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    Surprised people are not mentioning how laggy this new UI is in Mass PvP. Fps drops horribly towards 5 to 10 FPS in both CS/CU and such

    I like the UI myself, but there is terrible lag now in mass fights with this UI. Haven't had this problem before in mass fights

    And the game is going back to square one. Back in beta there was a classic drawn UI that didnt lag. Then they made the scaleform one, which cut the framerate by almost 80% in 2011-2012. They touched it here and there so it was a lesser hog than before. And now we've gone full circle. Not entirely unexpected. Vulpem pilum mutare, non mores.

    Main bar + 1 extra skill bar should be more than enough for every class, even for PvE.

    ''Should'' and ''are'' aren't even in the same universe. There are people who used a bunch for a veeery long time.
    Also messing with the controls set of a game for the sake of messing with it (precisely what happened here), is unwise to the point of bringing the intelligence of whoever green light the idea, under question.

    Personally, never. I don't write much when ingame. That doesn't mean we don't have a lot of cases where toxicity in pm was punished. Hell, there's a guy with 40 years long chat ban for said toxicity (which isn't any different from what this mod wrote). Go topple that :D

    Well i think they just want to be left alone, if you find this toxic let them be toxic, he didnt whisper you so if you leave him alone you wont experience his toxicity.

    That's not the point. The reason this has been made focal, is cause we get punished for such toxicity more often than not. But when a mod does it, it's somehow thrown under the rug, cause mod armor. This holds true for a multitude of occasions.

    you left out the part where i said that it does effect how players think the game should be playedi know it does that but it's really a minor argument

    The playerbase is the blood keeping this game from becoming a corpse. Tell me how exactly having cancer cells circulating in it due to a massive tumor such as the dps meter, is a "minor argument" to make?

    ...and then try forwarding as much as possible to Gameforge/Bluehole, so they can't ignore this issue anymore, since it's definitely something that should be dealt with.

    The moment the "hack" word pops up, the civil distress alarm should start ringing. What's happening atm is the equivalent of a burglar coming into someone's home at night, stealing everything of value (including the kids cause ransom) then coming next to the owner's bed, taking out a shotgun, then demanding him to sign away his home and the owner being like "buzz off dude, I'm trying to sleep here". So far I've seen this happen twice. Once in this example and once with this game and this stupid hack thing;

    @ 'Om3Ga' Never said they're doing a good job :LUL:

    @Trappiez Yeah, here's the obvious problem - the game is not in marketable condition. Either make it in marketable, or close it. Keeping the players hanging and baically wasting their time by not patching this out, is simply not an option. Having to play while there are hackers everywhere is simply not an enjoyable scenario, especially in a MMO where the competitive element is the driving force for progress.
    I get that BHS is busy caring for their still born new child A:IR and for their pubg cash cow, but that's not an excuse to not fix this mess in a week at best. Poor business practice.

    Vayus did say that moderation is done as a team effort, so it might not be all that far fetched to assume that they need to assemble the hive mind in order to speak out on this, even more so when we consider that they have a couple of repeat offenders that have been reported to more than one CoMa with little to no subsequent actions taken. There is one board admin that comes to mind, who should be out of commission since mid 2016, but is still around and still keeps up the thin skinnery from time to time. Don't forget that following the rules and over representing the company interests are two entirely separate venues. It's one thing to mute/ban someone for breaking a rule and a completely separate thing to mute/ban them cause their narrative can't be riposted and is detrimental to the company's image, be it from the position of a newcomer or an older player. If they can't follow the rules that they try to enforce, why do they expect anyone else to do so? Hipocrisy at face value...

    [Edit] I'm not even going to go into details when it comes to thread handling, cause the list of shady activity is pretty long.

    1. Heya o/
    2. The amusing part is, your moderators and board admins seem to be unable to grasp context, unless it's declared openly. Topics move around and get closed cause some people in their infinite omnisciency decide there's nothing else to be said. I disagree. If there's nothing left to be said, the thread will die on it's own. This leads me to the conclusion that there is an ulterior motive to the way threads are handled. I see plenty of threads that haven't reached a conclusion being closed in the middle of nowhere in the discussion. Go ahead, try to prove this awry;
    3. What an interesting thing to say. Alright, let's see. We have topics closed without conclusions, then we have secondary topics which get closed cause "the conclusion has been reached in /insert link of original closed topic with no conclusion/".
    So no they are not there to silence people, but they are enforced in a way that silences people, which is effectively the same entry and exit point. I can say you're a real deity, but that won't change the fact that you're not Atina from Olympus. Same thing with these rules meaning+implementation vs facts;
    4. And out of all you've heard, what changes came to pass? I don't see forum rules getting more lax in order to avoid that closure before reaching a conclusion situation. Do you see anything reflecting changes deemed positive from the forum community in it's entirety and not just the mod/admin/coma team? A rhetorical question if you ask some people around here, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. So do tell.