ANIME guild Civil Unrest mini event.

  • Starting this Sunday April 3rd until Sunday April 24th I plan to give rewards for guilds who participate on Civil Unrest Kaia based on the placement they get after the event ends and it will be handed to their guild master or appointed representative for that guild. The prize pool will be like this:

    - 1st place 200k gold

    - 2nd place 150k gold

    - 3rd place 75k gold

    - 4th place 50k gold

    - 5th place 25k gold

    I know this is not much but I hope people may give it a try and help us making this event a way to get together our already small comunity in Kaia server.

    Take note that you need to complete all guild quest and cap your valderon tokens or wont be able to place a tower inside Civil Unrest. You need to have permissions for your character to buy a tower blueprint and use it inside CU. You also need at least 5 guildies with character's level +65 on-line and inside Civil before it starts or you wont get any reward from this event.

    I will ask to avoid the use of cheats or I may have to take back my words about these small extra rewards.

  • 1. By "1st place, 2nd place.." , do you mean among whole server or among those who are not participating usually?

    2. How many guilds are participating on average in the last month weekly?

    3.How many guilds are actually PVP guilds among the guilds answered in question 2?

  • Thanks. Will try again today.

    I may not be able to attend CU but rewards will be offered still. I have things irl that will keep me busy and once I get them done I will login in and check on CU ranks. If you can tell me who may I need to contact from your guild to give him the reward in case you got enought people for CU I would appreciate it.