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    Everbody who isn't elin main. Imagine thigh changer only works with swimsuit O.o. And the technology is there, Some Costumes are too retarded. Example new swimsuit always have max breast size and sometimes it's over the top. Just like the elephant thigh elins.

    Anyway it's low priority .... There are way more problem out there :stick:

    Dun thing is there aren't even enogh lvl 68+ Players for GVHM. I only see the same person in LFG or application every day.

    If you have the knowlegde you could just create a Private Server invite these few people and play the same shit ... but you can adjust things. I mean who need 95% of the community anyways? The only interaction we have right know is begging for left piece of treasure map because high end player don't have the time (and if they have) dont have teh coin to do that content.

    well the last time i really "played" with low geared players was yesterday. I paid 2 Low geared(5k Gold each and for each run) lvl 65 player to enter SSHM entrance so i get most of the T2 scolls. They could take all other stuff like emeralds. How poor is this design if you want to progress fast you need to pay some people for doing nothing except afk? Was is okay? i dont know i explained them and they said they don't want reaching lvl 68 anyways without TERA club (which makes leveling takes 2 times longer) so the scrolls are useless for them

    Or atleast reduce conversion cost to 2:1 for T1 and T2 skill adv. scrolls And 1:1 for skill option scrolls.

    Still takes atleast 10k T1 or T2 skill adv. scrolls or 5k Option scroll to get all T3 scrolls ( you need over 5k T3 scrolls)

    Btw thats still 62 days of daily grind if you do all 66 67 68 and 69 dailies.

    Also pls increase the chance to upgrade halidoms and relics i'm still stuck at T2 relics because this RNG is so stupid. But i already paid over 1m Gold total and still no T3 ... i can't imagine getting T4 or even T5 without being very lucky

    Yes you need 2463 for a direct T4 Craft. Ofc there is a way with critting T3 to get one T4 sand (Half T4 Etching) But keep in mind only EU have somewhat easy access to Specialist Additive.

    I mean titans earth were 50g each now there are close to 1k Gold each that's 20 times more than it used to be.

    Or you just go to broker, and buy a stupid mount?
    literally no1 cares about club mount bug ????

    While it's true ... b ut don't forget people actually PAY money for it. Do you really don't care if you get something broken if yu pay for it. Lets say your new phone just turn off after you get a message or press the number 2.

    There is a easy solution: Remove Mount from Club bar: give every character on your account a 30 day version (non bankable/tradeable). Just like the draco pet.

    It's only annoying for alts. Everytime i switch to a alt with TC mount the slot is empty. And no one really want this slow pegasus mount you get upon reaching 65. On Main you will have atleast 1,5 Mounts. old time player will have it on alts too. But well only a few player have enough dracoscale to buy 13+ 1,5 mounts

    I just feel like tantibus has too much HP. The dungeon is really long, considering the mob + minigame phases and the fact that fulminar has so many mechanics where he's invulnerable to damage, so 8bln hp for tantibus is way too high.

    If you nerfed the hp to something like 7bln, everything would be already fine as it is.

    The random one shots are weird yes. Btw, the stagger attack is when he does a blackflip, pretty easy to see, so just dodge???

    ofc its easy to see but i isn'tt fun to dodge every 2 sec and interupt your gameplay. Nothing like ranged DPS need to deal with. I didn't say it's impossible ... it's just annoying, And of top of that interuption u need to walk to deal with pond wall aswell. Also Puddle below boss when he pulls someone ... Really annoying. in my opinion this attack can deal 1million dmg if it doesn't occur every few second. Sometimes he spam it 5-7 times in a row.

    500k die dann aber abgezogen werden durch die Steuer. Ich glaube da macht man nicht wirklich nen gewinn.

    Und wenn doch .. Ich dachte der Change wäre da damit Gold aus dem Spiel genommen wird. Macht dann wenig Sinn wenn es über den Gildenkrieg wieder verteilt wird.

    Und ich denke du sackst nicht den ganzen Pot für dich alleine ein. Wird durch Member in der Gilde geteilt.

    Die Gebühren wären ja nicht schlecht wenn es ein cap gäbe wie bei anderen Spielen.


    10 Gold Barren = 2600 Gold = 260 Gold Gebühren

    100 Gold Barren = 26000 Gold = 2.600 Gold Gebühren

    Lass die Gebühren maximal auf 10k Cappen damit man dann zB

    1000 Gold Barren = 260.000 Gold = (normalerweise 26.000 Gold > 10.000 Gold)

    Damit könnte man gößere Stacks verkaufen btw "teure" Gegenstände ohne große Verluste weil paar Spezialisten meinen ein Item eben mal 30% billiger reinzustellen.

    Ich meine das einzige was die Gebühren verursachen ist ein recht leeren HA.

    Alleine TERA CLub Voucher auf Yurian zu kaufen ist pain weil im AH kaum welche gibt zu normalen Preisen, da shouted man lieber nach nem Voucher/TT Seller im Tradechat.

    Lezten Endes juckt mich eig nur der change das Sofort Kauf jetzt mehr kostet. Stelle ja sonst kaum was ins Ah vorallem keine "teuren" Gegenstände

    I'm not a brawler but i see my mate gets dmg through block. And you cant say he miss a block ... i mean it's a brawler so perma block.

    He manage to reduce this with 4x perfect enraged red niveots and he rerolled all jeweleries with +2 to +4 endurance (it's kinda stupid if you need to invest so muc money SES can rise up to 2500 gold sometimes for a event dungeon).

    The only stupid thing is Tantibus with his backflip stagger spam. Most of the time he do it every few seconds.

    As a Warrior it looks like > Stack > Stack > iframe > Stack > iframe > iframe > Stack > Stack > iframe until you eventually can scythe if the the boss don't move to a puddle or use his pull into puddle.

    Turtle is fine atm. Tantibus would be okay if his backflip don't stagger anymore. I mean this is something ranged DD will never really expierence since this attack range is only 4 - 5 Meter.

    Last Boss is kinda okay but sometimes you need to stop dps before anhilation phase so you are 100% certain there won't be any bubbles. It would be fine if splut mechanics occur a little bit less. Sometimes you eventually reach teh bubble but after you killed it there are sometimes 2 more across the whole room. Idk maybe increase the time until they split by 5 seconds.

    This stupid fish who staggers melees every 2 second is annying asf. Melee used to be special because you could atleast iframe most of melee stuff but nowdays melee have so much disadvantage especially in new dungeon like GVHM (Hello tripple Inner Donut followed by Heal mechanic into debuff mechanic :>

    Also at last boss sometimes it's stupid that you get bubble + shield at the same time. In this case you need to ignore shield and walk to bubble an prepare to pot.

    The Pizza Slice are buggy aswell. Sometimes the additonal Slicer don't render at all.

    And Btw stop with this bullshit 100k dmg thtough block. Lancers can deal with is since they can regenerate ES so fast they can actually evade some stuff but brawler really can't sacrifice their limited iframe.

    It's funny that always the tanks don't have any fun in EM. You can make it hard for tanks yes but no 100k+ bullshit and oneshot. That's not hard .. that's annoying. You can just rename BREM into BRAM (annoying mode)

    There will always be a supply coming from players that buy TT to buy items and trade for gold and a demand from players that have the gold but don't want to invest the money in buying TT.

    I'm personally happy to see coins are becoming tradeable, they should've been since the beginning. Will see how TT price evolves because of this, but hopefully it won't become too aids.

    Also, transfers are fixed, merge may be coming soonTM???

    32k Gold for 2 Runs of GVHM isn't worth tbh. The coins should be obtainable via ingame sources ... You know how it used to be. Like instance reset scroll for VG Credits.

    Also we are know dependet on tt seller. If nobody sell > no coins

    Increase droptreate of new accessories materials. It's a joke running 5 times and only get the one from vanguard quest.

    Other people already have max new accessoreies with less than 30 runs and other people already have 100+ with no piece upgraded. How retarded is this. I thought you are supposed to put effort in all this tuff. But RNG still decide. And tbh someone who run a dungeon 100+ times use more effort than someone who one or two shot new piece to max.

    This is beyond retarded. And funny thing is when DFHM release they will split the community again. People who already have Rings/Earrings stop doing GVHM and focus on DFHM. Wouldn't be a problem if Adventure coins weren't a thing.

    Btw ty for that retarded system.

    i want aman brawler... for the memes

    That race would actually fit for class. I mean they even have a wrestling style tournament once an while according to lore.

    I just want every elin locked class to be unlocked for another race. So Reaper and Ninja. Race doesnt matter but everytime a reaper or ninja joins you know it will be 100% elin.

    EM dungeon where 99% of tanks don't have fun because they get shitload of dmg from bosses.

    And idk how hard BRHM is but most of the people will already have +3 to clear this on a daily basis so the bahaar loot is kinda pointless.

    Most pople aim for new accessories and skill xp.

    Also the thing is we already complain about how shitty this adventure coins system is. Now we get Daily entry limits + Coin Cost.

    Old EM used to have daily entries too BUT no coin cost. You could do other content aswell.