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    actually, DO kiss the bam. the less distance you have the easier it gets to perform the best defense: using your iframes (and glacial) through the boss. cause that means the boss has to turn 180° towards you which takes a lot of time, giving you precious time to reload your cooldowns for survivability AND also moar damage


    nachdem Yosha leider Tera den Rücken gekehrt hat, gibt es keinen guide mehr der irgendwo auf einer Seite zusammengefasst wurde.

    ich kann dir jedoch das discord für die Sorcs empfehlen, da findest du viele grundinformationen, halte an dieser stelle auch ausschau nach den Spielern namens Aparia oder Austin, die wissen da am meisten bescheid ~ Link hier:

    Sorc ist sehr stark im PvE, nicht gerade S wie Archer, aber solides A

    falls du ingame tips suchst, auf Yurian gibts sorcs die meist irgendwo in Höhenwacht an der Säule chillen c: such dir einen der beiden aus.

    i vouch for Fane of Kaprima with release gear (when Dreamkeeper was max)

    alternative for timescape, actually make her a timelord:
    depending on what seal is active, set overall fight tempo to double or half , both player and bosses gain atkspeed and cooldown reduction/increase

    hallo, ich gehe davon aus das du einen Reaper hast der gerade frisch levelt. mir ist das gleiche aufgefallen auf einer niedrigen level/skillstufe (NICHT 65!) du führst den ersten teil der animation aus, jedoch sobald ein hit dich trifft wird jegliche animation abgebrochen ~

    meine vermutung wäre also das von Rache I der zweite teil der Skillanimation... nicht existiert?

    Hello, i'd like to add some points to this

    1) the dps meter is only in the training dungeon, and point being it only shows overall damage per second, not actually a detailed breakdown of skills which is the actual point of benefiting from shinrameter for self improvement
    2) the training dungeon is NOT an accurate reperensation of any dungeon run due to missing party members (and no; only having healer buffs is not an accurate supplement) as well as it being perma enrage
    3) NA/EME did indeed provoke a mass exodus via shutting down the proxy sites, tho the actual block came from the proxy devs themselves that simply said "no more support for NA"
    4) NA/EME later has ALLOWED proxy with a blind eye, meaning all basic QoL stuff like FPS, SP and likewise is not being followed (ofc you still will get punished for shady stuff)

    5) I am not using proxy for bahaar and im not getting kicked

    6) like kraxler said, people will notice bad players even without a shinra-meter

    7) Shinra meter isnt proxy.

    just my 70 cents ~ Miri

    or rushing dreadspire to get/sell some 2.0 before it closes its doors

    also having rumours about the removal of strong bravery access because BH seems to have the intend on globalize stuff a bit more surely doesnt help :^)

    I'll try to explain my thinking

    point 1 : there has been no server-merges since talents got introduced, neither on EU nor on Korea
    point 2 : since server info and databases is based on developer work, Bluehole also has to dictate how a server merge works
    point 3 : If noone knows what happens with your talent points during merge, why risk it?
    point 4 : I did follow some discussions in the theorycraft discord a while ago, which also had a topic regarding the announced merge on korea, here is one extract from it
    point 5: here is how Ktera handled various points for the merge (which is today)…4articlesn=775&n4pageno=2

    Characteristic level integrated It is integrated at the highest level of integration among the servers to be integrated .

    point 6: Athena mentioned it herself on page 18:

    We cannot announce anything concrete now, but we do consider this idea.
    As we have a schedule/planning to follow and as it requires some technical procedures, this is not something that we can easily do right now.
    However, when this will be on our plan we will keep you informed about it.

    so from those points i could conclude, Gameforge simply had no option to perform a merge, even if they would have wanted

    Transfering an individual character data from server A to B is totally different story from merging two servers whole database.
    Server transfers are an automated system featured in the cash shop, this same system if outdated(for whichever reason...) still has nothing to do with server merge.

    Single char transfer is not what tob was referring to tho, he did mean merging server A and B together

    Lancer buffs haben so ca 90s cooldown, d.h für den Priester sollte er lediglich 7 treffer mit Zenobias brauchen damit der cooldown von Jüngste Beschwörung ebenfalls 90s hat

    beim Mystic ist der Cooldown von Verseuchung bei 78s, dh da kannst du dir überlegen bis zu 12s zu warten bevor du es loslässt, vergiss jedoch nicht das die Verseuchung idealerweise direkt bei enrage begin gezogen werden sollte
    was den Zorni betrifft, mit lediglich knapp 50s cd dürfte der soweit passen wenn du mit dem ca 10-15s wartest, da kommen die meisten spieler wieder in den genuss von Drachen/root beer, andere burn skills

    für weitere Infos, vielleicht hilft dir das ja weiter ~…qGxAGBrs/edit?usp=sharing