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    To clarify my question more "Where can i find that portal for the dungeon.."I asked in the chat asked some people tried to look through the map my self tried to google it nowhere does it say where the portal is.........

    Why don't you just buy a teleport scroll from the Specialty Store?

    Acarum - Tespest Reach - Westonia - Southern Shara

    What is the required iLvl for DS ? and if it doest have IMS can i just gather a party and go to the dungeon entrance portal or something ?

    Instance Matching is not available for Dreadspire. Moreover, King2 says x-server parties don't enter the same instance even if they try to enter after getting matched to another dungeon.

    Of course you can gather a party on your server and enter via the dungeon entrance - just like everyone else does. However, getting people off LFG who you don't know is risky - you could fail early into the dungeon and just waste your time. And non-stop practising is pointless. That's why it's best if you assemble a static party and do it everyday, so you practise with the same people and actually make progress. After the severe loot nerf going with randoms is a pure waste of time. You can thank @Atmorph for making DS dead content for casual players.

    As for a recommended item level... Better don't go with lower than +7 Stormcry gear. There's almost no loot unless you clear 5th floor. Even there, loot got nearly halved this week, so no point doing it unless you're confident your party is skilled enough.

    Wrong, almost every group would use IMS to be honest lul.

    I don't see what's stopping them from doing that now.

    I was talking about the average player who queues to instances as soon as he meets the ilvl IMS requirement. I personally wouldn't want to waste my time and entry with people I've never played with before.

    haha Had to read my post again to get your joke. Edited it for more clarity.

    There's a dungeon that drops shells but it's not on the list. Obviously, not going to say which one because it's not my job to check event settings and they couldn't be bothered to check that in 2 full working days, not to mention the weeks they had to test before activating the event. It's probably just one dungeon anyway. So, the answer to your question is 'No, there is no other source - you get shells only from the ilvl 439+ dungeons listed*, Ghillieglade as well as Tera Shop.'

    *excluding newbies from the event - "good job", @Atmorph, 10/10 event


    Demon's Wheel hasn't been (re)activated yet, that's why you can't see it. As for Dreadspire - instance matching is not available for it. And, frankly, no-one would use it anyway.

    The dungeon list is wrong, so it's likely you got it from an (or the) unlisted dungeon.

    We already leave our name in posts if we edited anything so that the user knows who it was.

    The user can see the reason for the warning on their profile and also receives a private message explaining that warning.

    You seriously don't understand what she's asking? She's asking for more transparency in what you're doing. Other user don't care who exactly the warning came from but what it was for. Oh, wait, you don't discuss these things with third parties. haha
    I don't suppose you can be bothered to explain why this post of mine for which I received a 30-day ban (lmao) doesn't have even a lame 'warned | name' note?

    This is not correct. Please do not spread any wrong information here.

    What's the correct information then? What exactly are you hiding from the rest of us? Why would he make this up if it wasn't true?

    We do not discuss bans on the forum because this is the wrong place for it. As simple as that. Bans are something between the forum team (= Gameforge) on one side and the respective user on the other side.

    Do you really not see how delusional this is? Keeping everything secret in order to avoid criticism and withholding information that could help other users avoid similar issues is unacceptable! The respective user is part of the community, so it's not between "the team" and the user. If the user wants to share his story with the community he's part of, he doesn't have to go to third-party websites to do. Your censorship is simply astonishing.

    Well, what should I say.. you can never know if you don't try it. And let me tell you a secret: I don't fire people for disagreeing with me, believe it or not. Maybe you want to think about stopping to flame me and my team all the time and come up with constructive suggestions and ideas if you really want to improve something?

    Oh yeah? Then let me tell you a secret: you don't invite people who disagree with you. So don't try to convince me you'd accept someone into the team who'd question your dictator-like behaviour and ask you to do something beneficial for this community for a change. I wouldn't be "flaming" you (You actually see yourself as a victim? lol) if you haven't dismissed EVERYTHING I've suggested, commented or complained about so far. Don't pretend it's not true or you don't know what I'm talking about. Others just won't buy it.
    Sunflare's Forum Feedback (20th Feb 2017)
    NOTHING of what I said here 17 months ago was acted upon. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Only excuses and more excuses.
    - Don't delete user accounts;
    - Don't switch to this ugly platform with no private messages;
    - Make emailing option on by default;
    - Stop deleting BuddyUp codes;
    - Fix the forum favicon - instead of Tera/Gameforge, it's still some random company's logo (wtf);
    - Check post editing time;
    - Stop closing threads without a good reason. To clarify, 'As requested' is absurd and not even in the childish forum rules! 'There is nothing more to be said', 'Because OP got banned' or 'Before this turns into spam' don't even deserve to be commented.
    How's that for constructive suggestions?

    Another example:
    BuddyUp Rewards ExCHANGE Campaign 2017 (31st Dec 2016)
    What have you done about it? Not even 'forwarded'.
    Even worse, you actually tried to sabotage this initiative instead of helping improve things.

    Another example I had even forgotten about:
    Tera download options and character transfer limitations (30th July 2016)
    What have you done about that? Not even 'forwarded'.
    N-o-t-h-i-n-g has changed to improve players' experience with downloading and installing the game. Moreover, peer-to-peer sharing got disabled which made downloading time worse. As for the gold transfer limit, it finally did get increased... 1.5 years later. Not thanks to you though.

    Another example:
    Tera Club still automatically extended (3rd Feb 2016)
    What have you done about it? Not even 'forwarded'.

    Is there a reason for me to go on or you got the point?

    See, you don't even know why Kiritsu is here, and you are making any accusations... please don't comment on team decisions if you have no idea about them.

    Then enlighten us! Why is @Kiritsu here? Why was his account created on 14th Feb and he was appointed moderator on the same day? What exactly is his role on this forum? These are simple, reasonable questions. If you see them as accusations, then you must be feeling guilty of something.

    Instead of making even more wrong accusations you maybe could just believe me when I say I told the mods that I will reply? And maybe that even happened right after the thread only had a few posts?

    Even worse... Although you knew you'd make us wait for over 8 days, you told even @Athena to ignore this thread. And all other moderators, including @Andrea who is on the same level as you and could've replied much sooner, were OK with ignoring us?

    Most of the rules we apply here are common sense. If you have any feedback on our forum rules you are welcome to open a thread and post them.

    And you'll do anything about it? Don't be ridiculous!

    Also Sunflare said he got banned/warned for talking in English in German section. I don't see the problem?

    lol You don't? Problem is rules even say I have to ask a moderator to translate my post for me. How long do you think they'll keep this up if I post 20 times a day? Let's be serious - you find warning and banning me (from the whole forum, mind you!) for wanting to help in a language the majority of users speak is OK? It's not like I post in casual discussions anyway. Sometimes I'm the only one who replies. Yet it's a major issue for them. They'd rush to warn me instead of trying to help themselves. haha I don't even speak those languages, yet I'm trying to help users who often get no (adequate) help. How's that a problem? And why would you even post in a forum that's about a game you don't play? I enjoy reading your posts but defending power abusers who don't have the backbone to stand up for this community is ridiculous. You seem to be confusing the role of a moderator on some, say, technology related forum and moderators on a game forum who are mediators between the game publisher and the community.

    Einfach ein Ticket an den Support schicken.

    Du machst Witze ...

    Wo melde ich mich wenn ich trotz CE nur das weiße Pferd und nicht den Löwen erhalten habe ? Einfach beim support ?

    Ich habe noch nie von diesem Problem gehört. Woher hast du deinen Schlüssel? War es Collector's Edition oder Standard Edition?
    Sagt es in Ihrer Account-Übersicht für Account-Typ, dass es Collector's Edition ist?

    Wenn Collector's, dann frage Support, warum du den Löwen nicht hast. Wenn Sie den falschen Schlüssel verkauft haben, fragen Sie den Verkäufer nach einer Rückerstattung / Ersatz.

    Tut mir leid wegen der lahmen Übersetzung, aber die Moderatoren denken, du bist zu blöd, um es auf Englisch zu verstehen. Siehe die Warnungen, die ich für meine vorherigen Kommentare erhalten habe.

    The edit time limit was reduced some time ago as it was not intended to have it unlimited.

    Here, let me help you provide a meaningful reply to the 2 questions I'm asking. Growing tired of your empty words and excuses.

    1. What was the real purpose of reducing the time limit on editing posts but not on editing conversations?
    I had already said in my opening post that you couldn't convince me that your whole team of 14 people (was even more until recently!) took over 1 year to realise that the new limit your team had set wasn't intended.
    Edit: Just noticed something while replying in another thread - I've told you about this on 20th Feb 2017 and you've even replied you'd check that.

    > Also, posts can be edited without limit.
    Will check that.

    2. Why wasn't the change communicated with the forum users?
    Obviously, you couldn't be bothered to ask for our opinion in advance but you, evidently, didn't care to notify us about this important change either.

    we will think about your suggestion to create a group with an extended edit limit.

    You've had 5 years to think about that and could've done it long, long ago if you wanted to. You're clearly not going to come up with something now all of a sudden, so you can save this 'we will' nonsense for someone who'd believe you'd do anything.

    Now I have another question about club membership ...
    Meanwhile, the support has answered me and I got a code for one! Key and a Lootpet.

    In the club membership, the Lootpet but also for all characters and thus in the account items or not?
    And how many keys of the enchanter are obtained daily?

    They've clearly made a mistake. Just tell them the code gave you just 1 key instead of 20.

    The looting pet is just false advertisement - it's not an account-bound pet unlike the flying mount which can be summoned by all of your accounts. The pet can be used only on one character for the duration of your subscription (1 30-day pet is sent every month). They've done the same with the discounted Starter's Pack - telling customers they get 15 of Tera Club but hiding the fact that there are no keys, nor looting pet for them.

    As for getting keys daily - I'm not sure I understand the question. If you're asking whether you should be getting the remaining 19 keys automatically, then no, you get all 20 at the start of the month and they should've sent you 20. Just hit the complain button and write you got the wrong amount. If you're asking whether there's another way of obtaining keys, then no, there isn't. Not anymore anyway. They severely limited the supply of Strongbox Keys a few months ago to 99% coming from Tera Club monthly perks (can be sold on the trade broker) and the rest - from random loot boxes for winning in Corsairs' Stronghold.

    Verwarnt | Kyreli

    But I can now live with the big chat window, instead of sitting with the magnifier in front of the monitor

    There's a chat settings button at the top left of the chat window. Make sure the chat window is unlocked, then move it up and up until the bottom right corner (it has a white arrow) is free from other UI elements. Now click the white corner and resize the chat window. If you can't resize it to your desired dimensions, there's no reason to 'live with it'. Either google how to do it, or message me for a step-by-step alternative.

    See here for reference on changing your UI font:
    Tera Text Size (10th Jul 2018)

    I have not received a key of enchantment.

    I just consulted guildmates and they confirmed that the 30-day pet book comes via Item Claim with 20 strongbox keys and NPC summoning scrolls. It's been reported many times in recent months that keys and scrolls were missing upon using a CD key - only Club-bar perks worked, so I'm going to once again assume that this is also the case. Which means you need to simply message Support (you have to register there if you haven't done so already) and request your missing items. It's a routine procedure.

    Good luck!

    Club question.
    27th Oct 2017

    Verwarnt | Kyreli


    Sometime between 2 and 3 months ago the time limit for editing our own posts has been changed under the table to just 7 days after we'd had NO TIME LIMIT on editing for the past over 1 year and 3 months. Why the sudden, unannounced and needless change? What are the reasons for it? And please don't feed us 'it was a bug/hindsight on our part' petty excuses because I can't under any circumstances believe that you needed 15 months to notice that the time limit had been changed. I'm even sure you've manually set the new value after the forum downgrade last year, plus you've seen us update our posts repeatedly to keep information up-to-date.

    There has been no known "abuse" of the editing limit, so why would you change something that's worked well for so long? Were you that bored that day? It's not like you care about forum content anyway - you lightheartedly deleted hundreds if not thousands of forum accounts, as well as the beta etc archives. A suicide act in terms of positioning and indexing by search engines. Not to mention the company's intellectual property you've thrown down the shredder and got away with it.

    I believe @Glacial`, as well as other people who actually contribute to this forum instead of abusing moderator rights, won't bother updating any of the info threads we've created because of your short-sighted actions. I personally am not going to bother asking a moderator to edit typos or add new bits of information to my posts every single time I feel like changing something. I've received no help whatsoever from you in creating my Launcher Issues and BuddyUp system threads, to list the most visited two. In fact, Support even declined to help me gather information to make a sequel to my launcher guide, so I never did that. They also never formally approved the first one even though Nyoka asked them to review it. So no, I'm not going to ask you to edit my threads for me. If you're dying to prevent us from editing our own threads, you can be our guests and update them however you like. I'm sure you haven't even read Glacial's Newbie Guide, what remains for contributing to creating it. lmao

    When we created our threads, and any posts in those 15 months for that matter, we did it with the clear mind that we would be able to go back and edit them later on. You didn't even have the decency to stand up and say 'We've decided to once again restrict your use of this forum feature because of this and this, and this.' like normal people. Instead, you chose to do it in secret, without any consultation or feedback request. You demonstrate no respect towards the users of this forum thanks to who you're actually moderators (on paper anyway). How do you expect them to respect you the tiniest bit then? Have you completely forgotten yourselves? I understand the community managers - they are always outsiders, so are some of the admins, and get paid anyway however poorly they perform, that's why they give no shit for the community. But the lower level moderators - you've also kept quiet all that time. Been waiting and hoping for 2 months that you'd say something but nah, you're either too afraid to lose your "no benefits" positions that you'd literally show the middle finger to your former mates. That's really sad for those who know you in-game.

    I already know what you'll say to the following suggestion but I have to ask for the sake of argument, as I don't want readers to focus on the part about how I feel. In case you don't fix the edit time for whatever ridiculous reasons, you can at least create a Contributor role and let those who'd like to do it edit their posts even if it's just in the questions and support sections. It's obvious you don't care to improve anything, so at least let other users do it.


    Hey guys!

    I know how annoying getting random symbols (@"/_%|*) even in private chat channels in TERA can be, especially while having your daily ERP time with your e-girlfriend. Being told how to speak in a video game in 2018 is just a bad, distasteful joke. We're yet to receive an explanation why this filter even exists in the first place. In fact, I think it's always been there. I remember a few years ago it wasn't possible to ask someone 'Where are you from?' How's that for poor quality humour! This insanity has got so far that any Cocktail Dress costume, as well as any Jerkin armour piece etc gets partially censored in chat as a result of having this absurd filter.

    The first unannounced rework of the filter even had SPONGEBOB on it! Since Spongebob is still on the list, as well as other words such as "shit" which are no longer being censored, there must be another, smaller version of the list that is being used but I doubt they'd bother to provide it, seeing how condescending they've been so far. So, going for the next best thing - this list (see attachment). Note that if a word from the list is censored in the chat (most are), then the system won't let you use it as a character name on its own either. For example: "kkk" is censored (don't ask; Gameforge logic!). However, "Get.Rekkkt" can be chosen as a character name. Until someone "gets offended" by it, of course. In a video game. haha

    See here what choosing a clever and funny name could get you 2 years later thanks to the ever-low standards Support and some random person's narrow-mindedness:
    Gameforge: banned temporarily for an ironic name
    So, not only did that player 1) get insulted in-game, then reported probably by the same abuser, not only did he 2) get blocked by Support without warning but he even 3) got silenced on the forum - the only official place where he would expect to be able to communicate, exchange ideas and share experiences with fellow players. Sadly, even here we gotta mind our every word in order not to trigger a moderator or "offend" someone else. You guys find this OK? Because I don't.

    There have been many calls over the past 2 years for the removal of this ridiculously degrading censoring but Gameforge seems to not care enough to even provide any sort of reasoning for having it. Game being PEGI 12 doesn't justify in-game environment to feel like a communist regime. Understandably, forum management doesn't deserve being mentioned here as moderators have been more than unhelpful in conveying players' annoyance with this filter. What's more, they keep censoring posts and warning people. They even permanently banned someone in their continuous effort to drive regular players away from TERA.
    This censor really.... (11th Jun 2018) (31 comments; ignored)
    (see post #13 where the user gets targeted by moderators, arrogantly warned and permanently banned for trying to help, then 2 weeks later gets unbanned and his post completely censored)
    Profanity filter #3 (23rd Jan 2017) (103 comments; ignored)
    Profanity filter #2 (24th Dec 2016) (21 comments; force closed because 'been closed before')
    Profanity filter (29th Nov 2016) (270 comments; force closed for no reason)
    This leads me to the conclusion that it's something they've done for money and are simply ashamed to admit it - to make PR at our expense or to keep up appearances in order to get funding from some governmental/European programme. That would be really sad and disgraceful if true.

    Anyway, at this point we can only hope they'll eventually fire the person responsible for this last-century feature and we'll be able to enjoy expressing ourselves freely. Not that anything's preventing players from continuing to put extra dots/dashes/spaces in the middle of filtered words but that's beside the question. Obviously, creating an on/off switch is beyond Gameforge's knowledge, otherwise we would've got it long ago.

    Have fun!

    Edit | Vayus
    Attachment removed. A list full of insults does not belong into the forum.

    I'm sorry that you had to wait almost a week but I couldn't make it before.

    I haven't read more nonsense in a single post on this forum in a very long time, I'll give you that! Why did you even bother replying when you knew you wouldn't say anything of substance? Any moderator could've written that. Instead, you kept the topic even closed for a week and that's what you came up with? If ONE WEEK wasn't enough for you to answer a simple, yet important question about your role on this forum, then why are you even a moderator, nevermind an admin who isn't even expected to spend much time here anyway since most of the work is done by 2 groups of lower tier moderators?

    We do not discuss bans on the forum. If anyone of you has a question about a ban or wants to complain about it, you can always send a ticket. Also, we do not discuss bans with third parties so I am not going to explain why benox (as his name was mentioned) or any other user was banned from the forum.

    Isn't that convenient - 'we do not discuss bans on the forum'! And why don't you? Because you're afraid of forum users' reaction to your arrogant and disrespectful attitude. Because you can't accept criticism and just disregard feedback with silly excuses. Because you can't be bothered to explain your actions and don't want to be held accountable for them. Because in the end of the day you will continue to do whatever you like without taking any responsibility, as community managers come and go to this forum without giving a damn.

    As for sending a ticket... lmao That's not even funny! Complaints just get some dismissed without the community being made aware of it. That, of course, suits you because you don't have to answer to public scrutiny. I've sent tickets (not just forum reports) about closed threads and bans and - surprise, surprise - nothing happened! In one case the moderator who needlessly closed a player question thread 30 min after it was created (a simple question about guild BAMs) not only refused to reopen it and told me to PM the author but he even had the insolence to delete his reply to me after I invited a community manager into the discussion. He wasn't even asked to explain his actions.

    Something I am often wondering about is why some of you are always complaining about how bad moderation is done here on the forum, but almost nobody of you tries to do it better ([CLOSED] Want to become a Moderator in Tera (EN) - Here's your chance!). This just tells me that we can't be that bad at our work.

    Keep telling yourself that. One day you might even believe it.
    People who want to 'do it better' don't apply simply because they know they won't get selected. Are you seriously suggesting you'd accept someone into the team if you knew they would want to change your careless, power-abusing and harmful style of running the forum? Why would anyone want to join if they'll get kicked the moment they open their mouth in disagreement with you? There's no point being a moderator if nothing will change for the better because you don't care - all the feedback you're given and you still wonder why people aren't applying. Dude, I requested that you fixed (not changed, just fixed) the forum's favicon 1.5 years ago and you still can't be bothered to lift a finger. And you're an administrator... wtf
    How much exactly is @Kiritsu contributing to this forum with his 1 post in 5.5 months which is a 'thread closed' one? Or he's an FR mod, so it doesn't concern you, eh? His very profile was created the day he got invited as a moderator. Or is he another exception like you - too good to not hire? lol

    Of course the Community Managers have the final decision in choosing moderators, however applications are checked by the team (which includes me) and I read every single application over the last 5 years, so mods are also selected by me. Electing moderators is an interesting idea but this is nothing which would work here (but this doesn't mean you can't suggest people to us!).

    haha Of course it wouldn't work because you have no interest in getting people who have an opinion and actually care to improve something. Instead of waiting for applications by people who you know would be submissive and would just be closing threads, you could've invited proactive users to become moderators. That would suggest you cared about this forum which you didn't, otherwise you wouldn't be afraid to do it.
    Community Managers don't care about moderators - they are here one day, the other they are gone, so they let you as the most experienced moderator decide. How it sounds though - "the most experienced" - brings tears to my eyes! lol I see no reason why 'this is nothing which would work here' except your unwillingness to do something useful for this forum for a change.

    We really don't warn a lot here lately.

    What a hypocrite! You don't warn a lot lately, you just selectively ban users outright. Take @Hotasduck as an example who even got permanently banned, or @benox who you actually warned for past posts just so the system would ban him. Or @Freundlich who is perma banned with no explanation (because you 'don't discuss bans', haha). I myself got banned for 1 month recently for "flaming". There wasn't even a 'warning' added to my post, so other users wouldn't know. lmao And you have the nerve to say you don't warn a lot lately? Do you think we're blind or stupid?

    Nobody of the moderators is forced to work here.

    What's keeping you here then? Your love for the game you don't even play? You went as far as lying to us that you were (finally) leaving the forum only to go back on your word and delete your announcement with no explanation a few weeks later. If it's not for the benefits, what is it for then? Evidently, the forum is last on your to-do list, since you couldn't find an hour to reply here in a whole week.

    The moderators were told that I will take care of this thread, therefore no need to blame them for doing their job.

    Riiiiiight! They didn't bother posting a single word in this particular thread for 2 days before you closed it until you "had the time" to reply. Maybe they saw into the future? A funny excuse for ignoring the community whence they came from! And you even commend them for that? Jesus Christ...
    Did you also tell @Athena to keep quiet? Just curious.

    We don't act like robots. We just follow the rules. As one example was mentioned before, support discussions/account issues simply do not belong into the forum. Those threads are closed because there is nothing to discuss here.

    Is that so? Game related issues have no place on the official forum. Is that what you're saying? People must discuss account problems on third-party platforms or just play other games because you can't be bothered to read support discussions and account issues? Are you even remotely for real?

    Not like robots? Like what then? Excusing yourselves with 'just following the rules' is so childish that I'm having doubts about your age. These rules were written by you without consulting the forum users - neither in the past, nor ever. It's been years without changing them. Instead of taking feedback into account and changing them, you 'just follow the rules' because you can't be bothered to use common sense. There would be no power abuse with normal rules though, hence your fierce opposition to changes. Right now you even invent unwritten rules on the go just so you have an excuse to close a thread. Latest example being 'since OP is banned'. Oh, wait, that was before 'before this turns into a spam'. And no-one dares to tell you a thing about that blatant power abuse. You must be enjoying that. No other reason to waste your time with this forum, judging by how busy you are IRL.

    Posting personal opinions is no issue basically but the main problem is that - no matter what you say or how you say it - some people will always take your personal opinion as Gameforge's opinion or just understand it how they want to understand it.

    So better don't post anything, correct? lmao We're not THAT DUMB, dude, to not understand when we're reading a personal opinion and when an official statement! This is like listening to an FR/DE moderator who tells me to not post in English, although I don't speak FR/DE but still want to help, implying other language section users are too stupid to understand English or how to use Google Translate.

    Moler : I don't think I need to answer that question...

    Oh, yes, you need to answer that question! Why would anyone bother asking you anything otherwise anyway? You just don't like the answer, that's why you're acting as if it was something unimportant. You're asked why his post and signature got deleted and the best you come up with is 'I don't think I need to answer'? Are you serious? At the same time you personally let another third-party chat room be advertised as "the TERA EU Discord". And you don't think you need to answer?

    If possible (I don't think it currently is) the original text that had to be moderated are still there in some way (like a spoiler that can be only seen by moderators, quoting for justification)

    Normally, when someone edits his post you see 'Last edited by <User's name> on <date>'. Clicking on that as a moderator shows you the editing log. There could be a no-log editing time too of, say, first 5 minutes after a post was written in case you found a typo and wanted to edit it without that message appearing. On normal forum platforms (that's why I started with 'normally') even moderator edits are visible and there's also a reason for editing field where you can type the reason for editing. For instance 'Last edited by <Moderator's name> on <date>. Reason: <text>.' However, administrators have the option to perform edits without this message being shown, so it's possible to edit without a trace.

    This said, I don't know whether it's just this crap platform or they've actually allowed even the lowest ranked moderators to edit posts without leaving a trace. So it might be indeed possible for any moderator to even fake a ban reason by editing a post incognito, then 'warning' the person and locking the post for further edits as they do.

    I think this line should be reworded or taken out completely as I know SOMEONE who'd just right on take this as an example, why don't moderators actually help players and why do they only moderate the forums. You know who is it, Sunflare ? xD

    Needs to be completely removed indeed, as they are neither of the 3. They show no respect towards forum users (unless they agree with management), no consistency in their actions (except when they want to silence someone) and can't be bothered to help with things as little as getting someone's character unstuck faster.

    What? I mean i could be wrong but telling people to "contact support" with the direct link is considered help for players aswell right?

    That's not helping indeed. Helping is when you are useful to someone. Washing your hands by telling a person to contact Support after they've written that they'd done it is not helping. It's safe to assume everyone's seen the big "SUPPORT" button at the top here, as well as "HELP & SUPPORT" button on the main website. Telling people to contact Support is actually used as an excuse for closing someone's thread without giving a chance to anyone else to help. So, not only do they not help the person but they also prevent other users from doing so or at least sharing their opinion.

    If people learned how to send a ticket to Support instead of making a trash forum post, this place would be much better :)))

    Yeah? And leave only WTS/WTB threads? Sounds like a much better place indeed. \o/

    Last time I sent a ticket - 10 days ago - I chose 'Game' on purpose because 1) it was game related although the offence took place on the forum and 2) I knew I would get a dismissive reply by a forum admin or community manager if I chose 'Board' because I've tried that already on another occasion. Guess what... A forum admin replied! lmao


    thanks for your report. We will check this and take actions if needed.

    And guess again... They haven't taken any action in well over a week now! So, why would I want to report anything in private again if they never do anything about it?
    So, you're not happy with something and you post about it, they close your thread and tell you to send a ticket. And when you do send a ticket, they tell you to piss off. How cool is that! Makes you want to play even more... But another game. This reminds me I forgot to reply to something...

    People would keep it "ticket only" if the ticket system would work on weekends.

    No, people would still expect to get at least moral support on the official forum instead of being ridiculed, silenced and forced to either seek help elsewhere, or leave.
    Regarding Gameforge not caring about their players on weekends - this has been the case for years. I doubt they'll change their approach and understand of customer service. Let me give you just an example. And no, it's not going to be with a company that has hundreds of thousands of players etc. A friend of mine spoke to me last week about an issue with his housemates. He's been exchanging emails with the letting agency about about. It's a small firm, just a few employees. Last time he wrote to them it was Wednesday evening. 8:57 pm local time (he lives in the UK). He got a reply at 9:00 pm. Yes, nothing needed to be done etc but the employee bothered to reply to his email well outside normal working hours. Previously replies would arrive even during the weekend. He didn't have to wait until Monday to hear from them about his problem. A company doesn't need to have hundreds of employees or loads of customers in order to provide a good customer service experience. Gameforge are just cheap on it and would rather lose costumers than pay a little extra for 7-day support. Not only don't they log into the game they publish but they can't even be bothered with customer requests on weekends. They even increased their workload with stuck character requests. Which reminds me I gotta send a ticket about my missing Banyaka's Treasure box which disappeared as I had 1k Elleon's Marks. Something that's been known for months (exactly 6 months since my last such report) and they still haven't fixed it.

    oh, ok, thanks

    Thanking him for what exactly? He's misleading you so badly that you could end up losing your entire Steam created account. Just ignore everything he told you except the part about linking a "steam account" to an unused e-mail address which is likely to not mean much to you anyway.

    Let's get some things straight first.
    There is only 1 type of regular TERA account - one created on the main website. It's permanent and unlinking it from your Steam profile bears no consequences.
    There is also a type of temporary TERA account - one created via Steam. Let's call it a guest account, as once unlinked from your Steam profile, it gets deleted and you lose all of your progress.
    In difference to a regular account, a guest account doesn't have a real e-mail address associated with it. The only way to identify it as yours is via your Steam ID. So you're given a dummy e-mail address like <your Steam ID> When you ask Support to unlink your guest account, they warn you it will get deleted. Why? Because the dummy e-mail address doesn't exist. Should you then create a new account via Steam, it'll use the same dummy e-mail address, so the old account gets deleted first and you can create a new one or link an existing account.

    Now that the misinformation has been cleared up, let's see what you're asking and what your real options are.

    yesterday I realized that you can not have the Steam and Gameforge accounts together. Would there be any way to have them? Since, when I started, I played from Gameforge since I did not know Steam. Should it be from another computer or is there some way to play in one?

    You should've put more effort into better explaining what you want to ask, starting from the title of the thread. I wasn't even going to open the thread it if I weren't bored at the time.

    No, you can't "combine" 2 different accounts into one. You can, however, play them both. In a fair manner, of course - that's what has been confirmed to be acceptable, as you could've seen here:
    TERA launcher issues made simple - error messages explained, plus Steam players notes
    9:44 Can't log with another account

    You can log into both accounts and play both. Since things have changed a little since the creation of this video guide, you have two options:

    • As explained in the video, use TERA via Steam to access your Steam created (i.e. guest) account and the normal TERA launcher to access your old (i.e. regular) account. This option requires your to have 2 copies of the game - one to use via Steam and one to use normally;
    • What's different now is you can use the normal TERA launcher to access both accounts. For that, you simply need to link your guest account to the main website, thus transforming it into a regular account, so now you'll have 2 regular accounts and you won't even need Steam anymore. You can use the normal TERA launcher to access the account you feel like playing. There is therefore no need whatsoever for you to unlink accounts etc in order to play both acconut because you can only access one account via your Steam profile. Creating a second Steam profile to link to your older account only makes sense if you have disk space issues and are OK relogging between Steam profiles every time you want to switch between your TERA accounts.

    How to transform a guest account into a regular one in order to not lose your progress should you wish to unlink the account from your Steam profile is explained here:
    Link Steam account to TERA website

    Have fun!

    There already is a thread for the season 4 rankings created by Hiketsu

    And who is Hiketsu within Gameforge? Are you suggesting they base their rewards giveaway on random ranklists off the forum?

    As for season 5 Athena already said that it will end on the same day

    So, Athena said reset date would be the same and that settles it? lmao What about Killian players having an extra day to get more points?

    there should be no discussion about the rankings here.

    Could you please stop telling us what we should discuss? If you've nothing else to add, then simply don't post. This doesn't mean other people don't have an opinion they'd like to bring into the discussion. It's enough having to endure poor moderation as it is.