Costumes and PVP Bellicarium


    1st question:

    Why don't I see really good customs in the store?! Always post something repeated! There are several customs that I see on EU servers and not on NA. I know it's a dead server but have a little empathy with the remaining players... customs like:

    Dyeable Orchid Blossom Hanbok

    Hello kitty outfit

    custom PUBG

    Diabolic/Angelic weapon skins

    Volcanic/ Arctic weapon skins

    Shadowlaced Weapon Skins

    tetrachromic weapon skins

    Silver/Golden noblessed weapon skins

    Among other customs, skins and accessories that I don't remember the name...

    Many players would like to acquire these customs and you just put the same crap in the shop!!!

    2nd question:
    Please help tera's pvp to survive, I won't even mention the server kaiator already died and I transferred to velik like everyone else the pvp content is already dead I have to beg the LFG for a battlegrounds to take place on Sundays because other days it's impossible for this to happen you always with the same crap event of the month doesn't have a pvp event the shop bellicarium is not attractive for battlegrounds to take place, it has old items that no one cares that's a shame!

    Pay attention because the biggest enemy of the gameforge is the gameforge you are destroying the tera and driving away all types of players!

    Thanks for listening.

  • Dyeable hanboks are only from Meruma's coins and are only Elin only. Imagine the player rage if they sold Elin only costumes. Hello Kitty and PUBG won't happen, because they are owned by 3rd party. Especially Hello Kitty would require army of lawyers to make deal about cooperation. Shadowlaced btw was sold 2-3 months ago.

    Anything you can get with Meruma's coins. I wish they put Meruma coins to TC subscription or in Ghillieglade.