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    Why do people always say that?
    I do think that more PvP than PvE players have left, but definitely not most of them. I lost so many friends over the past years, none of those were active in PvP. I wasn't even active in PvP myself for the last 3 years or so, when I left in october.

    Because that is fact.

    I left Tera more than 3 years ago. And I did exactly because they killed PvP. First by "balance"patches" then by absurdal classes: reaper and gunner and then completly removed PvP option from PvP servers. The earlier version of Tera is, was better. And I realy would like to play old version (I mean 2012 or even earlier version - Our beta versions was KR 58 lvl cap patch and it was great) with outlaw system from 11 lvl.

    I even installed the game when Valkyria class was released. I left on lvl 12 when I was unable to take outlaw quest on so called PvP server and noticed in patch notes PvP was taken away from PvP server (LOL? WTF?!). Without open PvP the game have no sense, no metter how combat system is good.

    PVE classic server with this patch does not make sense. It could be better just actualise this instances and put to newest patch.

    What could make classic server great are true classic Tera etures back:

    - Outlaw system and OWPvP

    - No reaper

    - Old items stats (10% hard PvP damage reduction per armor piece)

    - Old balance (no aditional damage reduction that recive robe classes and CC based on stata, not 100% CC fest with guarante combo)

    It means true classic server could be the best as PvP 58 lvl patch or at least patch 1.0.

    • You want to experience the Alliance System? We got it.
    • You want to experience the Battlegrounds from back then? We got them.
    • You want to experience the Nexus Invasion? We got it.
    • You want to play the Wonderholme Raid? We got it.
    • You want to challenge Kaprima of old? We got it.


    Yes! But with true classic balance! Without Reaper and where CC was based on stats,!

    I does not care about lagfest invasion!



    All I want is true classic PvP experience! PK and clan wars!

    With this setup of server, I'm not going to even touch it. There is no reason for it.

    I'm not going to support them if they make so obvious mistake. Most important of all this patch is patch that make me leave Tera online, so why I should support it?

    I want true classic Tera.

    I do not care about PvE as well but be honest, this game is linked to PvE and you can not convince bigger crowd without give something for all of them. And truth is 58 lvl patch was amazing on Korea and EU release already from 60 lvl cap was wasty huge part of really good content.

    Also for PvP-ers:

    - pre 60 lvl patch did not forced to gring PvE instances because every items was possible to buy. And mobs droped far more gold. So actually there was PvP in open world for spots - and moving people out of safe zones and give reason to PvP is most important part of PvP in MMORPGs.

    - BG was available long before Manaya patch, just because unknown reason it was not released and EU/NA patch 1.0

    - it was not balanced. This game was never balanced. But pre Manaya patch PvP armors had 10% hard reduction damage in PvP for each part. It was give in sum -30% reduction damage what make PvP alot longer and more fun. Also CC was depend by mix of impact and balance stats and skills stats. I had alot more fun when PvP was less predictable and learning combos (make makro) was not the meta. And in old times reaction on effect of each atack was more important than play by memory.

    Merge the current servers to one so they have enough ppl to play with and their areas are not dead and creat one classic server with dreamkeeper as Top gear and patch it then how the comunity want it.

    As long as I do agree with rest of post, I think this update is a bit too new. I would prefer classic server from pre EU launch version where cap was 58 lvl. (I guess that is "Closed Beta Test 5 - Patch Notes and Server Opening Times" in EU).(cap at 38 lvl was made by frogster and PvP at this lvl was also fun)

    That is because pre launch version PvP was a bit more fun.

    And most people think Manaya was most challenging part. Without even try Kelsaik and other 58 lvl dungeons on this level and with items from this era.

    So far the fact is that the "classic" server is going to be on a patch that made people leave the game(mwa nerf, mes nerf, nexus removal, manaya nerf, reaper etc...).

    This is very important thing.

    IMO earlier patches started downgrade this game, but this one is critical.

    So staring have conclusion - inside Gameforge as a corporation must be 2 factions. One of them want try restart the game with classic version, and second one want just to kill this project. Because we talk about corporation, decision propably is not made by one persion but based on middle ground in headquarter. So faction that want kill the project forcing intentionally exactly this patch. Because they are know PvE server with this server can not be popular and will fall very fast. So there will be strong argument to kill the project.

    Because really, choosing this patch and in PvE only version is like sabotage the game.

    why are you even here if the game stopped being fun 7 years ago for you

    Because I was big fan of Tera. I played it during FGT and during KR beta and futher. In fact Tera broke my heart because this game has so huge potential. But now I just visiting this froum from time to time (one per 1-2 years), and this time I found news about this classic server in MMO news. So I'm here to share my opinion about so called "classic" server that going to be released. Sadly, that is not something that should be called "classic".

    VM3 patch is not classic. Only pre VM era can be called classic, where:

    - we have no reaper class
    - CC is based on stats, not guaranted on skills so opoponents does not die by guarantened combos.
    - true OWPVP
    - PvP items have PVP damage reduced by hard % reduction (10% per armor piece + crystals)
    - top PvP items are obtainable from 58 lvl dungeons, latter from BG (not VM)
    - there is way to farm alot of gold in open world so OWPvP is alive for spots

    Huh... long time.

    Many of you say what patch was the best. But most of you count from patch where just started this game. As someone who followed this game from very early phase of devloping of this game (I was in focus group test and played KR Tera before release in EU) I can say the every earlier version was just better. Every next update since FGT version destroyed some part of oryginal design of this game, with was true masterpiece.

    no point in even trying, nobody wants to play this shit again especially with failforge as the publisher

    whats left of this game is toxic cunts with their mothers credit card, a really shitty publisher that prioritizes shop updates over anything else (look at homepage), shitty updates most of which are centered around fat fuckin thighed elins and constantly recycled same shit different patch

    Tera had big population at start. But most left because of stupid changes. In fact, this games still does not have decent competition in tearms of no-target combat system (BDO is a joke in this cathegory). As long as I left Tera few years ago, I still would like to come back to classic server, same as I curently play classic L2. I guess there is more peole like that would come back to clasic server.

    To be honest, I do not play this game for very long time. But when I see this complains there is no sense.

    So Brawlers are almost unkillable or not?

    Is it that dofferent than oneshotting esspecially when when all of this classes have 20m range? Did not you forget about sorc?

    Tera since release was broken game. Perhaps now classes are just better balance so everybody can complain on every class while the game is just broken.

    BHS is very lazy company and seems they dropped this idea, shape changer:chest will stay only for old costumes. (This idiots from korea seems to investing only in to elin race. It will not surprise me if we will even see Tera 2 there will be only one race)

    From other hand I just logged to the game see if new swimsuits are available in AH. No, it means RNG make almost inpossible to get from event of whale box - as alwas wasted time when try once agan play this game.

    10% is huge but thats the dmg a Valk does on top of all classes. If you play her well you still will do plenty of dmg.

    Why don't make reaper and gunner good only when "play well"?

    I'm practically a guest now, but over years I see this discrimination of classes in this game and stupid arguments like "when play well".

    I guess such a server would not get any content updates and would go back to level cap 60 or 58? Otherwise it would not make any sense.

    The only good changes would be that Fraywind and Skyring are the only battlegrounds and gear is +12.

    The best would be back to KR release version with level cap at 50 with only change to add westernised outlaw declaration from lvl 11. And after 4 month update to 58 lvl cap with kelsaik dungeon as endgame. And keep this content for around year before next update (western release version).

    And here is why:
    50 lvl cap was great content but withut any endgame dungeon. But it all road to 50 lvl was mostly on elite mobs with very hard BAMs on the map. Exp to 50 lvl was slow and hard, very hard for solo players. This content is very possitive to make players play together, form clans and stable community. As well as great OWPvP.
    58 lvl cap content is content what we did not got. I was time when Kelsaik was hardest dungeon (on ou version people did it on 60 lvl gear from new lvl cap). Beside this there was plenty of other dungeons, but also good open world spots and one of the best class balance (if this game had ever good class balance). This content was huge and fun.