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    I just lost the Willoe pet i got with World boss achievment because i thought i had to fuse it with the other 2 Willoes we recently got for whatever reason...

    I have now 10 pet in my inventory that I can't use anymore after having them for years.

    May you ppl burn in hell.

    How marvellous, you can't put your pets in skill bar anymore, you have to open crappy menu for whatever you want to do with your pet.

    This is utter crap.

    Comme d'habitude il y a des âmes charitables pour venir perdre leur précieux temps à nous expliquer qu'on perd le notre.

    contenu des boîtes à ramener sur serveur régulier, boosts XP <--- OSEF total, j'attendais un serveur classic parce que je ne joue plus sur le régulier, je n'aurais rien à y emmener.

    comme d'habitude vous jouez pas au jeu mais vous manquez pas de dire qu'il est pas bon, <--- justement, je ne joue plus (j'ai arrêté l'an dernier) parce qu'il n'est plus à mon gout du tout

    comme d'habitude quand un événement est annoncé, il n'a même pas le temps de commencer que vous crachez déjà votre venin dessus, <--- il suffit de lire l'annonce pour voir que c'est pas ce qu'on espérait

    Si ce genre de topics ne t’intéresse pas, pas la peine de les lire et d'y répondre, tu gagneras ton temps aussi.

    De toute façon, les joueurs récent qui ne connaissent que le TERA moderne ne vont probablement pas aimer l'ancien... lenteur d'attaque, moins de compétences, pas de classes stupides, faut esquiver au lieu de patauger dans les AOE sous perfusion de soin pour avoir le plus gros score moongourd... looter le stuff dans des donjons ou seul le last boss drop une pièce aléatoire, et parfois rien du tout, etc etc

    Je suis du même avis, un serveur "classic" avec armes avatar et xp boosté.... patch allant jusqu'au VM3 mais ouvert 8 semaines maxi ? mouahaha.

    Comment les gens vont-ils profiter de l'ancien contenu HM ? en allant down Kaprima HM (qui lache du t13) en stuff dévastateur (t15 si je me souviens bien) ?

    Personnellement j'aurais espéré un serveur au patch argon (aout 2012) avec agrémenté ensuite petit à petit avec les patchs de l'époque avec assez de temps entre chaque pour faire le contenu correctement.

    Là je vois mal comment faire tout le contenu dans l'ordre (faire les donjons dans l'ordre avec le stuff approprié jusqu'au vm3 + le farm de glyphes à témérité/sirjuka + les alliances) en 6 à 8 semaines...

    C'est mieux que rien, on s'en contentera... mais comme d'habitude, comptez sur Gameforge pour échouer quand il s'agit de répondre aux attentes des joueurs.

    Nah i don't want to play forever the same patch, I just would like to replay Tera from the start again, then stop when I know i won't like it anymore, instead of keep plying it while trying to like every new patch that actually make it worse (as far as my tastes are concerned, there are probably many ppl that like it now, I'm just not one of those) like I did those past 3 years.

    But for that, 6 weeks with Rift Edge patch where ppl will roll on formers HM with Devastator set just don't cut it.

    Sorry but I don't have fun anymore in the current Tera, it's become utter crap IMO in the last 2 to 3 years and I totally dropped it in the end of last year.

    I'd have much more fun restarting from scratch with the game like it was in 2012 when i started playing, with patches once in a while in the same order as the past, and this time I'd drop the game just before the beginning of the crap.

    I would have liked a classic server stopping at Argon patch, then getting patches a few months later like in the past, with enough time between them to actually do all the content.

    Here ppl won't have a real feel of the past. many will go get PL in Rift Edge then RE HM as soon as they hit 60, and will go try Kaprima HM with devastator set....

    What's the point ?

    I hardly see how ppl are gonna farm t13, then t4 Agnitor, then abyss, then regent and VM1 then go to wonderholme for HM gear & VM2 then do it again in RE, while farming glyphs in Temerity & Sirjuka, farming Nexus, and Alliances, all in order, within 6 to 8 weeks ?

    Hardly make any sense in my book.they will go past half the content if not more.

    C'était déjà le cas la dernière fois... 7 pages de foutoir à ranger.
    Ce qui est étrange, c'est que la banque de guilde et les pages de stockage des familiers sont restées comme elles étaient.

    BTW, instead of uselessly banning some ever respawning gold seller, why not punish the buyers who also knowingly break rules ?
    If you ban players main account with all their +9 gear they got through gold buying, you'll seriously impact the market.
    If ppl stop buying for fear of losing their account, sellers will stop selling.
    You can easily identify some buyers through broker, ppl selling potions for 9M is easy to spot i believe.

    (I find hilarious how forum team members fake their popularity by liking each other posts all the time. they have hundreds of likes but how much from members i wonder)

    Actually, I think Wonderholme and smartboxes weren't that good.
    As I said in an earlier post, in VM1 era, ppl reaching lvl 60 had to follow a certain order to reach high tier gear.
    T12 in many dungeons, then OTHER dungeons to get some t13 gear that would allow you to do some OTHER dungeons or Nexus to start on t14.
    Meaning endgame could keep you busy with many dungeons for months depending of your daily game time.

    With VM2 and Wonderholme, new players reaching lvl60 started to skip all those steps.
    Lvl60 -> get carried by your guild or random groups in WHNM -> get full NM set (Inébranlabe in FR, dunno the name in ENG) in 3 runs -> get carried in WHHM -> get full HM set in 3 runs
    and for the ppl who didn't want to do any VM2 -> complain that there is nothing to do in this game cause almost max gear in 3 weeks without ever putting a foot in balder, kaprima, corpus/Manaya HM etc.
    I saw tons of those.

    The problem was bind on pick, if the item is tradable, just buy it if you can't drop it.
    I remember buying Abyss swords cause i never saw them drop on dear Nightmare Meldita despite seeing 2 or 3 pairs of boots.
    I truly preferred the time were loots were rarer but tradable, and there were many consumables, at least broker was filled with gear and crafted items, instead of being filled with shop items.
    Dungeons and craft meant money. Well at least in recent patch some craft can lead to some money again but meh.

    What's "pre energystar buff" ?
    I've looked around some websites and they already talked about energystar back in may 2012 like for instance
    Couldn't find any priest class presentation on forum though, maybe i looked wrong.
    I only have dps classes ans i took my sweet time leveling back then, started in July and reached 60 in September i think, but i don't remember about priest without energy star, but maybe the skill itself changed ?

    Tbh I did not really consider warrior as tank back then, only a very few handful could actually tank without block (which got added later on). But I guess your point is valid nontheless since they "can" do it whether they had a block or not. Overall, their dps not being that high wasn't such a problem as they used to bring -8?11?% (cant remenber) endurance debuff, but yeah MC decided otherwise.
    My point is still valid tho, OP classes or skill today doesnt mean it wasn't already the case back then. People are just holding on to nostalgia and remenber things different than they actually were.

    Block for warrior (along with DET bar) was added with argon patch (23 august 2012), so warrior could block on MCHM right from the beginning.
    As for retarded classes, brawler that introduced tank who block while hitting and do as much or more damages than DPS already started to destroy the original concept of this game... slowly turning it in the current crap.