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    I've actually given up with the game. I reckoned that having gone through the pain again it'll probably be ready to update and verify again.

    I dunno what interface client you use but I do that with mine , as you show, wait for the icon to go, fire up again and it still wants to repair. There are no other options. It just opens exactly where it left off when verifying. I just tried several times. And no matter if you close it the process doesn't stop cus I have an ethernet hub under the desk with flashing green lights. And even when I close the client they just keep going. If you check the system resources the GameForge client is still running. Only way to stop it is ......

    We are going round in circles. Forget it. I've given up playing. I'm in Shadowlands now so matters not. I have kinda run this game dry anyway. Just got real bored.

    When I open the luancher it only has the option to verify/repair and no play option. Doesn't matter if I close the interface and come back in. It only has the option to repair. Then once I click repair I cannot stop the process. Even with the launcher closed the verify process carries on. The port hub lights keep flashing, the process is still running in system resources and when I close the computer Windows has to force shut the process.

    I was one of those people that had to remove the game fully when they updated the 64 Bit nonsense after I got stuck endlessly on the loading screen, and then reinstall. It didn't happen before this happened. The verify cycles through every file in the folder and seems to be endlessly downloading stuff. It can be stuck on a single percent of the process for like thirty minutes at times. Its busted or a sick joke by the developer.

    And it takes a whole day each and every time. 25 plus hours. This time I've given up. Pointless waste of my time. BASICALLY cus its gonna be the same again the next time they update or have a heavy maintenance. Life is way too short. I have said it before and I will say it again, this game just doesn't work for me anymore. Its old news. Has to be. I can't be doing this all the time.

    PS They were bragging about how they had improved the interface. What kind of sick joke is that. Haven't got a clue. Never have.

    Its never worked for me. I have an ethernet hub on the floor under the desk and when the repair is running the lights never stop on the port switch. Even when you close the client the process continues. Checking system resources even after closing the client the service is still running. Only way to stop it is to switch off the computer. Then when I fire up the client again the process just starts all over. it never stops. Its been like this since they introduced the 64BiT update and I had to reinstall the game.

    I'm actually sick of it and this time I have given up for good. I just have to accept that the game does not work for me. And after 8 years its time to finally junk the thing. I am playing Warcraft again now anyway so I just don't have the time for this game. It really is heavy maintenance.

    Never mind. I've been trying to leave the game for months now and so it kinda makes sense to give up now. Thanks all the same.

    Another month and yet another 25hours and 44 minutes wait while this game verifies each and every file. It really is the most bonkers moronic stupid game process that I have ever encountered. EACH AND EVERY MONTH. One complete day to verify a game.

    These days when I am asked if the game is worth playing I just have to point out the dreadful problems the game has with its crap launcher. It really is junk.

    Like I'm gonna wait a day to play a game. USELESS.

    The very top left corner of the fashion coupon is green. So that is a green fashion coupon. Ignore the actual colour of the coupon. Evidently there was some problem with the blue coupons and this is how they got round it. Bit silly but just change the blue ones to green. In addition to the top left corner being green the writing is also coloured green and not blue as with the other coupons.

    Hope that helps.

    The problem is that whenever there is any change made to the game no matter how minor the quite stupid launcher decides to check absolutely every file for the game on your computer. So say they repair a single broken aspect of the game they still insist on checking all 12000 files of size 67GB across the internet. In your case that divided by an average download rate of say 850 gives 133 minutes. But when the checker hits a section of busted or modified files the launcher crawls to the download rate particular to where you are and the line quality. I live in the forest so I'm stuffed really and so in addition to the 1.5 hours its taking anything up to another 12 hours for me to clear all files.

    A more sensible way is the way adopted by clever developers like Blizzard. They retrieve a manifest of your content and only download the very minimum that has changed. So today for instance one day after the release of Shadowlands the game was patched and I got one chunk of 74MB. It took less than five minutes.They even retrieve lost disk space. But no way do they ever check every single file in the directory. That is just bonkers. But these developers don't care much it seems about launchers. They have plagued this game from launch. And it don't ever like get any better. They must be losing so many players that just give up with this nonsense.

    You don't update or rename the game folder, do you?

    Try to get qualified help by contacting the Support Team. A helpful guide on how to do that is here.

    I do nothing. I log in and the process starts. Its been running all day and its three in the morning. It has so far done 36% and reckons it has another 14 hours to go. Every time the game patches or goes thro a heavy maintenance the game wants to repair and it does this. It takes a whole day. Sadly if I leave it running and try to do other things it keeps stalling and interupting what I am doing. I just can't do anything about it. Why it needs to check every single file I will never no. I am currently subscribed to WOW with the new expansion and just went thro the prepatch update. I never had this problem. It just updated WoW again this week with 3.6GB and I could play all the time. Its only started after the 64Bit update and where I was forced to delete the game and reinstall. Since then its been a nightmare. I go long periods not playing now cus I can't face this update problem. I'm sure others just give up and go play something else.

    OK so I log in today after a week or so and am faced again with a wait period of 23 hours for verification. THATS 23 HOURS..... Seriously are you mad. You have made this game unplayable for me. The developers have got a screw loose or something. NO OTHER game is like this. I just can't spare the time. And this time is enough. Since the 64BiT patch the game has become a nightmare for me. I spend more time waiting for the game to check and install than actually playing.

    Game gone mad. BYE.

    Sadly the process checks every single file. Each and every time the game updates. For me that is taking a day. Sometimes two days. It only started doing this since the 64BiT update. What I struggle with is why the system cannot do what I can do in any folder on my computer and that is quickly index files as 'date modified' and cross check against size and then discount everything else.

    If you watch the process it slowly goes through every single file. It speeds up when it knows it does not have to download something and then slows down when it hits files it needs to alter. The game does not patch just those files it needs to update but insists on checking every single file on the system EVERY FILE. Why ? Like this happens nearly every week it seems. I have struggled with this a dozen times since the patch update. It just puts me off playing the game. No other game does this. No other game is so slow updating. It really is a pain for me.

    Also... if you cancel the process by closing the Gameforge interface the process is not halted. It carries on even though you closed the game and software. So I have to reboot my computer to get the system resources back. The whole process is a struggle and it could be a lot lot easier. At the moment it takes me three or four days to update cus I just can't deal with the game client hogging my system resources. I just don't have the time.

    Why doesn't the system just update files that have changed instead of verifying the whoke game each time you do maintenance. It is currently taking me 'literally' all day to check verify the game. Its crazy bonkers. I had to switch it off last night before going to bed and this morning it started over checking ALL the files again. It was on 75% last night after a day and now I am back to 22%. It stops me from ever logging on. I just don't have the time.

    Sadly I can't play the game anymore post the update to 64BiT. I am only here cus I was checking my installation with a hope of logging in. Sadly thats also very difficult now with a slow internet cus its taking the best part of a day to verify... the installation. Been on all day and it still reckons it needs 6 hours to complete the process. Just makes it even more impossible to play. The verifying of all the files after each maintenance only started after I had to reinstall the game with the frozen login screen. Bottom line is I haven't played since the update and have no plans to do so. I just can't spare the time.

    One other gripe is that if you decide to close the client to give up with the verifying process the game still carries on verifying. Only way to kill it completely is to restart the computer. Why it needs to do this all the time is so annoying. Puts me off ever clicking that Tera button. Currently 75% with an estimated 6 hours and eight minutes to go. Been going all day.

    Funny that I logged into Warcraft yesterday and was able to play the prepatch for the next expansion after only a few minutes of downloading the latest content. It lets you play before the full installation and then downloads as you play. The speed of download is very fast for me. Dunno why it is so poor with this game... for me. It never use to be like this.... Gotta go to bed. So maybe in another lifetime. No point updating cus it'll only be the same next time I log in.

    The combat system is so brilliant in the game you can stand all day in Highwatch and spam General for fun things to talk about. Its no good having skills if there is no real open world content to use them with. The game did have structured content, way up to 65 and then sadly it drops off a cliff. Exodor is really poor and then you drudge to 70 and play dungeons which basically means standing in one spot clicking the same old rotations to mobs with massive health pools. Hardly challenging.

    Time was there was good things to do as you levelled. Now there is very little to do on reaching cap other than dungeons. I'd love to log in and find something really fun to do, that I haven't done a gzillion times. Maybe then I'd upgrade and subscribe. What the game needed was a 'PROPER' expansion from 65 to 70 that had a start and an ending that was ever more added to. Sadly what we got was a real mess and bonkers changes to skills that rendered most of what we had before useless. The game needs a revamp from the ground up to make the game fun and interesting again. And I would love to start over... but not with the pointless world that Tera has become. Its not challenging in any way. So sorry it may have a good combat system but nothing to use it with.

    Rewards can appear in your inventory greyed out until you are eligable to use them. Problem is you can delete them by mistake. I never found the stuff very useful anyway. On one of my 70s I have over one and a half lines of inventory slots filled with unopened boxes. Just that it takes such a short time to level what's the point of having stuff for 15 levels below where you are. Its not like I needed any of it.

    You can buy the Exodor Scout gear from the Vanguard Rep broker. So thats another box you dont need to get. Just that that is probably the only box worth getting, though its a quest reward I guess rather than levelling. Same thing though. Just in case you ever miss the thing at the Banquet. Just that by 67 you have no doubt upgraded ll you gear to max anyway so hardly important having lower level crystals that you can't use anyway.

    Just as an aside I much preffered the days when I collected fragments etc to upgrade weapons as I levelled. It just felt a lot more rewarding than being gifted boxes, weapons and other such stuff just for doing a quest that levelled you up.

    PS Those boxes by the way are often rewards for completing story quests and remain greyed out as I said before until you can use them. Maybe you haven't completed the quests to get the boxes. Check out the guide cus it tells you how you get each box. Just go back and do the quests and you should get them.

    Without the extra RAM the computer is using virtual and its clobbering the hard drive. The amount of data swapping is immense. The problem is other players data. I use to have the same problem when I played World of Warcraft on an old XP machine. It just crawled to a standstill when I entered a busy area and then I fell thro the floor. My guess is that this is a file indexing problem and under the screen what you can't see is the green ribbon of death. It is just cycling trying to make sense of the gzillion files now needed set against your limited memory capacity to deal with it and locks up. Faster hard drive transfer on a drive with a lot more spare capacity may help. It certainly helped me whan I first started playing this game.

    Like I say, the bigger problem once you get it working is enjoying the game. This last week, as I have spent my last hours levelling on my own to avoid drop out from other players, the chat has been filled with almost everyone complaining about lag. The game currently is in serious trouble. And its not even busy. Imagine what it would be like if it were really active.

    Good luck.

    I eventually uninstalled the game and also Gameforge client and also moved the empty folder to another drive partition. I cleaned out the Screenshots and installed on a clean drive but on main hard drive for the computer on another partition and not an external USB or other drive.

    The game worked but cus I only have 8GB of memory is unusable whenever I come into contact with other players. I had to go to Velika today and I couldn't even get across the main courtyard. It's like slow motion stop start. So I have to play on my own and log out in Tria where there isn't anyone.

    The loading screen is just bonkers... It goes from black screens to blue screens to faded out screens and then loud sudden noises. When my characters appear they are not moving they simply glide along the surface. Just that both the hard drive speed and lack of memory is stalling the game. So if any of that snags its going to fail. When I log out the hard drive and GPU fans are in melt down and takes forever to log out of the Gameforge client. Never like ever close the Gameforge client before you have the play the game option flagged instead of still in game. However tempting it may be.

    The biggest problem I have that now pretty well is a killer for the game is the time it takes to update or repair. I had to wait 18 hours the first week and best part of half a day for the second.

    I finally managed to get to Exodor and will get to 70 on my last mystic tommorow and I don't have any other chars to level that I can do without super drag and slow animations so I'm about done I think. I can't play with anyone else cus its like wading thro treacle.

    It's a game that needs the 16GB RAM and a good hard drive/ or drive speed transfer rate. The load rates that slow you down are always the loading in and loading out of other players in your zone. So if you can cope with Highwatch without lag slow downs your probably good to go. I can't even open my inventory in Highwatch ... so funny. The game works for most on 64BiT but for some of us it's not doable any more. I guess they know that so I don't see Gameforge being able to do anything about it.

    Sadly since the upgrade to 64Bit I can't play in any area where there are other players. My computer just grinds to a standstill. The other day I was attacking several mobs and died cus I stuttered and stalled so much when another player rode by that the mobs killed me. When I go to Highwatch I am stuck not being able to access my inventory, all other players are grey. I stagger to outside the area to try and get to my inventory so I can open a scroll and cus the game tries to upload the next zone whilst removing player content the floor opens and I drop through it. I have only 8GB memory and can't play the game.

    What I can do is play on my own and kill 100 of this and that. Trouble is I had completed all the story quests ages ago and they gave hardly any XP rewards. Things changed a few months back but those quests are no longer available to me. Trouble is they have now removed all the daily quests at 67 other than the killing 100 of the various mobs.

    I just killed 100 Mournewing mobs and turned the Vanguard quest in. I was on 86.19% complete of Level 67 and after half an hour of killing 100 mobs I am now 86.84%. Thats about half a percent. I get three quests like that to do and so its gonna take me weeks and weeks to get to 68 so I can get to Exodor. All I ask is up the reward and or put the old daily quests back. I seriously have no idea why they removed them.

    I can't cash anything in to reward me greater XP and my computer is stuffed playing the 64BiT. Kinda feel a bit abandoned by the game I seriously did love. Its a pain now on all counts. Wish it were different. I keep trying to give up but have another go. I just need to get to 68.

    I don't mind the grind. Last year before they increased the story quest rewards it took me from April to Sept to get to 70 doing daily quests only. The Story quests paid pittiful reward. I do have five level 70s so not a big deal, I also have 3 other level 68s. I just would love to get this last one to 70. I'll have to give up then I think till I can get another machine with Tera installed. The other 68s, two gunners and sorcerer are unplayable cus the animations cause me to stutter too much. Not so bad with a Mystic...not so many explosive animations.

    No worries, I should be done by Christmas. Fingers crossed.


    I am in the unfortunate situation of having an old character that completed the post APEX quests in the dark dull distant past when there was very little reward. Today you get like a whole level reward at 65 for completing just one of these quests. Since they removed all daily quests and only give the kill 100 of various mobs in three regions I am stuck at 67 with only 2% possible increase on my XP bar from doing these quests. Other than dungeons there is nothing else to do. At the moment a Level 69 gets a whacking 10% XP reward from doing a single one of these quests in EXODOR. Surely its not a big deal to give Level 67 players the same amount of XP or even half a bar for completing killing 100 mobs. The XP bar hardly even moves when you hand in the quest. It is so unrewarding. At this pace of things it will take me over 15 days to get to 68 so I can do Exodor. And I'm like on 80% complete at 67. Its so painfully slow. The Caiman guys hardly pop and then rarely throw up a portal. Its kinda soul destroying. Feel like I got left behind and trapped.

    Also can you publish a useful crib sheet on what the League of Levellers is. I have literally no idea what this is and cannot find anything on the website.

    I still have my original Tera CD that I bought. I played the game from launch and have seen absolutely zero changes in the basic game format. All the mobs are pretty much cut and paste from everything that was around in those first days. Even the landscape etc is cut and paste. Yet in truth the content has gotten less. Then we had massive groups fighting BAMs and the open world instanced areas were way more populated. Zones were filled to the brim and spanned numerous servers.

    Fast forward to today and its still the same game. The same Velika and same dungeons for the most part as you level and it was all available to me up until a few weeks ago.

    Sadly like you I can no longer play the game. I didn't ask to leave I was junked by the developers. If I could have seen real change in the game I could have appreciated it. But my characters are the same characters as they were a few weeks ago except I can no longer play the game. In 2018 when the servers merged I was forced to delete around eight characters. These were characters that I had bought loads of stuff for with real money. All gone as I was told I couldn't keep them. I had kinda told myself then that I should quit this game. I have to say I hadn't thought the game would now make unusable all my other eight characters with all their hard won and purchased stuff.

    The game hasn't moved on but it is clear it doesn't want our custom. So sad as it may be we have to find other homes. I've already abandoned the game. I'll try and keep it up to date. Took me from yesterday to today at three oclock this afternoon to update the game. Sadly I need another 8GB memory and a better graphics card by the looks of it. Never mind.

    Good luck in your new game and hopefully the creators make a better fist of trying to hang onto their players and actually communicate.

    PS I still have 100 camp fires in my inventory. Man I did use to love this game.

    This thing just gets worse and worse. I log in after less than a couple of weeks to make sure the game is up to date and now it is repairing itself again and it looks to me like its completely reinstalling the game. Its been going for ages and its still 4% with 24 hours to go. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. This game seriously is history. I can't even leave the game for a week before it gets crippled again... AND I WASN'T EVEN PLAYING.

    My bad for trying to log on. Like I'm gonna wait a day for an update every time this game sneezes. What is wrong with you people.

    Way to go with the forum icon by the way. Had no idea who MA was for a moment there. Didn't help.

    PS Half an hour in and just 6% and an estimated 22 hours and 43 minutes. So funny.

    EDIT: I decided to leave it running this morning and it seriously appears to be either checking every individual file or updating every single file. Sorry but not every body has fibre high fast internet and super powered computers. No idea what they expect these days. They are just alienating a whole load of ordinary players that just enjoyed this game but are being dumped cus of incredibly bad games design. The game isn't any different to what it was. There isn't anything new about this thing. Only thing that has changed is that I have to now keep going through this nightmare just to play. Please will you tell these developers to stop it already. Never mind.

    OK Been running for hours and just 18% and still 18 hours to go. You call that progress. I call it bonkers. They haven't got a clue. Hardly encourages me to play this game. Like ever. And there is no guarantee it will be working when its done anyway.

    Let's not forget that this is a free to play game for the most part. The problem of games that are developed by one company and published by another is that as long as the game developer makes a game that enables shop sales and ingame transactions that make money they are hardly going to trouble themselves over a small percentage of the player base. This isn't Eve Online where the game developer has an active interest in their community or say World of Wracraft where development and subs go hand in hand.

    The game first feeds publishers and not any community. The publisher has no say or control over the game other than maintaining their cash flow from the product. There will have been a monitoring of losses since the patch was launched and so as long as this fits within their business plan then they will just ignore the moans of players having problems, knowing eventually they will go away. Technical support for this game is limited cus they have very little control over anything from a publishing point of view. Best they can do is report the problem. BUT the developer is hardly going make an exception for a few hundred players having probs around the world.

    Gameforge are also eyeing the NA market now so will probably be able supplement any losses.

    There will be no magical resolution of this problem. Users will have to work out how to sort it out for themselves if they want to play. Anyone with a problem will have to rely on friendly players to help them sort it out. Two things should have been clearly stated before this patch was launched and that was players with older installations on the lower end of spec should have been told to reinstall the game fresh from the getgo. Also that the game really needs 16GB of memory to work at all.

    One last thing worth noting and that is Blizzard carry out a full system check on your computer before you even can install any patch or expansion and advise of any issues. I know this cus my graphics card just about meets their requirments and they advise me of such. Instead of posting a DXDiag to a group of technical folk that have no control over the development of the game, why didn't the developer themself write a short program that checked the end users system before the game was updated. The process was running as REPAIR and VERIFYING.... it did neither. It just updated selected files. That is an UPDATE.

    I really must go now. I have stopped playing the game. I can't anyway and in truth it feels like a blessing to be honest. They were probably doing me a favour. Everything happen for a reason.