Final/farewell quest line in full

  • Thank you so much for posting this, and once again, after doing Tera thousand of times on dozen different characters, seeing this last goodbye was very impactful ~ I think that after all there were a few developers who cared a bit about the community for them to give us this last tiny bit







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  • Thank you for posting this! Here's a translation (nearly the same as yours) done by a KR player for the bonus NPC's (they missed Poalong/Paesyn and Shiozu/Zolyn though).


    I'm glad I could see your face one last time. I have traveled around Arborea and fought alongside many, but I think the times spent with you were the most fun. Thank you for making many good memories. And I hope you'll have a lot of fun things to remember from your own journey, which will start now.

    Elyon Kubell/Elleon

    My comrade in battle, (Character name)!
    We overcame many hardships together. You were a great warrior, and I will never forget your name.

    Hasmina Lian (Helen's sister)

    In retrospect, I think I made many good memories thanks to you, (Character name). It was fun exploring many places along with you. And, above everything, thank you so much for letting my sister Helen to rest in peace.

    Bluehole developers

    We truly thank all the Protectors for making the history of TERA so far.
    We were really glad and happy to have been with you for such a long time.

    We wish the best luck to all of you who enjoyed TERA to the end.
    We will cherish all the memories with you Protectors, and hope for a day when we meet again.

    Thank you.

    Freiya Rohen/Fraya

    As the head of Alemansia, I deeply thank you for everything you've done for us. We Alemansia will never forget that you helped us. Wish you all the best.

    Graham Heinz/Seir (Federation commander)

    You took the most important missions for the Valkyon Federation and carried them out flawlessly. Wherever you go, don't forget that Valkyon Federation will always stand behind you.


    As my Sword, you did your best to fight in any battleground, and I will never forget you. May you show off your skills in another battleground as well. And stay safe, my Sword.


    (Character name)!

    Thank you for doing your best to keep the peace in Arborea so far. I will pray for you to have only happiness ahead of you.