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    Hi friends,

    Me and my party are selling Bahaar runs. In this spreadsheet you will find all the information :thumbsup:

    If you don't want to look at it just yet, here's why you should choose us and what are our conditions.

    1. Quick runs (less than 15min per clear)
    2. Competitive pricing, pay only for what you want :)
    3. Theres a base price, plus fixed prices and variable prices calculated daily based on the server's broker prices
    4. You will ONLY pay for RNG Loot (mask, amplifiers) if they actually drop. Otherwise we'll return the gold to you

    5. You may recieve a DISCOUNT on the final price for buying multiple runs and/or multiple items

    PLUS we can sell on different servers!

    <- Feel free to contact me through @discord or follow the steps on the spreadsheet.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us either.

    Have a nice day


    After such a long ranting post page after page it's nice to see an elaborate reply and some actual immediate bandaid to try fix a bit of the problem, it actually means you guys are looking into it and coming up with things Athena , so I must say I personally appreciate that. Although I agree with Trappiez, a boost in the amount of coins you get would be nice.

    I hope the most "permanent" changes you come up with and the new regional content you're planning to publish will match with the needs of the community. I really do hope it's enough to have a significant change and actually MEAN something.

    The game is in a deplorable state and these continuous P2W-events do not really help with your image, so give it a good try on whatever you guys come up with for the rest of us. :elin6:

    EDIT: Bit more maths on the coin thing. To run 2x Bahaar you need 790 coins, which can be obtained through purchasing 8x100 Adventure Coins in the vanguard merchant, for a total cost of 1000 Vanguard points. Meanwhile, these 2x runs will yield you 320 Vanguard Points if you are paying Tera Club. Yes, you have to sell Adventure Coin refills on the cash shop, but really consider giving some higher amount to make the investment worth it.

    150 Coins for 100 VG Points would be a really sweet spot.

    Hello there, we're a toxic and tryhard-oriented guild that is currently recruiting.

    Generally our goals are to AFK in HW as much as possible and be kind of a dead guild.

    We strive to improve individually and as parties as much as possible, and we embrace elitism.

    Currently, we're a PvE guild focused on endgame content (Bahaar, GV, JP Kelsaik, etc.). We expect you to not suck in any of this dungeons.

    We also do other endgame content (fishing, sniping BAMs with Relive-style techniques, betting in Bamarama, etc.)

    We only have a few requirements:

    - Have HO+3 gear MINIMUM

    - Use Tera Proxy, I mean Toolbox

    - Average 5 fish per minute while you're asleep

    - Atleast 50 fellowship Partner

    - And most importantly not being garbage at the game

    If you're interested in joining, please send me a DM with your character name, I'll check you up on Moongourd and if you don't suck you'll get a reply.

    We hope to see lots of new faces in our guild, and hope to annihilate our foes through the power of friendship! :elin39:

    - Cheers


    1) It's not 100% drop

    2) It's individual loot, not party loot

    But don't worry my friend. They are available in different packages in the TERA Shop!


    Hey everyone,

    I don't think this will be changed for the moment since it is supposed to be a really "rare" item. I'll however as usually share this matter with our team, so don't hesitate to also share with us more ideas on how you'd like them to be implemented! :) . Thank you!

    I do believe it should be a really "rare" item, but the problem is that it's only accessible through the cash shop at extremely low rates.

    Bring it back as a reward for the hardest content few groups can clear, since it's where "really rare" items should drop. Don't implement it in neither Bahaar nor GVHM, but rather have Atmorph add it in his next extreme mode. Let it be a reward for challening content, not only for those who are willing to sink hundreds and hundreds into the game.

    Whales pouring money in for in-game currency keep the game alive, but it's the rest of the playerbase keeping the whales playing. Don't lose us due to poor decision-making. Be greedy, not overly greedy.

    You see? I told you your maths were delusional. You don't even know what you are saying.

    First you say it takes 180 days to get 180 skill points, now 300 hours :fie: People who play MMOs do these 300 hours in 1-2 months :beer:

    Anyways I barely see any skill tome when I fish, so that person with that screenshot is probably 1) showing an edited screenshot, 2) editing things to be able to fish at higher speeds 3) using premium AF bait which i guess gives more chance for tomes lol

    Hi friends and Athena & Co.

    It would be nice to have the XP Event in Guardian Legion Missions we had last week every weekend, so those who don't want to renounce to their will to live have a more accessible way of leveling up. It was really nice to catch up and to be able to level up quicker to prepare for the new level 68 Hard Mode without sacrificing 12 hours a day :elin1:

    Looking foward to hear if you can make that happen Atmorph

    Your math is pretty delusional, you don't get 220 skill points through fishing in just a week else half server would have capped it... and so far just people grinding bams 24/7 have barely made it past 100 xd

    Disgusting cheaters, stay banned and keep my tera clean and proxyless. I am sick and tired of kicking people in battlegrounds or dungeons and seeing "<insert server name here> (Proxy)". I dream of a day when that will no longer happen. :elin27::elin14::elin7:


    Never forgetti Kraxler 2k18 quote xddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    I also believe banning people for fishing is retarded. The introduction of the fishing mechanic is just a big facepalm, since fishing requires and absurd amount of time and grinding to even be worth it at all... it's stupid CONTENT and it gives no benefit over players who use their time to do dungeons or other content :elin6:

    I'd rather have permabanned people who teleported and exploited their ways to level 70 *cough Japanese Kelsaik or some shit???? cough* and other kinds of similar stuff :elin1::elin1:

    Maki wrote:

    is one of worse of things it can do. Please do understand that YOU GAIN HUGE ADVANTAGE vs normal players. As stated above. You let a bot do the work while you are just doing whatever you want. The bot gives you exp+skill exp+gold,rewards are shown by another reply. Where as afk fisher has limits to his inventory and baits. Also proxy point is invalid. Because as stated above. Automating/botting has its own section in tos. 3rd party programmes /botting etc etc... so your comparison is invalid. So please let botters be banned. They gave permanent banned because they don't want these players inside their game. Not "rant about it in forums to keep it alive and we will undo the permanent"

    Saying it's one of the worse things it can do is OVEREXAGGERATING really really hard.

    Do you know people have been able to teleport to last boss and just reset the dungeon without consuming entries? Do you know people have been able to kill bosses in seconds with absurd damage hacks? Do you know people have been able to level up to 70 in just few hours?

    I could keep on listing shit people have been able to do through proxy... really fishing is the least of your concerns since the advantage it gives you is NO ADVANTAGE AT ALL if you do dungeons/bams/pvp whatever :elin1:

    And tier 2/3 etchings should drop from dungeons again

    The dungeons you don't do with your friends anymore? Traitor.

    Back on topic, just sell the chance to obtain Tier IV etchings on Cash Shop and save us the suffering of crafting them thank you

    Soon the 2.0 griffon will be released in new Surpise Boxes! Supply will be increased, so more chances to obtain 2.0 mounts will be provided!

    May you have a good time in the realm of Arborea :elin1:

    I agree, yesterday I was able to do a couple of runs via IM and I got uuuuuuuh 10 scrolls (those of the daily by quest) yep thats it

    But how about all the runs we did together dear yolk? It's just about either running with friends or putting up an LFG you want to do SSHM split scrolls... otherwise you're gambling.

    One day you may get 10 scrolls out of 4 runs or none, another time you may get all 200. It's just like Diamonds in Bahaar, some people are lucky and get all of them:elin19:

    Your fault for transferring instead of standing your ground and speaking up like most people did here, waiting for GF to do what they were clearly supposed to…

    As I said a few posts ago, one of the things GF counted on the most was the fact that there are too many people who are hopelessly addicted to the game, to the point where they just can't wait and decide to pay for the transfer themselves.

    i guess you don't understand irony

    regardless, despising people who decided to transfer instead of staying in killian... you're far more addicted than the ones you're being toxic towards and also a trash human being :elin1:

    blame the company, not the players