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    So it's an enchaning problem if there is a lack of enchantning materials. If this don't count than current live Server enchanting system is awesome because you start with higher base enchantment and you get 2-3% correction . Not like MWA where you on ly have 5% base Chance and 0,34% correction xD

    Ofc its easy to get vm3 because you basically only need to spam a Braindead 10 man raid. Everthing else is just purchaseable via broker (quills/mark of the bloodshed). Oh and enchanting was the problem? You know this was ALWAYS the problem in TERA. It was never really "hard" to get Gear but enchanting was difficult sometimes because it was pure RNG. So exact the same situation on Live Server.

    And pls dont call Manaya fun. It was fun because there were no real boss encounters back in 2012 - 2014, Even RKEM is way harder than MCHM mechanic wise. You can just go to live server equip level 55 Gear and do MCNM. It will have the same effect


    Bahaar locked behind high item lvl? You only need full HO+0 to enter this dungeon and even less if you dont care for VG quest. And people don't actially habe any reason to join Bahaar with less than HO+0 because this dungeon only drops HO Materials. And every player who played since Gear revamp even if only casually should have atleast HO not matter how bad their RNG was. Even if you reach 100% on every single Gear piece.

    @ thread: Because leveling will take longer there will be less people on you level if it comes to level 70 Dungeon. And we already waitng up to 2 Hour just to fill party with members for Dungeon X.

    We only need to care if Ilvl is ok for the dungeon (unless you are a moonguard warrior) and soon you need to find people with correct ilvl AND basic lvl.

    Also lvl 70 don#t add anything special at all. Atleast nothing to justify the level cap increase. Talyph? Could be easily done at level 65. Field Hunting Zones ? Can do it with level 65. If they would somehow add new Level 70 gear to make a soft reset (just like level 60 - 65) so people need more or less gather new gear that would be okay (also this would be a good time to fix their bullshit enchanting system).

    Bit instead they killed alts once for all. And there are many people who spent time and some people even money for their alts. ANd now BHS just kill it. I mean even KOREANS are not happy about this change and we all know how koreans like grind. For my main no problem if i need to level 3 - 5 weeks. But sadly i just sold all my alts +7 gear because it will be pointless. For Dailies like PoP/GG Frostmetal is just fine.

    Because most people who play on Classic Server have better gear on Live Server . And believe me with Patch 80 you don't want to play more than one character because getting to Level 70 takes atleast 1 Month. So Sc+7 on an alt is pointless. Except you really want to clear Pit of Petrax 5 Seconds faster for daily grind.

    Btw you can get SC +7 on live serve in less than two weeks since the last patch because you get now much more materials.

    Because knowing BHS they will just add level 70 Stuff and most people are not ready for that. Imagine they releasing Level 70 Group content and you can't play it because most player are not on that level. Imagine having a static where you do all content but one or two are usually there for dungeon and the other people have more time to do the actual grind. TERA is dying. You can't find any new player. On Yurian i see always the same people doing LFG. In the future even these people will disssapear.

    On the other Hand this whole level 70 stuff is useless anyway. I mean they just could add talyph to Level 65 without focing us to grind level for this. Also we get 5 new Levels with no new Zones. Fate of Arun was nice beacuse it didn't take so long to reach lvl 65 but you got new Story Zone / Monster and new dungeon (There was Sabex, Catacombs, Ravenous Gorge, Orca and Skycruiser. While Level 70 gives almost nothing. You will just run the same dungeon all over again (GLS and Bahaar) The new dungeon is only for new Rings and Earrings (funny how fast we get new accessories ... i just finished my set 2 Months ago ....)

    Btw 90% of all leveling grinding is done SOLO ... in an MMORPG.

    Btw the exp values are retarded anyway. You get around 1,5m EXP per BAM at level 65 while you now get 40million if you kill a Teralith outside of HW if you are 60 - 64 ... Wierd right?

    And for the future BHS will gives even more grind. It looks like they want to kill TERA so they have an excuse to shut down the service so they can focus more on their new cashgrab MMORPG A:IR. A good looking MMORPG with Tab targeting .. because it's cheap and ever idiot can handle it.

    Man musste damals zumindest auf Rang 1 sein am Ende der Season. Man kännte quasi 10 Minuten vor Reset Platz 1 machen und man würde das Moun bekommen sowie Diamanten. Ist quasi wie die Rangliste auf Live Server. Es ist egal ob du 29 Tage Platz 1 warst. Es zählt nur der Rang am Ende der Season.

    Add Daric to Shore aswell. Most people acutally don't queue it because well there are many people who actually below +6 and there is no point for them to join it.