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    Rewards are crap, or at least they were when patch hit.

    To the guys suggesting fewer rewards because of Skyring takes less time to do than FW/CS you don't know what you are talking about.


    Skyring boxes should have more rewards than ALL other battlegrounds.

    "forbid all science, I want to belive in greek gods again and be happy".

    What's so bad in this.Greek gods were given human traits(good and bad).
    Science actually prospered, nowadays innovation gets patented and kept under 9000 walls.
    People fear the apocalypse is coming and play-pretend-nice to get past heavens' doors, all in fear of a vengeful sadist gawd.

    3rd party software means memory injectors most likely.The dps meter is passive not active so I doubt it will be considered as something to ban people over.

    I am playing a game on mobile.This game has over 50million downloads right now and servers in usa europe and a few more in asia.

    They make events every week and even though the game is rng based and has a lot of p2w, the f2p players get loads of stuff just from the events.

    Our publisher simply doesn't give a rat's ass, whether the players are satisfied or not.They just want to milk us like cash cows.

    I highly doubt they will even respond to you about providing help.If you wanna do an event you are all alone and of course free to host it.Just don't expect any help from GMs.

    Wew the hate for 3v3 is unreal.
    In the past we actually had to pay 100-800G per match in arena for noct depending on class.
    People still did it even though rewards were non existant and you had to PAY to play it.

    Wintrading happened in FW premade in the past,ask old Codex members.In CS you can sabotage.

    In 3v3 you can actually counter wintraders.Just Q and fck em up.They will stop doing it.

    Time limited is not good.I wanna be able to play whenever I want to.Jackpots, who even gives a flying fck.?

    I want proper rewards.Kumas gives more rewards than arena for fcks sake.About time they added VM mats in 3v3.

    Going server wide you will just get frustrated.Keep it on Killian,without depending on mods and it should be pretty simple and fun to do.

    As long as you don't turn into Konientje v2.0 I say go for it.

    Deathmatches like 10v10 or w/e with ladder
    progression would be fun.

    CS/FW/3v౩ premade could also work if a platform for proper regristration is available.

    give them dungeon rewards and cap 3v3 entries on a daily basis. give em the rewards they asked for.

    No please, I don't want to level another healer.Weekly point cap already made me level a second priest.

    There are 2 actual solutions

    There is a 3rd one actually, that requires no patching from devs or anything fancy like that.

    It's called adjusting your match tactics.

    Just an example.

    If you are defending you can ambush the enemy at inner gate and essentially wipe them.You keep 2 parties inner and 2 go to cap mid.When enemies come to inner gate the people at mid jump down and kill enemy healers at the gate.

    Tanks from mid will just wipe the rest of the enemies in a few seconds.

    Having capped mid they will spawn outside and waste time getting back, plus they will be more dispersed than they were initially.Now you just have to guard ladders, keep an eye out for ninja ship and just hunt enemies till next round..