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    Extreme Mode Dungeon are only additional Content without any impactful special rewards. All gear material can be obtained with the intended Content ( Ring and Earrings Materials in GVHM, Necklace and Circelt in DFHM)

    Well Tower have trade chest but who cares for gold anyways in 2019.

    Anyway it's true that some EM are "cancer" ....not due to dificulty. Its stupid to have some bosses jumping around for like 30 sec doing mechanic stuff forcing (mostly melee) dps to do nothing. < Not a nice thing in a "action combat game)

    Dreadspire could be a problem to activate instance matching since Dreadspire isn't a dungeon on the dungeon server it's in the open world (this is why you can still inspect people while they are in DSU).

    Kelsaik shouldn't be a problem in my opinion.

    A merge with all other server will never happen because some people cry about their precious german/french server. I mean 99% of all tera terms are written in english but there are enough people who don't want.

    If they ever remove Talentsystem or give a option to transfers server with talentlevel i would do it. Yurian is lost. This is why i never start new games on German servers again because they will die no matter what.

    Oh ye that better. Let us punish people even further while enchanting. If losing materials and time isn't already punishing enough.

    And look how well PvP Gear works. Right PvP is dead. I wonder why.

    "funny part: let's say you're an idiot and your actions have idiotic consequences"

    if anyone said to me that they not only had characters split across 2 servers but also bought additional slots on both, I'd just laugh in their face for being so stupid

    Maybe this is stupid ... nowdays but playing on different servers was a thing in past. Especially for people who have friends on both server.

    Still doesn't justify they way how GF handel this.

    I mean they can just add them together 4 + 6 = 10. If character liomit exceed you lose them but in the end it's just a technical issue not a human issue

    Funny part: Let say you bought 4 additonal Slots on Killian and 6 additional on Mystel you still end up with 8 Char slots since it has the most aviable character slots.

    Also about this name change stuff. It's funny that they make it by this stupid rule. There are even people who paid for pre order TO SAVE THEIR NAME…sions-pre-order-available

    But it's okay i guess . Just determine it via playtime ....

    I'm not affected by this merge but i think the forgot something

    Fun fact: The maximum character slot for a Non veteran account on KTERA is 5. I wonder why we are still have only 2 Slots for Non Veteran Accounts. Right because moneyyzzzz.

    KTERA changed it from 2 to 5 slots but EU is still 2 ...

    I'm so sick of this community seriously. 4 Pages of people whining about a fking name when the game have way worse problems than this bullsh*t

    So gameplay elements are stupid and need to changes asap:

    1 - 5 responses with useless feedback and offtopic crap ... no community support ....

    Server gets merge and you can vote betwenn killian and Mystel:

    Everybody loses their fcking mind


    No wonder this game is just a clownfiesta when player can't shitstorm about stupid changes ... but when it comes to stupid names which 99% of you player don't even know what they stand for ... you start a discussion worth of 4 pages?

    Even Nostrum and DPS setups don't have that huge Impact. There is a reason why Lancer and Mystic are slow grinding class. Ofc it is a faster but it's not like you one combo BAMS like IoD or whatever

    Btw since you are level 69 already you can just chill. You dont get any huge benefit from reaching 70 now. The upcoming Floating Island Exodar requires Level 68 to enter and the current dungeon there is for Lvl 69.

    Exodar Provides new Story Quest where you can finish the last %. Also you get better Gear aswell.

    Mystic will get a buff to their mote explosion by double the chance to crit.

    If you don't really like dungeon you can atleast run Catacombs for Huge XP and this dungeon doesn't even requiring healing.

    But since you only want to play solo why are you even rolled Heal in the first place?

    Thats only the Seashell Tokens. Aka the pay to win tokens. Not the actual summer event token from beach event.

    This is even more retarded.

    You only get 10/40 Token if you get silver or gold Box from Seascam Event

    Ja wär nice für neue Spieler. Grade weil Exodar auch relativ bald kommt und man mindestens Level 68 sein muss um diese zu betreten.

    Ja schln den Shop öffnen man kann ja hier und da ein Spitzen angebot sehen, das man vllt auch mal ein paar € droppt.

    Was meint ihr warum es zB Sußigkeiten an der Kasse gibt? Richtig damit man sich das auch noch holt obwogl das ungeplant ist.

    Btw 250 Tikat daily sind ein Joke. Man braucht 32 Tage um sich eine 4k Elinus Flasche zu kaufen ....

    Und die Auswahl ist auch meh. Adventure Coins? Für 4 - 5 Tage warten damit man vllt 2x mehr laufen kann?

    Mal abgesehen von Shape Changer ist da nichts brauchbar und selbst da hat NA es besser gemacht indem man sich die Changer einfach per NPC mit wenig Gold kaufen kann.

    Oh no they sell stuff which most people already have in Korea.

    Would be BAD if they release this box with DFHM patch.

    Spoiler alert:

    new Gear is bind on equip > ever TT seller can just buy whole new gear without leaving HW.

    Finally a patch where you can actually play an alt again

    We know ... but you know the point is that the new gear have 42 possible rolls and you cant reroll the stats. Just like Bahaar Mask. Even if we can upgrade Ho Gear it will most likely have random stats aswell.

    Nobody really cares if you "lose" your gear as long as the new gear isn't pure cancer to get (this includes proper stats).

    Gear becomming obsolete is just standart in MMORPGs. I mean do people complain that their VM1 is useless now?