfert sont soit blacklist par la moitié du serveur, soit ils ont été bannis pour avoir cheaté (comme 2 semaines de bann pour avoir eu la broche vergos en cheatant et ils sont content de passer incognito sur un serveur étanger), soit ils ont arnaqué des gens et sont grillés par tout le serveur. Il doit y avoir une faible proportion qui transfert juste pour avoir + d'activité PVE et une autre qui est fan de pvp.

    Quant au niveau du skill des joueurs de Seren, il y a quand même 3 joueurs qui sont MVP Venteguerre, 3c3 et corsaire tous serveurs confondu dans leurs classes respectives sur Seren, à savoir Artilleuses, pourfendeur et sorcier. Alors vous devez pas être si skilled que ça sur Killian pour ne même pas avoir le niveau de joueurs d'un pauvre serveur PVE Français.

    De mon point de vu, c'est pas en venant cracher sur le serveur Français depuis votre piédestal que vous allez me donner l'envie de vous rejoindre, mais chacun son opinion.


    As I was main reaper during Desolarus and Timescape, I was awaiting reaper's awakening since a long time, but I'm also really desapointed.
    I'm playing on reaper since last patch and I don't like new skills at all, It feels so slow and clunky ;(
    I'm aware that my rotation is far from perfect with new skills, Ult is meh, red sundering is slow, shadow burst is slow.
    Guess we have to wait for talents in order for reaper to have a smooth rotation and be a decent PVE class. Maybe at least I'll have fun with retribution at pvp guild BAM, oh wait, it seems to not exist anymore.
    I'm gonna keep playing my warrior as its awakening was god tier compared with this trash.

    for PVE ATM, I feel like every valkyrie, I wish reaper wasn't awakened at all and just kept pve buff like before awakening 2.
    Good thing that we have new dungeons with this patch, everything else this patch bring is just worse than before ;(

    I agree jackpot event rather tends towards p2w and whales, but for once champion challenge had decent rewards.
    Though It would be nice to publish the chance for each item, I did many aanm yesterday and I always had 10 emeralds, I don't complain It's already a good reward, but in my guild, I think that between all our guildies only one had a costume.
    Thank you also for gardian event, I love this one :) .

    If you need gear XP, tag underground BG saturday and Sunday, It gives 1600 XP for 10 min and you don't even need to win, just not to be afk.

    I don't know what bugs you so much that people might have different opinions, skill level than yours. There are different kind of people who play Tera, some don't even use scripts and proxi you know ? Some people like me don't even have the chance of being unemployed and abble to farm 12h/day.
    I farmed gardians between noon and 13h and all my boxes (that I planned to collect later this week) have been gone with today's afternoon surprise maint while I was at work.

    Patch is old, we're doing the same DJ for months now. REnm is utterly useless due to lack of rewards and not fun cause of so many bugs.
    I don't have a roster to run REem since 3 tanks out of 4 have left our guild this month, but I doubt that people that run REem are really affected if less geared ou skilled player can farm a little more in gardians so I'd like too if we can have gardian event this week-end.

    I'm gonna copy-paste a post addressed to a former trial moderator as it seems to apply to you also :
    I understand you want your free tera club or whatever comes with moderator job, but you don't have to be blind, narrow minded nor act as a potential dictator. You can have your opinion, np, but don't take it as fact pls. Moderator, from my point of view is also listening to people, not spit your superiority complex in the face of ppl, thx.


    honnestly,I prefer doing 1 daily for 1600 XP instead of 13 for 120 XP each, and even if you tryed, you can't make 13 matchs of 10 min in 2 hours but wtv.
    I don't see why it is a bad change, especialy if you do it on many caracters. It's more XP than gardians x 40 (1200 XP) and more than AAHM (1375).
    Even, for casual or new players it's a really good change, you only have to be online saturday and sunday evening between 20h and 22h for 10 minutes.