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    To be honest this makes you wonder why nobody but GameForge is left as a sole publisher of TERA and Krafton is taking back everything else; including KR and Console for NA and EU.

    Milking latest population who are really addicted to game maybe.Instead of sending our feedbacks and pushing them.In many games,one of them can be good publisher or developers.But in Tera,both of them are worst.

    They made elyon,released in korea 1 month ago.The graphics are more worst than tera and the gameplay.Dunnow what they are thinking.They could make Tera Unchained or something with our feedbacks.But they choose to make another mmo LOL.Still tera is better than it,doenst matter if its new game or not.Graphic wise,combat wise much better.

    Lol so,there is no point.Nothing will change.Same company just publish the korean version in korea.How things can change?Anyway,pointless to ask,demand anything from them until they change their clueless brain.

    After unlimited suggestion/comments GF is ignoring.Seriously you guys have serious problems.Players are demanding good improvements,and u guys always rejecting.Now people are asking for Classic permanent vm1 server and still no answer.

    We cant see "feedback forwarded" message anymore,or whats the answer of the holy feedbacks .Lol,this is how u rejecting ur playerbase.Im done anyway.This is the last time for checking this forums.Useless publisher since 2015...See you guys,hope u can find other game which is not published by gameforge.Cya

    Until New World game i will keep playing fps games.At least there is no p2w and having fun with friends.

    And yeah,if they keep working with ex bdo developers,they will not find any player to play.Also i agree with u about play style.Tera combat system is still unique.Cant compare with any other games.Elyon skills are absolutely bdo style.And i dont like bdo.Another trash mmo.

    Ah btw,elyon is coming.Another krafton game.They saying "it will be moslty pvp game" blabla.Believe me,if u can play first 2 years,it will be ok for pvp and after that they will do what they did to tera.And elyon is mix of BDO-TERA tbh.Graphical and skill wise BDO,UI wise TERA.So probably ex BDO developers also working for that game too.

    You are wrong.They made temporary classic server (which is not real classic cause there was vm3) and the server was more crowded than the total of rest.Even in facebook page,it gets 1000+ likes,other update posts and event posts getting less than 10 likes.

    So most of the peopel have hopes and people are saying "one day they gonna make classic permanent server" thats why people who are not playing this game,following forums.

    "Its not 2012 anymore. MMO rpg is not as popular as it was then, neither PVP."

    Yes,and the reason is greedy,selfish,money milker publishers and developers.They ruined the game with their hands.They turning the game like trash bin.

    Fps is more popular because there is full time action and "skills are talking there".In Tera and other MMORPG's "expect warcraft" its all about following same rotations,same mechanics,spaming buttons.And getting less rewards because publisher wants you to go cash shop and buy what u need in a short time.

    Basically the mmo games turned P2W,P2P.Skins are more than enough,people are buying them.They can work on it but yeah "they want more income,more money sink".

    Thats why mmorpg's not popular anymore.

    With a good advertisement (gameforge doesnt invest money for it just rofl doesnt matter what year we are in) classic server could explode with returners and newcomers.

    Tera Unchained - Classic ,that could be great thing they can do.

    People who dont have a clue about mmorpg pvp side,check the most watched mmorpg's and check which players are getting more viewers in twitch when they are doing pve and pvp.Pvp is the main thing for MMORPG's.Thats why people cant find a good mmorpg novadays.Thats why people are waiting for new fresh pvp based mmorpgs.

    Pvp is an end game content for mmorpg,not pve.You can reach the pve goal after some months,but pvp is increasing your skills more than pve.And skills are talking in PVP content.Not same mechanics and memorization.Killing same boss with same mechanics over and over can make you happy for some time,but at the end u will get bored.But in pvp,you are competing with other "real" players.Not NPC's.And memorization doesnt work in pvp.U need to use your max effort for competing with others.

    Current Tera population is mostly pver,farmer,grind lover.Just lol.

    Ah btw,i forget to say,the latest old players are also suffering in CU.You know cheats everywhere.İnvisible people are attacking towers,support doesnt work and saying "we need more proof" even if u send proof video.

    So much fun and the game is alive right?

    EDIT: Also how pathetic was TBA and krafton/gameforge were like "NEW EPİC PVP MODE" blabla.They just removed it after 1 months.Just think about it,developers are making new "%90 copy of current tera with battle royale mode" and believing "it will bring more people and make happy pvp players JUST ROFL.

    Yes "someone" is still playing.Only "some".People were giving warnings to them since 2016,and u are seeing current situation is garbage.Thats why people are saying "servers are dead since 2016." Ah dont forget that they merged all servers and still "SOME" players are playing this game and the game is open after merging all servers in to ONE.

    What is next step Mr jubei ? Merging NA-RU-EU in one server?Then what ? Emtpy servers are emtpy and people are leaving this game everyday.

    After all these "merges" events and free items/consumables,people are still suffering in the game.

    And yes i was seeing old players in game when i was playing,What they were doing is "CU" and daily 1-2 min login.

    Yeah servers are so good right?The game is overcrowded but we can not see it LOL.

    With current mechanics of the game,people will never return.They need to develop what was TERA in 2011.And krafton need to fire current lazy,brai...less DEVELOPERS.They turned this game in to BDO copy.Combat wise,pve wise,grind wise.

    Said many times,the game needs classic version.If krafton wanna get success at this thing,they need to make classic permanent server for every region.After 6-7 months,they can implement some patches but not the current ones.They need to start working on absolutely new patches and hear "what player needs".If they follow same rotation like regular tera,it will be ghost town again.Hopes and fairy tales everywhere.

    Guys, Blue Protocol will come soon, just wait for that epic game to come, and then the only players who will stay in Tera are those meme-cheaters-dupers-exploiters.

    You cant compare BP with TERA.It's gabage game with garbage graphics.Tera is far better than this thing.Absolutely anime and will be "asian based mmorpg" i bet %100.Asian based game = Similar version of tera with bad graphics,full of anime things,grind,p2w.

    There was a server status page.Which was saying complete lie.All servers were "high status" when the servers were ghost town.Also when the servers got crash,it was saying still "high".

    Suggested million times in this forum by people.So u know what i mean.

    never at this rate. I knew the original tera beta team. the new guys really make a mess even with minor changes.

    If i know right,they are BDO developers and they are bringing every sh!t system in bdo to Tera.

    First developers were clever,currents are imb...cile