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    Let me translate this:

    "We will remove the temporary addition from the Vanguard Shop for now as we're actively in contact with the developer to address your issues with renewed vigor"

    - We have to remove our temporary solution because NA people cried to EME why we have this coins so EME asked Shitton(Krafton) why we have them and they don't. Unfortunate they told us to f off with our solution because it ruins the cash grab of the new system with purchasable coins.

    Isn't that right? Which sane company would remove a somewhat decent solution for now until a better one arrives and just leave their community without ANYTHING? Don't even start with the haste coins, they are extremely useless(at least the one you get from the vg merchant).

    Hard work for Gameforge is adding pets that work in BG's and can give you a shield that absorbs 150k damage or heal you full in few seconds from 1% without any internal cd. Ofc. Not for free, because you need to work hard(€€€) for it right? :)

    They are bankable = you can do the Vanguards on all your alts if you want to farm them faster or also just run these dungeons because the last bosses drop a bunch aswell, farming this scrolls is legit easy and you can do that in 2 or even 1 day.

    Leveling is legit cancer right now.

    It's just absolutely braindead to kill basilisks 24/7 for 0.01% XP/BAM (lvl 66) even when using a 50% EXP buff + the 20% Cooking one.

    Nice Daylies btw that give you basically 2% of your required xp for 67.

    No idea what Gameforge was thinking with giving us only a 1 hour 100% xp boost which is POINTLESS BECAUSE EVEN WITH IT, IT TAKES AGES TO LEVEL UP??????? But hey, it's a long term goal to reach lvl 70 right? :) Oh did you know that you gain extra hp and 1 more glyph point every level and also deal more damage to enemies(Monster AND PLAYER!)? Totally fine if you are a pvp player and get destroyed by a PvE guy just because he is nolifing leveling and just deals 50% more damage than if he would be LvL 65. Also nice to know that because of this level system equalized bg's arent equalized anymore because of the things I mentioned before(Tho I don't know if maybe your lvl get's set to 65 even if ure 66+, but I would just guess since it's Bluehole that even in CS/Gridiron you will be 66+)

    This Patch legit is a open promotion for fish bots. I'm speechless how stupid this patch is, I play Tera since 2012 and I saw A LOT OF BAD SHIT, but even the MWA crysis in VM4/+15 enchanting was WAY better than this shit. If the xp needed would be always the same as from lvl 65-66 I would say fine, it's doable in a week if you are playing normal but that the total xp needed is even getting BIGGER AND BIGGER while the bams will probably give the SAME AMOUNT OF XP or just a few thousands more just blows my mind how Blueballs(Kackton Entertainment) was thinking this is a good idea.

    It's a old server bug when you dc sometimes while entering/loading in a different area. Only a maintenance will fix this issue. You can still manage to get your 30day activity tho if you just log an alt and bank the token you get via parcel(it says u cannot bank it but you can anyways).

    Lol even 1 day of Pit of Petrax is more worth than everything combine.

    Getting Devastator Gear is super easy so that's basically already full Stormcry +0 which you will never be able to farm in that time tbh. Also there are ways how to farm a lot of gold on Classic Server for the live ones, but as someone said if you make it public it's not that effective anymore.

    Didn't you want classic servers? This kind of lag was normal in 2012-2014 sadly. This ping spikes occurred everyday between 10pm and 11am and there were tons of topics about this and jokes that gameforge put their servers into energy save mode or smth like this. The ping was fine for me before the maintenance yesterday, no idea what they broke this time.

    Thats why they should at least open Gridiron every day so we have an additional source to farm particles, but who knows when they will actually do smth about this..

    With the new PvP Patch you need to farm tons of Particles to get your PvP gear to +6 and right now only Corsair's Stronghold is the only way to obtain a decent amount of Particles which is just garbage considering the fps you get in this bg.

    I can't play this bg on my main class because even tho I have a fairly good pc my fps just DIES in this bg and I get stutters to 10fps every 2-3 seconds so my only option is to switch to a healer class and spend gold to make the particles bankable(nice system btw lul) which isn't even fun.

    In Gridiron you also get particles(if we get the same rewards as NA, will see tomorrow) which will remove the need to put it on a long cd/as event bg because Gridiron is actually useful now.

    My request is to open it all day and change the BG shedule maybe to either switch on a 1:1 ratio Corsair with Giridiron(So Monday CS, Tuesday Grid and so on) or adding it to the same time as Shore Hold so people can decide either between farming plates(Shore Hold) or Particles(Gridiron).


    You guys are all stuck in the past.

    If gameforge would make now a classic server I can tell you already that 99% of all the pvp players will be playing Lancer/Warrior/Sorc/Archer - why? Because these classes were just completely broken with decent gear. Back in the days the skillcap was just not that high so even other classes could get to decent rating but did you ever see a zerk for example over 1800+ that was without a dstance warrior just staggering someone 24/7 because thats how balanced the game was in the past?
    Or how a LANCER could one combo a full Bloodrave priest if his wallop crit? If you want to 3v3 with the current mindset on a classic server you either have to play warrior/sorc/heal or lancer/x/heal because thats just how it is.

    Classic Server with the old balancing = instant fail
    Classic Server with kinda better balancing = would work but we are talking here about bluehole so = will never happen

    or rushing dreadspire to get/sell some 2.0 before it closes its doors

    also having rumours about the removal of strong bravery access because BH seems to have the intend on globalize stuff a bit more surely doesnt help :^)

    Well it's not really a rumor anymore when they actually confirmed that they will remove the source of strong bravery/canephora in the patch coming in february xD

    Depends what playstyle do you like more. Do you want to move fast with cyclone to reposition yourself? then I would go for Power = Cyclone Movement > TS Charging speed > TS Movement = Endurance.

    Also 1 point into Mighty Phoenix. Just change the priority list to what you prefer.

    Offizielle Informationen dazu bekommen wäre immer nice aber Ich denke mal dass wir hier nur Vermutungen aufstellen können. Enmasse hatte den Patch für 15.01 angekündigt (bereits Anfang Dezember) und Batu Wüste geht laut dem Event-Kalender bis 15.01 also ist annehmbar dass der Patch für diesen Tag geplant war für beide Regionen, jedoch gab es bisher keine Ankündigungen und soweit Ich weiß auch noch keinen Preview-Stream über den Patch - also müssen wir denke Ich einfach davon ausgehen dass Sich Gameforge mit dem Datum etwas verplant hat oder doch anderweitige Probleme aufgetaucht sind die GF dazu zwingt den Patch nach hinten verschieben zu müssen, ganz genau werden wir es als Community vermutlich eh nicht erfahren aber das wäre zumindest eine verständliche Vermutung ohne weitere Information Seitens Gameforge.

    Its just a theory though! :elin21:

    Wobei es für diesen Patch eig. auch nicht wirklich notwendig wäre einen Stream zu veranstalten. Es werden ja quasi nur Dungeons entfernt(Hatte Bluehole nicht gesagt das sie keine Dungeons mehr entfernen? Also jetzt heißt es anstatt entfernen einfach "umändern für späteren Content" LUL.

    I mean at least a double drop event like the one we had before would be amazing + 100% diamond drop group loot for bahaar/50% chance in Grotto or just something similiar.

    Or maybe just some enchanting mats event for Frostmetal/Stormcry so people reach heroic and we have actually more people that can see how stupid this enchant system is and maybe then gameforge will do something about it?