Newb Guides?

  • I have spent the day trying to read some beginner guides, however all these seem out of date. Can anyone link an updated guide or helpful tips for 2 friends just beginning their journey into the combat world of tera?

  • Unfortunately, I can't direct to a guide. However, these might be useful.

    - get a Buddy Up Code to ease the leveling

    - ask in Global /c for tips - or here. Beware of some trolls, but there are usually helpful people

    - if you explain that you are new, people usually are very nice. They might even give you unsolicited gold (take it)

    - people usually don't remember quests. If you're stuck at some point, picking the specific problem from google is the fastest solution

    - try to get into a helpful guild

    - ask - ask - ask. Tera is a horrible game, regarding the complexity (e.g. it feels like we have 200 different kind of tokens).

    This is the most important:

    Enjoy the game.

    Tera is Live Combat (no tab targeting) and you get the first time Tera experience only once. Take your time, explore the adventure. Don't rush to lvl 70. The goal is to have fun, not a lvl 70 character.

  • You missed the most important point. Everything before 65 (70) is not relevant for the game. You should target to get to 65 as fast as possible because reaching lvl 65 changes almost everything therefore wasting time before that is not really beneficial.