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    And you are the living example why most of the ppl will never play a PvP focused game.

    Top 3 games in steam charts are all PvP games. Who's "most of the ppl" you're talking about? Oh yeah the 1k population of this PvE game called TERA.

    Talk to me when it gets 6 digits.

    Obviously gameforge dont care about us, thats clear as watter. But the other problem is you. Why the heck are you in such hurry to level to 70?? you see, im level 65 and i dont even plan to hurry to level 70. Why? there is no point. That is what people complaining about how hard is to get to 70 dont get. And they never will. And good luck finding another game. Sooner or later this happens to any single mmorpg out there. Again, the problem is people dont know how to play these games.

    You are a living example of why I'll never play a game that's not PvP focused from the very beginning.

    To filter clueless PvE carebears like you out.

    Is this game action based or tb based? Also any class that require actual aim? The animation seem too forgiving. Also any arena mode?

    It's full action based with combos, like a fighting game/RPG hybrid. It has (for now?) only instanced PvP small-scale, 2v2 actually (they plan 3v3 for later). Deathmatch mode (with respawns, first to 5 kills wins), Capture the Flag (hold the flag more like it), Conquest (hold the point).

    It's more like Blade & Soul in combat mechanics than TERA. It has soft-lock auto-aim (closest target if you aren't too ridiculous with your aim). I prefer it that way because it's more challenging about how you input skills and teamwork, tactical and strategic decisions, etc... than reflex like aiming (I'd play a shooter then).

    That said they delayed the EU release to June due to localization (who gives a crap about other languages besides English, ffs), so I'm super salty about it, since NA get it on April 30th (this month), NA always is superior to this trash continent because it speaks English only.

    Eh kurtzpel ? I was excited for that game but when I played it in cbt it seemed pretty wack. The idea was good but it was like 1 year too early to be released. But I guess its early access so its kind of expected.

    Tbh I wasn't hyped about it at all when I tried out the CBT, I was like "eh whatever". First contact with PvE (then PvP) I felt like combat wasn't fluid but that was just me sucking actually. (not to mention I was used to TERA-styled controls, lol).

    When I got good like at last day of CBT, I realized game is just superb in mechanics. I can't even watch other games' combat (just combat), for example BDO videos or BnS, and TERA seems pretty wonky now that I look at it, but it's better than the rest in animations. They are so cringy even in videos. That's what Kurtzpel did to me. Upped my standards by a whole lot.

    It does have some glitches with terrain (as if TERA doesn't, LUL) but nowhere near the retarded amount of desyncs as on here or the broken aerial crap in TERA and other stuff like that. Also, no dedicated healers, a huge plus.

    It's also a global release. No wait 6 months after Korea gets it. And GMs speak English, pass feedback directly to the devs, no middle-man like Gameforge or mEME.

    I know some TERA PvPers don't want to ditch it because they're "good at TERA" and will suck at a new game (which is normal) but you're only prolonging your suffering.

    ♠ i'm here waiting for the shiny Forward to the team Like Always to kills us for A another 4-5 months ♠

    In 1 month a true competitive PvP-focused game will be released (with detailed character customization and no gender lock, so not a bullshit MOBA). Very light farming to get there, less than leveling to 65 in TERA (rest is purely cosmetic).

    April's Fools? No, it's called Kurtzpel

    I played the CBT 1 month ago. Amazingly fun game.

    "But I don't play PvP" you say? Sucks to be you. Although it does have PvE, but only boss fights.

    I know at least 1 person will read this so I'm good.

    It's a scam because it costs more than buying them separately.

    If you buy from a proper retailer like Amazon you won't have to deal with crap customer support sending you back and forth as you experienced.

    My video card randomly crashed with artifacts on screen a couple years ago, and since I didn't want to wait for warranty replacement I bought another one and then after I installed that one, I sent this one back (so I had no downtime). I explained it to them and they gave me my money back when they received it, including shipping fees.

    On the other hand my experience with local retailers is eh... raging at a guy because he wouldn't understand that the stupid motherboard won't boot at all (not even POST) wasting half an hour till he acknowledged it.

    But suit yourself.

    Downgrade to the TERA friendly connection again?

    Why do you need 600mb anyways. WTF?

    Mine is under 10 mbps and TERA runs with 25 ping...

    Analogy time.

    Ping is the time it takes for one car to arrive from point A to point B and back to point A.

    "Speed" aka bandwidth is... err like the name says, the width of the road, or how many cars you can fit at one time. The wider it is, the more cars you can fit and thus they can carry much more baggage (data). It still takes them time to reach point B, same amount of time.

    Also this might come as a huge shock, but people use their PCs and devices for other things besides playing a dead game.

    When the server was announced it was mentioned that everyone starts from scratch and that leveling will be faster than original. And it is faster because I could skip a bunch of yellow quests on my road to 20.

    As I understand Synd, he wants level 60 scrolls because the server first titles are all reclaimed. So why should a bunch grind through the leveling and all backseat players just start at 60? That is not fair in my opinion.

    Either take it as it is or leave it, you knew what you would get.

    And people make/post suggestions or ask for things because they are not announced (yet). That's kind of the whole point.


    To which group do you belong? The ones that wanted to have a classic server or not?

    If you belong to first: Well, classic includes slower leveling.

    If you want to play endcontent fast: Go back to regular servers.

    Ever thought we already had lv60 full VM1 gear when we played the real "classic" TERA and it was the endgame that was good?

    You should have thought it. Not everyone wants classic server for the stupid leveling or BAMs, so sick of PvE player's brain.

    After all the crying here, after opening a ticket asking to delete his character cuz server not permanent, almighty Sore is streaming classic tera on Twitch... #ClassicTeraHype

    The definition of Hipocrisy.

    Thanks, this is the content that we wanted. :crazy:

    I disagreed with you before, but now you are completely right.

    Complaining about something and then doing it anyway only shows how useless your complaints are to Gameforge.

    Sore, you complain about it not being permanent, show how you wanted support to delete your account, and now you... play the classic server anyway.

    It's the exact same with RNG boxes. People whine and still buy or play. Really guys, does it take so much brain to realize this is EXACTLY how you let Gameforge continue to take a dump on you?

    And I'm not even talking about filling their pockets. The fact is, words of someone who plays regardless are completely empty for Gameforge or anyone who cares.

    Like Conflate was, right? "So easy" and look, so useless now. That's right, WAS. That IS the problem. The keyword for this entire thread is PERMANENT. Not "permanent" until next patch.

    Not to mention you got other shit now unlike in classic, like talents and a lot other power creep crap. Ruins even equalized PvP. Real PvPers are sick of farming every god damn patch.

    Immutable PvP games top the charts for a reason, but keep deluding yourself thinking this game is a "PvP" game currently. A ZvZ maybe, zombie vs zombie.

    wait last time i checked we had battlegrounds in our current version, didn't we?
    and considering that'd be the only thing left to do, would you really ask for a new server just... to play bgs? lmao (a WHOLE server for the 1%! hot stuff!)
    i think ill get lost, this whole topic is just too much

    Ehm, I was responding to your "A N Y T H I N G" to do. You can do battlegrounds, and in fact, you can do them much better.

    You see, if patch gets frozen in time and I get to play BGs without farming some piece of crap gear or talent or whatever new crap they introduce (basically anything stat-based progression is cancer), that's the best thing that would happen to the game. So a permanent classic server is ideal for playing BGs.

    I know it's too much for you to grasp. Basically if it was VM1 patch once you got your VM1 you would be set for that character and can finally enjoy the god damn game as a game... until it shuts down. Obviously there's zero point in playing a classic server if it's some temporary nonsense.