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    Finally Manaya will rise up again :)

    Not really, now that everyone is skilled and has done Manaya patterns for the 842165215657th time.

    I dont know which version of Manaya the sever will get, assuming there's no change to it and we get the first version we got back then, it will be cleared withing a few hours.

    Not sure why everyone is so hyped about such server or even manaya (mostlikely Nostalgia).But since GF caved in (instead of merging the actual servers lmao) I hope people will enjoy an even bigger dps disparity than there is now (tho this might be false as people got much better over the years) and differents broken classes in PVP.

    Well, it's still a huge nerf, we got a lot more than 2 xp before, it was at least noticeable....

    No we didnt, it has always been this low once you reach cap.
    So either you simply never paid attention to it or you had a lot of left over XP and thus increasing your cap for the day.

    I had my one and only triple diamond drop in Ghillie three years after I started that game and my only single diamond drop in Petrax in December'18

    .... complaining it didn't drop for a week... i dunno. :rolleyes:

    Well a timeframe is irrelevant without the number of runs done.
    How many character do you run GG with on a daily basis? As you can see Darknova did 36 runs per day during 10 days, so that's already 360runs, but some runs were affected by triple loot, lets say he did 36 runs everyday during the event, that's 108 runs during the event, which is equal to 324 runs loot wise + the remaining 7days 252 runs, so he's not complaining that it didnt drop "for a week" but for 576 runs.

    There's a difference with doing 500 runs in a week and 50 in 2 years, yet tons of people would act like "I never got any diamond in 2 years !".
    I'm exactly in the same boat as he is, I decided to run GG during the triple loot event, so during the event I did a total of 228 runs, apply the triple loot to it and you're at the equivalent of 684 runs (loot wise) and 0 diamonds.

    I use to run a tons of GG and came to the conclusion that diamonds drop rate was lower than 1% (this number was calculated over 8k runs).

    I do guardian on 6 characters. Never did 50k a day LOL

    Define "do guardian on 6 characters" please.

    As Kraxler said, x40 boxes (which is what "doing guardian" on one characters mean), should yield about 11.5k gold in gem (npc prices), more like 12.5k with broker prices, add the VG quest 600gold, you can get 13k/characters.

    Its not worthy at all, but you know, there are players that eventually cant even think lol.

    Its all about gold/minutes (or hour, whatever, point is the ratio gold/time). CA is the only real extra cost, noct & braveries are free/not tradeable

    So if using CA makes your gold/minutes higher then how is it a waste? So yes it is worth it and surely they can think, I mean you're the one (Miriad) doing 2boxes per mission with +9FM lancer while everyone else here would do at least double so who's not thinking?

    Its incredibley how people keep referring to farm guardian missions.
    a) many many people dont have the ability or equipment (not until you are late twisthard - frostmetal) to effectively farm guardian missions.
    b) people have a life, they cant spend 24 hours farming guardian missions. Many people are thankful that they can spend 2 hours a day playing Tera.

    So, yes other alternative methods to farm gold would be fine. Many people need em.

    Well if the "many" people that you're talking about are dedicated enough to "farm gold", they' should have FM+0 weapon within a few days assuming you can play 2-3hrs/day (or well the first 3days you are "farming" gold).
    So the "many" people in need of gold farming alternatives, should just suck it up for 2-3days, spend everything they have into their weapon so they can farm guardian faster.
    As a guardian/twist, all you can do is 2/3stars & IoD anyway (if we dont take into account guardians)

    Assuming you're "farming" in an efficient way (which is very basic activities (often boring yes)), you should be able to enchant your twistshard to FM within a week. You need about 7500 gear XP to have 100% success rate up till FM. You blame gear XP but you're not maxing your gear XP so can't really whine if you fail

    7500gear xp can be acquired in about 4days doing guardians & VG Teralith, you'll also have enough mats/emblem to obtain around 350 polished ore and about 60k gold.

    Anyway, not sure what grindy mmo you were playing if you seriously think Tera has a "grind/farm" problem at twistshard. Tera is a joke compared to many older mmorpg.

    About the facts new players present here, and about the fact that no one takes obvious lies such as "everyone is 446" serious.

    Miriad is completely right with everything he has said about the game and the terrible state of its community.

    Its true tho, Tera has very few new players. And many of them give up before 65. Not sure how I'm whining about it tho?
    He said "almost everyone" if you want to use quote marks. Its obviously exagerated and mostlikely refering to actively playing players. It takes about a month to get full SC+0 (446) for a dedicated player, thus his statement.
    The LFG's are pretty much always the same people, so if thats not a sign... idk what is. Not sure again how you perceive this as me whining ?

    The community is as terrible as any other games tbh. That being said you're also part of said terrible community, just take a loot at your posts and how many times you called someone a "blatant liar" or even accusing them of cheats simply because you cannot do what others can.

    Anyway, Miriad got all the answered he needed and you're obviously trolling, i'm done.

    This right there is a textbook example of trolling. Don't expect anyone to take your ilk serious, if all you can do is making outrageous claims.

    Says the one who calls everyone liar and complains about made up "facts and statistics" while doing the same exact same?

    Tera has very little new players, thus its a safe assumption that Tomo was talking about dedicated player / player actively playing the game.

    Not to worry tho, no one is taking any of your latest posts seriously.

    When I used to do x2/4 Lillith NM I ended up with at least 10 polished ore. Not to mention the other stuff. (But yes, Polished Ore has been a problem for many, pretty sure its meant to be easier to obtain in future patches)

    Well now you can upgrade your weapon to Frost Metal and keep enchanting it. Yes I know they're hard to IM, not many people are bothering with them and the fact that you're probably a DPS does not help. Thing is getting to 446 or even 439 is pretty much the same routine, either you want to do it efficiently or you randomly queue and hope for the best. (x40 guardian + IoD Teralith while queueing until you reached your VG limit (16) is the fastest way)

    I do not expect you to level from 60 to 65, I was talking about what you said earlier "i have 2 characters stuck one at level 61 in thaumetal refinery," Either I misunderstood what you meant or what you said made no sense, in any way, yes you're supposed to do story quest from 60 to 65.

    You asked for a way to "skip" the quest forced by the game that require you to do dungeon, as you pointed out yourself, you're already 65, so you can simply skip it until you find a group for it. Not sure what server you're on, but there are many TRNM running, so not sure what your problem is.

    1-60 is different tho, most people that leveled more than one character dont really bother with the story quest anymore and simply spam dungeon, be it solo or via IM.
    If you went back to do the dungeon just to finish the quest/story because you like such, then its all good. Otherwise, if you did it for the xp, its just a waste of time, especially when you got to 60, going back to finish a lvl 50quest is pointless (again, if its for the xp and not just for the sake of finishing it), one normal monster in the 60 area probably gives 10 times what that quest gave.
    Also the game isnt forcing you to do anything, it tells you what quest you have and where it is located, in your case, in a dungeon which is made for 5person, nothing stops you to go in at that level and solo it right away (this is what experienced player do), other people keep on leveling doing either another quest while queueing or simply ask for help from an higher level person.

    hahahahahaha NO. Maybe 20-30% TOPS. why are most forum posters blatant liars when it comes to facts and statistics?

    So...exactly what you just did?

    You seem to either be a troll or a fairly new player, it goes without saying that Tomo isn't speaking about players that started the game 3weeks ago.

    As to answer @Miriad

    Polished Ore drop in 3stars dungeon, I usually end up with a decent amount after a few runs and dont forget that you can also dismantle other material that you don't need.

    As for guardian mission, enchant and upgrade your weapon, spend everything you have on it and guardian will become easier and easier.
    If a new player wants to be efficient he has to do x40 guardian and as many Teralith quest he can do while queuing for 431, once you're 439 you can also do x3 higher tier bam and replace teralith with 439 dungeons. If you have TC you should also do x2 GG/character.
    Guardians rewards = 12k gold + 10k credits which can be used to buy Polished Ore, I do not remenber the price tho (300/each? will check later). Always enchant your weapon first, use all your gold if need be, the better your weapon the faster your get your rewards.
    Teralith are great because you kill them fast (usually before they even have the time to fully get up, assuming you know where their back is (once you killed a few you'll realize where it is)) and you get gear XP + 180 meta emblem (2 polished) , not to mention gold + VG credits).

    Dungeons aren't secondary they're the "main" thing in this game, what he meant was that guardian+teralith at your ilvl are much more efficient.

    As for the game forcing you to play dungeon as part of the story, you can simply not do it? Tho while leveing from 60 to 65 the game doesnt force you to run any dungeon as part of the story quest. Your character level 61 cannot possibly have the Thaumetal Refinery quest as it is a level 65 one (and incase it does due to some bug just ignore it and keep leveling with the other story quest you have.

    the crystals are the normal dungeon ones (Focused/Savage/Spiteful/Pounded), slaying is unviable in an environment where healers don't even heal you after you drop below 20-30%.

    there are tons of reasons why guardians are unviable as a source of income for anyone below SC-0 running it ungrouped.

    Slaying is not viable because healer aren't healing..? What? This is exactly what you want if you're using slaying, to not get healed and manage your own hp. Problem on Mystel is that you cannot properly use slaying as you will mostlikely get randomly healed by totem or the priest aoe.

    The source of income is the exact same whether you're TS , FM or SC, the time it'll take you is what varies. All in all, you're supposed to enchant and upgrade your gear anyway. I created a character on Mystel a few months ago, started from scratch (tho I did have Tera Club running), got to SC+0 weap (rest fm+0) within 7days (didnt play more than 3hours/day),
    The fact that you dont know how to do something in an efficient manner doesn't mean everyone is lying, what you should probably do is ask for tips on how to do things instead of calling everyone a liar.

    Funnily enough whoever doesnt believe how fast guardian can be, aren't playing on Killian and therefor cannot use slaying, which makes quite a big difference.

    And/or are simply not using consumables or are just bad. (Not to mention the trollers).

    considering we finish dungeons like RMHM in 8minutes with mediocre party

    ??? Define mediocre please lol

    Top parties will do each boss in 2min to 3min (and there arent that many sub 3min kills on Lachelith).
    So mostlikely the average run of a top/good party is about 10min. And mediocre party will take about 15-20min.

    So wait, let me repeat the last 2days. Pve players cry here for pve Talents while every dungeon what is inside the game right now, in the past and in the future will be clearable even without talents. But you still want talents cause your edick is to small when you compare your proxydps with the korean ones. Ohhh no wait. You cryed for dsu buffs even before the dungeon was inside tera EU. Then tera EU gave you a useless 23power buff and you guys were still able to clear this dungeon even without buffs or talents. Is this how tera eu players want to have a challenge? Ooohhh wait, you can cry again like 2 years ago When content Was to boring.

    So you just want talents, doesnt matter what part of the game you are destroying for a bit dps boost you dont really need. Cool. You are good guys.

    Get a life. Show some socialism

    Was it actually cleared with "only" +23 power buff tho? Wasn't it +x% dmg+crit factor? not to mention the use of CA and Glorious Memento.

    Beside when the "crying" happened, Koreans couldnt even reach the 10th floor despite having talents, korean ping and mostlikely proxy aswell. Then they got a nerfed version, which is the version we now have, and it still takes 9min (unless CA) on average despite the current DS buff.