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    By the way, according to the old news, the TERA mobile had another name - T2. Very similar to TERA 2.

    Don't know about how PVE will be. But if they copy HIT's simple and effective PVP system, then it's the game that you mentioned. Though I think the game wasn't released for some reasons - Although the mobile gaming market is already larger than PC's. Not many people have a good tablet/phone that can run this kind of games smoothly.

    There will never be TERA 2, there are some new projects and spin off:

    - Project EXA is likely the real deal. Not much information known yet. But this is likely the new TERA people think.
    - The project with Kakao Games (Note: They do not give it to Enmasse)
    - Devilian PC (TERA turns diablo)
    - (Mobile) HIT - Heroic of Incredible Heores (NAT games. created by a TERA developer)
    - (Mobile) Devilian
    - (Mobile) TERA (will be published by Nexon)

    About a new Tera that focus mostly on PvP, and will be more optimized than our current Tera. This is totally possible. We can check these 2 games.

    First is HIT, HIT has borrowed many elements from TERA. It's not a real bomb, it's has p2w craps and a horrible grind. But it has its fans. The unreal engine 4 is optimized and work very well for mobile phones and tablet. The game is beautiful and optimized (in 720p). You are obligated to PVP. The game features 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, 5 players raid and multi-players backgrounds. This game only have DPS so the matcher always give you games within a few seconds.

    (Recently, there are some issues, players are ping-poing around in PVP. And they nerfed their Elin sorcerer clone too much that many Korean players are raging in fury. Let's pretend that this never happened. )

    Second is Devilian mobile. It looks like a shameless copy of HIT's system, guess it doesn't matter since BHS has the original TERA and won't be sued (say, who is the one copying?). Devilian is more modern, and show technically TERA can be much better if it was remade again with Unreal engine 4.

    From this 2 games, we know everything is possible when you make a new game. Actually, there is a good chance that TERA mobile can run more efficient than TERA PC.

    Gear difference: Smaller could be better. But most important is the curve of upgrade and how it benefits the server activity.

    Advertising: Type "TERA" on google, at least you see Gameforge above Enmasse. I did see Gameforge's advertisement on some websites before. I didn't think these kind of advertisement could bring hype to tera.

    Server merge: If I were to decide, we will have 4 servers at most by late of Jan.

    I think the Game's management parameters are not properly defined. This is not a browser game, the environment need to be lively so people can be more social. There must be very active trading. Currently, the trading level of the biggest PVE server is like a joke.

    Anyway, it's way too late for changes. I'm pessimist. The game will be deserted by Feb or so. I expect a smooth transaction in server merge, since the merged servers won't be too lively.

    Mine is a 3 years old system

    I5 2500K no OC (Turned off for cooler summer, I do not feel needing to enable OC)
    a Gigabyte MB that allows OC
    AMD HD7770

    Performance is okay when I don't use fancy effects. I think I use AMD's recommended value usually.

    There are several possibilities, but I think the main reason is the 3 healers requirements. Although the change was an answer for players' requests, no one wanted the dead of queue as for a fairer game.

    They should build a smarter matcher for battlegrounds.

    Generally it's positive. The updated nexus split people so there is no fps issue. It helped me to gear up my alt toon (Schisma gears are a bit overpriced in broker).

    One day my dps was in Ghillieglade entrance so I went as healer instead. The dps were aggressive so I got only 2 kills. We have 82% hp, but I don't get any reward. From healer's POV, this is not rewarding.

    When you have a 10Mbit connection, you can usually download at 1MB. If you get lower speed, it's mostly because....your Wi-Fi stinks

    If I were GF, I would do this:

    One week before the arrival of the new class, merge old servers to 1 EN, 1 DE, 1FR PVE server, merge all PVP servers. Then open one International PVE server, and one International PVP server with double XP and free migration. Alternatively, give double XP on all servers and open server depending on demand.

    When people need to level up from Lv1, remember to always include double XP event with the release of new class. It's part of the program to remain-competent-so-people-won't-quit-together.

    The fps I get depending on video setting. However, with the recommendating setting from the AMD, graphic quality is okay and it feels light.

    CPU: i5 2500k
    (I do not like to overclock in summer)
    Ram: 4G
    Video: HD7770
    Resolution: 760p

    A kind reminder, check the ventilation of your PC. PC tends to blow up in hot summer.

    Usually we get the patch the same week, likely Thursday. However, when things go wrong, we may get the patch late.

    Let's be realistic:
    - EU has more tweaks now. They have to decide on the loot table.
    (Smart people may actually check NA's loots, since the epic publisher war has already started)
    - People tend to take a break on summer.

    EU does not have high population PVE servers, you have choose Arcadia or Fraya for the average size, or the 2 others servers for low populations.

    GF management are being cucumbers when it's about building populated servers. In exchange, is that the current servers are quite fast.

    I think ktera is unpopular in korea PARTLY because it's too 'expensive'. It's like the old TERA EU (in march-april) with mwa and all kind of consumables all from cash tokens.

    NA is doing well, but it's probably because they have no real licensing cost so they can't go all the way they like. Even if they have some liquidation, it means nothing for a 100% owned subsidiary with its parent company.

    The cost and revenue-sharing model kinda limit the game experience of tera