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    No it doesn't. It leads us to believe what we already know. Blue Hole Studios doesn't know what the hell they're doing in terms of quality game design, good game decisions, or good marketing. They started out making a great game with a great combat system. They had a great foundation somehow (must have had different people in charge back then), then their company simply continued ruining Tera for years on end.

    As Focus Game Tester and someone who played this game on KR server and from EU release I can confirm it. Basically every patch even if bring something new to the game also destroyed some good points of previous build.

    And I guess this is the reason -…ealing-lineage-iii-assets

    To be honest nobody make here objective arguments. The most important for company is revenue, after that is retention. This data was never published and there is no company that will make so important data public. Data like number of created accounts is completely not important and can be used only for marketing.

    I personally vouch for 2012&2013 content, and believe that most Classic Tera fans preferred it over 2014 and 2015 content (especially over December 2014 which was the level 65 patch. Most of 2014 aside from December wasn't too terrible. It was still more or less the same game with a few new dungeons and reapers).

    Well... I prefer 2011 content. And I think release plan for EU and NA was wrong. The game would be in much better shape if we could start from full Kelsaik patch (with BG that was cut on release) and after 8-12 months update to full Shandra Manaya. This way we could have from release tons of content for over 1,5 year. And this could give devs time for another big patch, much better designed than this 2014 content.

    Number of accounts means very little. People installing game and then unistall. So marketing working - but not neccesery quality of game. The crucial data, we do not have access are revenue and retention. And this is not even transferable between P2P and F2P payment models. Only obvious fact is the game must keep much better quality to keep retention in P2P model.

    Besides those baised arguments there are other hard data that can tell us what times were the best for TERA, that hard data point out inmediatly to TERA around 2014-2015 but as always people here will try to tell others that their thoughts are the truth, not even "real data" they can share or other people can investigate.

    Get real, if you guys think that your own idea of a classic server 2012 is the best, that again failed world wide on launch and had to make a lot of changes in the first year the game was released, then there is no hope for you at all.

    First Tera was released in Korea and it was insanely successful launch. At release date they needed to add more servers and in insane amounts. But hype was short, around one month.

    PRoblem was they released 48 lvl content only. There was not endgame. Just beach with big crabs.

    People had wait realy long time to get 50 lvl endgame content. Ofcours, they was complain. So problem was not the game just the manegment.

    After thet KR finally reased 58 lvl path - Keilaik and this was most succesfull patch of the game at P2P era.

    But they did not released this for EU and NA. They waited for next patch. In the end they for over year holded release the game for EU and NA what ofcourse cause financial problems for Frogster.

    Finally version released for EU and NA was not Kelaik patch. But patch witch new region, mobs that give very much experience, gold and easy to get items better than the ones that drop from Kelaik patch instances what make endgame no existant. Because there was not Nexus and Shandra Manaya. There was not even battlegrounds. They did it again - released game without endgame content. Again, problem was not game but management.

    Beside you say F2P era was more successful. That is obvious F2P games are more populated and generate more income. This model actually destroing MMORPG marcet because it make worst trash game succesfull. Look at something like Genshin Impact - are you call it good game? It's an trash. But it's F2P.

    Same here. Success with come with F2P system does not related to quality of game but just payment model and fact it became free.

    Did you ever play anything post gunner/brawler/ninja/valkyrie? Did you play nowadays all the content Tera had to offer? Did you ever play for at least 3 months consistently post 2017?

    There is no PvP server so there is no way for me to even touch it.

    "Especially when it come to PvP that was much more unpredictable because CC rate was not constant."

    So you're saying that PvP in lvl 58 vanilla Tera patch was more unpredictable because... there was less CC? Shouldn't the opposite be true LOL.

    For you unpredictable = less?

    I did not say "less". It was unpredictable because CC was possible to resist based on gear and class stats. So there was no constants combo because there was breaks in CC that allowed to escape or even counter combo.

    I also don't understand why are you spreading misinformation regarding the gear of lvl 65 patch claiming that "But PvP damge reduction options in gear was." as if PvP gear/stats didn't exist in lvl 65 patch?

    After late 60 lvl patch was implemented PvP statistics that was blended in to damage formula. Before it was hard reduction. For example Kelsaik armor had in each part hard 10% PvP damage reduction. It change completly outcome of numbers because it is more effective agains hard hit and in case when one player is undergear - because that is hard percentage reduction.

    Also when I said it still has the same gameplay mechanics, I was referring to how the classes functioned among how the combat system (including charms and pots) worked. Which isn't false at all.

    Did the game get faster? Yes absolutely.

    Did some skills get reworked over time? Yes, a couple of skills got some updates overtime. (For example Mystic self-cleanse with Arun's Cleansing Touch, or the Archer traps)

    Did the game mechanics change? No. Knockdown, stuns, staggers, cleansable and uncleansable debuffing skills and statused still worked the same as before - unlike now. With Brawler onwards they started to add "pulling" mechanics and that buggy knockup mechanic. THAT's when combat-mechanics in PvP started to go out of hand. I shouldn't even mention that these things are nearly non-existent now, literally everything is cleansable, so using certain debuffing skills is almost pointless.

    So I guess change game speed is drastic change.

    Same as everything you posted. This is completely different game than vanilla Tera.

    I don't deny I am extremely biased towards early lvl 65 patch, but at least I experienced almost all content of Tera.

    You can be biased toward this patch. And I don't want convince you. But this is way away from Vanilla Tera that should be consider as classic.

    And as for lvl 58 vanilla Tera, in terms of content, it had no content besides the grindy leveling.

    As I said. We did not got this patch. We got newer patch that implemented new region where grind was more effective. True 58 lvl patch was only in KR for over year. I know this because I played on KR server before Tera was released in EU and NA. And endgame was based on 3 or 4 dungeons. The hardest one was Kelsaik - orginally Kelsaik raid was harder than Shandra Manaya.

    Go play BDO if you want to grind for levels.

    I do not like grind but grind give ocasion for OWPvP and this is what I do like the most. But BDO have idiotic karma system. And it is too fast and too flashy for me. I play still Lineage 2 so thank for advice but I will not follow it.

    I'd like to remind people once again, that the early lvl 65 versions of Tera very much still have the same gameplay mechanics as vanilla Tera.

    Please do not dissinform people that did not saw vanilla Tera. 65 lvl patch is something completely different from vanilla Tera. Especially when it come to PvP that was much more unpredictable because CC rate was not constant. But PvP damge reduction options in gear was. There was also not reaper class - the cancer of Tera.

    Overall the best balanced was early 58 lvl patch (Kelsaik patch). But we did not got it. We got next patch but before even Nexus and Shandra Manaya.

    And this should be classic Tera - Kelsaik patch. Early 58 lvl patch was completed and solid game. And this could be progressed till Shandra Manaya patch. But after that it ould be developed separtly. And crap that was done after should be avoided.

    This means that at the very least, the KTera side is actually considering opening a Classic server.

    This means nothing. We do not even know what exactly they call classic Tera. If that is Tera version what was released as P2P game then ok. Best woul be Kelsaik patch (58 lvl cap). But if that is version of P2P model - that changed almost everything in game includes combat system then it would be same as current servers.

    I feel like many people will disagree with me on this, but a full-on classic server would fail, even if it is for PvP.

    As someone who has played on the event classic server hosted by GF nearly 2 years ago, which was a mix of vm1-3 let me tell you this:

    So called classic from 2 years ago is nothing we call call true classic Tera. This patch was already broken.

    With Tera that is simple, the earlier version is the better. And best would be classic based on Kelsaik patch. That is patch before that was released as NA/EU lunch.

    In fact we got on lunch version that was already after some big changes was made to the game that startert turn the game in to crap.

    Stupid statments without any examples.

    MMO is popular and games like BDO prove it.

    PvP is active in every MMO that have it like EVE online. Albion reveniue is $13.5M per year while game looks like trash. So problem is not lack of players that want MMO and PVP but lack of games.

    Moba is completly different genre. Players that want play MMO are not neccesery interested in to moba or battle royale and vice versa.

    Most people would not even come back for TERA Classic.

    Splitting the low playerbase will not work out well too.

    TERA needs to be closed in all regions (PC and Consoles) and a new TERA PvP only game should be developed in 2021.

    Most people of what? You realise most people who played at beginning, that was doesens of full servers left Tera because of idiotic changes happened over time? Every single update bring so little possitive things and always had to destroy something far more important for the game. And was not only since launch, not even since KR launch even since focus group tests (yes I was in focus group tests and I saw one of very first published game build).

    I do not know how many would come back. But classic versions of other MMOs are rather successfull.

    Old players wont return to TERA even if they make a permanent classic server. Just look at how many times "privates servers" have failed and you still dont learn the lesson TERA is not the great game you think it is. Add to that the worst publisher and dev combo its obvious the outcome.

    If this would be true classic PvP server I would return. I think the game was great when released.

    I did not saw any privs.

    When Gameforge tried htis they immediately hit a snag, they playerbase is nowhere near as huge resuling in a further split that made the live servers ghost towns for most of its duration

    Playerbase did not got huge grown because patch was wrong. It would be completly opposite if they would released 56 lvl patch on PvP server.

    Fact the curent servers would became even more empty is only proof Tera went wrong dirrection and need reboot.

    Why do people always say that?
    I do think that more PvP than PvE players have left, but definitely not most of them. I lost so many friends over the past years, none of those were active in PvP. I wasn't even active in PvP myself for the last 3 years or so, when I left in october.

    Because that is fact.

    I left Tera more than 3 years ago. And I did exactly because they killed PvP. First by "balance"patches" then by absurdal classes: reaper and gunner and then completly removed PvP option from PvP servers. The earlier version of Tera is, was better. And I realy would like to play old version (I mean 2012 or even earlier version - Our beta versions was KR 58 lvl cap patch and it was great) with outlaw system from 11 lvl.

    I even installed the game when Valkyria class was released. I left on lvl 12 when I was unable to take outlaw quest on so called PvP server and noticed in patch notes PvP was taken away from PvP server (LOL? WTF?!). Without open PvP the game have no sense, no metter how combat system is good.

    PVE classic server with this patch does not make sense. It could be better just actualise this instances and put to newest patch.

    What could make classic server great are true classic Tera etures back:

    - Outlaw system and OWPvP

    - No reaper

    - Old items stats (10% hard PvP damage reduction per armor piece)

    - Old balance (no aditional damage reduction that recive robe classes and CC based on stata, not 100% CC fest with guarante combo)

    It means true classic server could be the best as PvP 58 lvl patch or at least patch 1.0.