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    Let's take a specific person in example, Aimbot, infinite usage of Hotcider for instance, would you find that tolerable?

    I mean I don't talk about mod, skill prediction, etc. even "no animation" is mostly tolerated, even though it nearly double dps and is totally cheating, most elitist will tolerate it cuz it benefit them, but it is still game breaking and should get banned instant.

    Of course it is not tolerable. Never said cheating is tolerable. Any kind of cheating is not tolerable.

    At the same time and this is what I've been trying to tell you, you explained it yourself why revealing the identity of the cheater in the forums is just gonna get you in trouble with the mods:

    This game lost already its race against the cheaters, it's full of them since god-only-knows-when. Even if some lovely CoMas come and tell you they take your issue seriously, it's more like to spit you in the face. The cheaters that ruin your experience of the once-so-great game TERA probably won't ever get banned, support will ask for more proof, since it's not enough. This game and the community as a whole are too far gone off the deep end and are beyond saving - that's what I think at least.

    Don't get me wrong: I sort of admire that you went that one step and went to the forums regarding this issue. I just consider the situation as a whole regarding banning cheaters beyond ridiculous because there are still so many running rampant - even ones of the worst kind. I'm not mad at all that you try to report cheaters (which is what you claimed earlier), I think it's just plain useless as nothing happened to many of those cheaters despite all those reports. It just shows GF don't care that much about them.

    Hopefully not that there are less people that care. There is no argument you could make that would excuse cheating.

    That's an understatement. I do not only believe that there are "less people that care", I think that the majority of the players left (which are probably about 80-100 or so), are completely fine with it in one way or the other.

    Which doesn't make it any better, but fighting against it is like counting the stars in the night sky - it's useless and a moot point.

    Intelligent ?

    Enmasse was shittier than Gameforge .. This doesnt makes Gameforge good ... Just not as shitty then Enmasse.

    Gameforge is only interrestet in Money.. Dont get me wrong .. every company is.

    But Greedy with a shitty game, only financed with addicted players/players who cant let go/whales is on a whole new level.

    Since when was Enmasse shittier than GF? What happened to the guys praising the "Blessed TERA of Enmasse", the "Tera of Glory" and I-don't-even-care-what-was-it-called and switching TERA versions like madmen?

    I'm not saying you're wrong at all, I don't even play anymore regularily (because of that and a bunch of other reasons).

    From a money-making perspective I think it's probably still better to keep it around because of addicts and costume lovers which never learn at all, spending money for a game beyond saving. This is what we, as a community, got after all through our behavior, and we heavily deserve this outcome.

    This game is beyond saving anyway.

    Too much damage has already been done (not just now, but over the course of years, half a decade actually) which can barely be undone anymore and the community is pretty much rotten to the core.

    Not to mention you're pretty much of a hopeless case if you think anything changes this time.

    never cared about those games,i suppose you bring it to me because they're still alive desipte the fact that they're very grindy for a long time right?

    about the "shutdown of tera" it was just a prediction(opinion) of mine,i cannot know the future

    Basically so. I think tbh TERA will be existing for quite a while since maintaining the servers ain't an issue and GF can still strip whales of their hard-earned money with cheap shop updates and such.

    What I wanted to say is: GF doesn't shutdown their games until they squeeze the very definitely absolutely last drop of life out of it in terms of money.

    I seriously expect Tera to be shutdown in 2021 or early 2022,its clear that the devs choose to stay in their buddle and only add shits,since tons of years i saw nothing added but grind grind grind

    Which is sad considering that game had the potential to be the best mmo in the world because of that combat system alone

    You're well aware that even Metin2 and RoM exist until now, right?