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    It crashes at 4AM... don't think it's a capacity issue :)

    Having no amplifier, amplifier I or amplifier II the base success chance remains the same. It's about costing less "new mats" per enchant try.


    Oh yes Festival of Sun is so fun we need it back! I will cut my wrists if it doesn't return this summer.

    I've never had SO much fun in TERA... running and flying up and down with 16 different characters for couple hours, most of which were level 58 reapers... tears of joy whenever I think of it.

    Please bring it back, I'm wasting my time in Extreme Modes.

    Sorry but in my opinion these EM Dungeons aren't really considered "Events" done by Gameforge. (Its more like - done by Atmorph) Gameforge as a whole isn't really doing anything to improve the game. At least I personally don't see anything that I would consider worth mentioning.
    It's mainly just Atmorph having a lot of fun to play around with some old existing content - which of course is great for the playerbase but thats kinda the only thing that happens recently. And again, its not really Gameforge doing it.

    My opinion at least /shrug/

    thank mr. atmorph

    3 Months at best since the cath up modifier isn't that low anymore. I mean do people actually expect server merge anytime soon? We have now this Extreme Mod Eventw which last until september following with monthly patches. Maybe they are lucky if merge hit this year.

    Only Talentlevel 430+ is kinda slow atm. But getting 350 - 400 will be easy espeically with 2x 100% Talentbooster. And most classes if not all are finished after 350 - 400p.

    Is it stupid? Yes ... but do they have any other choices ? Not really.

    You're delusional if you think you can get 500EP in 3 months... Been playing everyday maxing my cap daily since January and i'm on 350 :)

    There will always be a supply coming from players that buy TT to buy items and trade for gold and a demand from players that have the gold but don't want to invest the money in buying TT.

    I'm personally happy to see coins are becoming tradeable, they should've been since the beginning. Will see how TT price evolves because of this, but hopefully it won't become too aids.

    Also, transfers are fixed, merge may be coming soonTM???

    Considering the issues we mentioned regarding etching I would've expected seeing Titan mats in the loot, instead of gear mats that are already easy enough to be obtained.

    Entry limit and coin costs are fine.

    This Atmorph

    Coin cost/entry limit/loot ratio is more than okay. Just maybe considrr removing already easily accessible loot like Springy Draco Limbs in favor of Etching materials, for example.

    Dont bases to chose ppl on dps they do, that is against ToS and you can be banned

    That won't get you banned.

    Anyways, your LFG your rules. Just take people you're comfortable running with or just set whatever criteria to take people. Put a DPS threshold? X amount of clears? gear? just take people you know? Whatever it is just go ahead LUL

    Many times I don't accept people from LFGs and I don't mean to hate... if there's 15 people I can choose from I will obviously take the most experienced / the best geared ones / the ones I get along with. I occasionally IMS or join random parties where I don't mind the skill level of the players I'm with, but when I'm making my LFG on my little free time at night I rather do it as I want to do it.

    ALTHOUGH, worst case scenario is when you take someone in your party and this someone decides to invite his/her friend without even asking. Usually rookie in the dungeon.

    Don't do that.

    And still you just see black and white...

    Tell me, how pvp player's get ther jewellery with just pvp? Tell me how to upgrade jewellery without any item exp from pvp vanguards? Tell me, what did we do before pvp gear System, do you think we all just played with guardian? No man, we were forced to do your shitty bot pve to get also HO gear, we wasted there also tons of gold and mats we didnt had in that ammount like pve players, so we were forced to buy them in tradebroker. For sure you pve guys had fair prises for this.... And for sure, you guys selled your runs to Gold paying pvp player's....

    Tell me, how to get the new jewellery? Oh yes we are still forced to do pve. So what do we need for this? Right Sir, pve gear. So let ne tell you i have HO gear too, cause it is impossible for PvP player's to get the gear without any pve. That means, we wastet double ammount of gold for our gear, not just pvp gear, pve gear too. Now your turn mate.

    Yes, I do see black AND white. I see PvE and PvP and compare them. You see only black OR white. It's like you guys stuck into some kind of PvP bubble and can't discuss anything beyond that. You can't suggest changes if you don't know how your in-game counterpart works. PVP/PVE gearing is really similar.

    1) How pvp player's get ther jewellery with just pvp?
    Up to Ethereal Jewelry you're fine. No, actually a bit more than that. I did PvP to farm Dragon Skulls/Claws because it was way easier and time-efficient to farm them. By far.

    2) Tell me how to upgrade jewellery without any item exp from pvp vanguards?

    You do get item EXP from PvP vanguards.

    3) What did we do before pvp gear System, do you think we all just played with guardian?

    I'll give you that, you guys doing PvP geared up until Stormcry +9, although FWC was the only non-equalized battleground I think? Being able to have 2 sets of rolls enabled players to do both PvP and PvE with the same gear without punishment. However, Fenix ran a simulation from HO+0 to HO+3 and on average it's way more expensive than PvP gearing cost on average. So setting the SC+9 gear aside and going for PVP+9 is still on average way cheaper than going for HO+3 from HO+0.

    4) We were forced to do your shitty bot pve to get also HO gear, we wasted there also tons of gold and mats we didnt had in that ammount like pve players

    Richest players I know are PvP players. I'm pretty positive PvP-only players either had more income or had less things to spend on historically than PvE-only players. NOW, that with the introduction of the new PvP gearing system the income through vanguard quests is really small compared to the gold costs, that's true.

    And well, about bots, as far as I'm concerned desyncing and teleporting in PvP is really common because of Proxy modules, but I don't know if you meant this with "shitty bot pve".

    5) We wasted there also tons of gold and mats we didnt had in that ammount like pve players, so we were forced to buy them in tradebroker. For sure you pve guys had fair prises for this.... And for sure, you guys selled your runs to Gold paying pvp player's....

    You're free to do PvE content for materials just like I did PvP content for some. As far as I'm concerned, only Sacred Mallets are unobtainable through PvP. Offering a solution way cheaper than buying it straight from the trade broker is a bad thing, I guess? If some PvP players have tons of gold, and I don't; if PvP players need materials that I don't anymore; if I can offer them for a way cheaper price than other methods to obtain them; what's the problem in doing this? Why do PvP players have so much gold if it's so hard to obtain?

    6) Tell me, how to get the new jewellery?
    Honestly, you give it time. PvE is not the way to obtain it either. If enchanting a piece with 5% base success chance, 5% extra with full XP and 2% correction per fail, whilst needing 24 of the new material for either if you have amplifier II in the best scenario, is still on average 12 GVHM runs. Which is 5220 coins. Which at a rate of 6 coins per 3 minutes while being online is 43.5hours. And that means you don't do anything else, of course. It's an absurd grind I'm not going through, no need to rush it. Ethereal jewelry is more than fine, specially if you have amplifier I/II set bonus. It isn't that much of an improvement.

    PvP gearing system is bad, PvE gearing system is bad, TERA is becoming more and more of a casino with the addition of pets and relics, and more of a grind with level 70 and skill points. It's how things are going, nothing we can do about it.

    Another pve scrub in pvp topic.Since 2014...Always jumping in pvp threads and sh!tposting.And most of them have no clue about pvp.I hope krafton makes much retarded systems for both pve and pvp untik they figure out how dead servers are.After that u can play with your small stayic 5 man guilds.

    People in tera doesnt know how to support each other.And this problem comes mostly from pvers.The hate is real agaonst pvpers tbh.

    I don't think you actually read what you type. You're being toxic towards PvE players on the first paragraph for absolute no reason. I just wanted to contribute to the debate and all that's been done is people reporting my posts, calling me a troll and shitposter and spreading lies in PvP discord. And then of course it's PvE people hating on PvP and not knowing how to support each other. :lol::lol::lol:

    Gladly Fenix took the time to message me on Discord and we had a nice discussion on the topic, which is all I'm looking for here.

    wow *heavy breathing* you do really seem capable of maintaining a discussion when someone is bringing up statements and facts different from yours. :elin1:

    1) Everything in your two messages is about "Do not make PvP system easier". Please, read the first phrase of the first message of the topic. Do you want to "NOT MAKE PVP SYSTEM EASIER" ?

    Everything in my two messages is PvP system is already easier and costs less gold than PvE... "let's make the PvP gearing system more fair" doesn't mean AT ALL "let's make the PvP gearing ystem more easy", right? Saying things with more beautiful words idoesn't change its meaning.
    Anyways, if you yourself state "do not make PvP system easier" what's the problem if I'm also saying "do not make it easier, because it already is easier than PvE" :elin18:

    2) Do you want to "NOT MAKE DEBATE ABOUT PVP SYSTEM" ?
    I'm discussing your points and comparing it to PvE, it seems pretty much to me I'm trying to contribute to the debate. If all you gonna do is hEaVy BrEaThInG then maybe it's you who's not up for it. I'm stating facts and numbers and you try to disprove them with no facts but rather vague accusations or just ignoring them.

    3) I don't want to make it easier, nobody said they wanted it easier. It's about making it less frustrated and you can't tell the difference..ExAmple (with A, btw): One solution I gave is to add a very low enchantement correction. It's not making it easier because it is so low that it's negligible.
    Please, re-read yourself until you understand what you're actually typing. Thank you.

    4) You don't understand and you're not reading.
    I do understand and I'm reading. Do the same, thank you.

    5) This topic is for PvP players who understand the frustration problem inside the PvP community, who have friends who stopped the game or lost everything because of this system.
    I'm no PvP player but I would like to give my insight into this debate, please allow me? Can't even count the amount of the PvE people I played with last year that are no longer playing because of the PvE gearing system. It's happening to both of us, FRIEND.

    6) Your numbers don't make sense. Unlucky 100%, who decided to that ? Can you send me your simulation code ? I don't think you have one. Unlucky does not mean he upgraded his stuff at 100%, it means: after 10000 simulations (simulating 10000 players trying to upgrade their stuff), you save the most unlucky one and the luckiest one. You can't use number as you want, it has to be accurate and argued.
    My numbers do make sense. It's called statistics and probability. Look it up in the Internet if it confuses you. You don't need to write any code, since it's simple equations on Excel. I can share it with you if you'd like to understand the numbers behind.

    The 3 different numbers I gave before already have an explanation, but I'll just re-write what differenciates them again. I won't make it easier to understand to you, I'll just type everything more beautifully.
    1) The player that succesfully enchants the weapon up until HO+3 with no fails spends 1,074,057G value.

    2) The player that succesfully enchants the weapon up until HO+3 when the enchantment success rate reaches 30% (or well, if it's above no fails are counted) spends 6,416,772G value.
    3) The player that only enchants the weapon up until HO+3 when the enchantment reaches an expected success rate of 100% spends 20,336,373G value.

    I hope with this last explanation I made it less frustrating to understand!

    TLDR: Game has been grindy for years. Nothing new. It just came to PvP, so enjoy it. This is where the game is heading. We can debate as much as you want but the enchantment rates are what they are.

    Yeah, let's go outside. If you earn more money being an Investment Banker than working minimum wage does it mean the economy is gonna be more gentle to you? Does money have a different impact? We're under the same umbrella. We're in the same game.

    If you quote me, quote me right. Your example was taking the LUCKIEST and UNLUCKIEST player, why do you quote the average for PvE? The disparity is 20x, not 3x. Although the player "on average", which to be honest enchanting at 30% everytime is still being LUCKY, will spend already MORE GOLD than the UNLUCKIEST player in PvP. Sounds fair to me.

    Do you think gold rains to us in PvE? We get 6k from Bahaar Vanguard quest, whilst it takes 91k flat gold for a try + aaaaaaaall the materials and gems which of course, also have gold value. On top of it, add consumables and everything else we need to run dungeons. You need nothing for PvP. Doesn't even require Tera Club.

    If you want a fair comparison between PvE and PvP, compare the time and resources a NEW player needs to gear up to the max (HO+3) and what you guys need in PvP (since obviously, you all started from scratch as you guys are trying making me understand). It's been 4 months. Many many PvP players running in full +9 and some alts even full +9. Do you think a new player can reach HO+3 in 4 months? Nope.

    You'll eventually get it. Just put more effort into it.

    Cancer content, indeed, but it IS already there and I doubt it'll be removed, what's the problem with using it?

    eutri , don't you think it'd be too easy?

    Try to think with BH/GF mind, right, don't even think.

    Jokes aside, they wanna make every "content/patch" last as long as possible, they don't care about the players, how boring and monoton things they are forced to do, that's why my suggestion too, it'd last for years, knowing their RNG

    I mean, if each scroll costs 100 dragonwing scales and you need 50 of them to guarantee you a 2.0 that's 5,000 dungeon clears... doesn't really seem "too easy"

    With the small difference you had 2 years for this. Even with fishing i farm more then 5mio in 2 years. Pvp content is 4 months old and many players burned money like this. And please dont tell me you earn same average of gold in pvp

    Haven't you had the same amount of years to prepare too? It's not like you didn't have time either. Plus, most PvP battlegrounds were and still are equalized :elin18:

    Here's the PvE maths:

    Luckiest player (Oneshots everything 1st try) will spend 1,074,057G to enchant the weapon to HO+3
    Player with some luck (he enchants everything once he reaches 30% success chance) will spend 6,416,772G to enchant the weapon to HO+3
    Unluckiest player (until the mathematic probability reaches 100%) will spend 20,336,373G to enchant the weapon to HO+3

    Oh by the way, this is also accounting that you ALWAYS have full gear EXP in everything you want to enchant since the very first try.

    Maybe we should limit PvP vanguards so you don't get rewards until you reach certain item level? Or let's add coin cost limitations? Or daily/weekly entries? You can farm non-stop and have been able to do so FOR YEARS.

    Your gear doesn't require nearly as much as PvE gear does and that is a FACT.

    Can someone do this from Guardian to +3 Heroic Oath? Thank you.

    Pretty sure we have to spend on average WAY more than the UNLUCKIEST pvp player. Imagine being the UNLUCKIEST in PVE LUL.

    None of the issues addressed during these past few months were mentioned in the stream other than "no we got nothing to share about"


    The Elin events from this weekend were a nice cushion to the coins problem but not a solution, and the other stuff is pretty important as well, especially the sources of Titan earth and Titan storm


    It's nice to see that you got unbanned, you always provide very interesting insights on the topic. :elin1:
    Regarding events, I think the nicest one was the Coin Cost Reduction event we had last week, It didn't feel so punishing to play this game anymore. It would be nice to see it more often or well, permanently.