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    Lately I have been getting ingame message "game has lost connection to the server". When I press the button in the dialog it takes me to the server selection screen. If I try to choose my server mystel, the client gives error message account already logged in or something. The only way to fix it is restarting the whole client. This is pretty damn annoying when you are playing battlegrounds. Happens multiple times during evening and Im definitely not losing internet connection,

    Anyone else having this problem? Using steam client if that got anything to do with it. :elin13:

    What Ulith said is kinda right. The merge would have happened sooner or later whether people asked for it or not. It could come in 1 month from now or maybe 4 months or 6 months even. Without date estimate its not really that different than saying "We have forwarded your feedback and will get back to you soon" - type of response.

    Holy shit. Why even bother playing massive multiplayer online game if you want to play in ghost town server. You are clearly minority here, you can always buy the transfer voucher and transfer to yurian if you want to have your single player experience.

    anyway, good to see it finally being merged. Im fairly sure the new server will be pve but I dont think majority of killian people care about that.

    Eh kurtzpel ? I was excited for that game but when I played it in cbt it seemed pretty wack. The idea was good but it was like 1 year too early to be released. But I guess its early access so its kind of expected.

    I only pvp aswell and the broker fee thing was the only reason why I bought Tera Club. Really no point getting one now

    Well it keeps happening every single day and nothing seems to be done about it. Not sure if gameforge cannot find the person who is doing it.

    However here is a video I made about it. It's displaying the hacker cheating. I didnt mention his name in the video and probably wont here either. I have sent a report ticket to gameforges support with hackers name and video provided to get him banned.

    What you guys think? I dont want to frame anyone innocent obviously but nothing is being done. If you do check the video, watch it from the beginning so it's easy to understand what I mean. I may have tinfoil hat on or something but I think its quite clear.

    Edit: oh yeah LISTEN TO THE SOUND


    Some people were thinking it's me(plun) and because of that I have been getting kicked out of 80% games today. Don't know where they got the idea but maybe I was fighting around and they thought it must be me.

    So I recorded some footage of it, happening constantly in one of my games. Strange thing is that it kept capping itself even after game ended already. In the video there was someone near mid from enemy team but I dont know if he is related or not. May just have been afking there or something.

    @around 2:10 it starts.

    Many of the people who used to pvp on Killian transfered to Mystel. The only few left are people who got their guild and people who doesnt want to lose their EP. The chat&trade&global are dead as hell. When i was logged in after 5 hours there was like 10 messages posted since I logged in. And most of them were from the same people. Meanwhile on Mystel the chat gets more messages than that just in few minutes.

    It really depends if you care about that stuff at all, you could just use cross server match making and still do bgs. I went to Mystel from killian myself since I didn't really have anything to lose (no EP) and didn't want to play in ghost town

    Current state of Killian is pretty sad. They will probably merge Killian and Mystel into one after the "influx of new & returning players(if there will even be any)" cool down after lvl 70 patch.

    One problem is that they will most likely boost the rewards and nerf content towards the end of the event and make it much easier to get that VM3 stuff. Thats why I think it needs to be planned early. If by the end of the event most people have end game gear, i dont think having permanent server after that would make much sense. PvP wise probably it would be okay but I dont think pve players would like that much.