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    Bueno, aquí hay otro comentario Useless, el servidor se está muriendo, las personas que son nuevas cuando se dan cuenta de que es difícil igualar a los otros jugadores en el equipo, abandonan el juego, en lugar de tanto evento Useless, no sería mejor que eso. ¿Evento que se hizo hace mucho tiempo de escarcha de metal? eso ayudaría a atraer a nuevos y viejos jugadores, si no un poco de futuro, te veo con todos los juegos nuevos que están sacando y que sacarán, si gameforge se dedicara a escuchar a la comunidad ...

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    "Well, here's another Useless comment, the server is dying, people who are new when they realize that it's hard to match the other players on the team, abandon the game, instead of so much useless event, it would not be better what's that? Event that was made a long time ago of metal frost? that would help to attract new and old players, if not a bit of the future, I'll see you with all the new games that they are taking and that they will take out, if gameforge is dedicated to listening to the community ..."

    I have this theory that there are guys sat in rooms at the Tera development factory who are tasked with finding more ways to waste time. No matter how small. Nothing but nothing is simple. Like do you actually need to click two or three guys to accept a daily quest. I mean. come on, like we know already.

    It's very simple really: they don't have the resources to create actual new content so they just make the little they as slow and grindy as possible so to make it last as long as possible.

    What is easier to do? create 99 dungeons or create a single dungeon that you need to run 99 times to get anything worth your time? you get the idea.

    Soooo, was the game fixed? Can I login and buy TC again? :peepoweird:

    Of course it's fixed, everything is well and good now.

    They solved the Adventure Coins issue by adding trade-able Adventure Coins.... in Tera Shop only ^.^ this was the "workaround" Athena mentioned that needed to discuss with BH to be approved.

    Now everything is solved, nothing to see here. Great job by the way Athena .

    Like fixing problems with! regional changes :elin18: still waiting for that.

    ^ I think you nailed it with this one.

    There have been times and times again where the community asked for "regional changes" to fix broken stuff and it would take days if not weeks just to have a response and even slower to get anything done.

    Now they come up with a 1-day fast fix / re-balance on regional content and people call me delusional for being "surprised" by this fast response.


    Just leave this mess and never touch a game from BHS/Gameforge again. They dont deserve any cent for something like this.

    Good thing you can hide from your customers and deceive them even more in times like this.:elin22:

    Too bad it never works.

    Companies that gets way worse reputation usually re-brand themselves or simply re-form as a new company and 99% of the players / customers will never know it's the same people all over again under a different name :D

    I challenge anyone here to name the higher-ups at BH that take the decisions regarding monetization and wherever focus the dev team to fix issues rather than adding useless P2W-friendly content.

    Problem is the kind of people that hold the most power are usually also the ones most hidden behind layers of walls - you got BlueHole studios (front wall) then you get the various Community/Marketing Managers (still front wall) then behind you have the developer team(back wall), and wayyyyyy behind them you get the managers (yet another wall) and wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more behind you get the real people in charge - the investors, the ones that put the money and can order whatever they like to be done - good luck reaching that far back.

    I don't mind if a player is either a pro or a total newbie.

    If it's a pro I get a faster dungeon run (but boring)

    If it's a newbie I get to chuckle when I see him die 100 times :elin21:

    (yes I am a bad person :elin23:)

    It's a win win situation for me

    Worst squads are the "averages" those who aren't either way, those are boringggggggg :elin3:

    Sad to see this game going this direction because they can decide to pull the plug any moment like bless online. You will just lose all your progress and be free of your addiction.

    The main problem with the Bless online wasn't its many....flaws, it's that it wasn't around long enough(and in a decent state) to gather enough addicted dedicated whale money-spending playerbase to keep it running even with a small population.

    I wonder if I am the only one here playing since 2013 with some interruptions there and there and still having the most geared alt/main at SC+0 lv.66 :wacko:

    Only because the game offers you X / Y gear you're not forced to chase after it, there's plenty of content you can play with lower gear ?(