Suggestions Urgent !

  • My suggestion is simple and it can save the kaiator server as it is shameful to have 1 player online with the time I play this game.

    Back with the pvp released from the low level, first because the server is (PVP) if any player doesn't want to risk dying play on the server (PVE). There is no sense, what is Gameforge is doing totally excluding the pvp from the game with infamous high and removing pvp areas on pvp server!! GVG dead off ban the attack on big cities like HW on a pvp server? This honestly is ridiculous! ''I play on a pvp server the game does everything not to have it!'' :/

    We struggled to have battlegrounds on the server, the kaiator has already died and now Velik will happen the same.

    All that was good in the game made sure to remove, velik outskirts pvp, War Alliance, PVP, GVG nobody wants to do, Battlegrounds if not for the players begging for queue.

    Please gameforge bring Tera to the origins.:grumble::hail:

  • If you can't handle griefing switch channels or play on the pve server, easy yes? I ended up swapping to the pve server because there is no more pvp, and bgs are almost completely dead. There is more guilds there to do civil unrest with as well. Such a shame that this publisher doesn't give a flying shit about anything.

  • So that you can grief and gank until you're satisfied ? No thanks.

    I don't understand your logic in this comment! So you have a PVE server and you want to create a character in PVP and not have the risk of dying? lmao

    bereft of intelligence!