Unable to make progress?

  • Hi I am a new player , been playing tera for about 2 weeks now , been doing A LOT of research about the game as a whole because I am really confused on how you actually make progress in this game without dumping your paycheck into the game , let me explain.

    Keep in mind that I am playing healer, so the gear requirement for dungeons is significantly lower and MUCH cheaper compared to DPS classes.

    DPS classes are very gear carried.

    (Tera being a very small community, everyone already knows who is doing how much DMG, and that mostly leads to them being denied from joining some parties. And no do not tell me " just queue for instance matching, no one cares what you do there ! " because even as a healer my queues take longer than 20 minutes on average, and I am online for 14 hours a day , so I reach multiple time zones. I cant imagine the DPS classes wait time )

    I've hit level 70, now it is time to start the grind , the moment I've been waiting for ? Nope , not in this game.

    I have been running AQ over and over again to farm some mats so I can finally drop some new gear with better rolls so I can do harder and more fun content

    and grind harder (there's like 6 RANDOM rolls PER gear piece and each roll has like 4~5 levels, I'm not even going to get into how bad of a system that is in this post).

    After endless AQ farming I am finally fully +3 ~ +4 and new dungeons opens to me , including daily dungeons like CT and DA, this is exciting.

    NOPE, the AFK simulator begins right now.

    1400 coins available , CT costs 210 , DA costs 400 , 2 entries each per day (costs as much as hardest dungeons in the game for some reason)

    Quick math - > (210 * 2) + (400 * 2) = 1220 adventures coins on 4 dungeons that are the dailies.

    I'm left with 180 coins after 40 minutes of gameplay on a good day.

    I restore 10 coins per 3 minutes while being ONLINE and 3 coins per 3 minutes being OFFLINE. (Haste coin II included in both scenarios)

    Quick Math 2 - > being ONLINE for 7 hours will restore you 1400 coins.

    being OFFLINE for 24 hours will restore you 1440 coins.

    Reminder 1400 coins comes out to 10 ~ 40 minutes of dungeon content

    Being AFK is obviously promoted if you want to make any sort of progress in the game, and no there's absolutely 0 open world content for you to do while you regenerate coins being online. You need to blatantly leave Tera online doing nothing. This is not a welcoming endgame for new players , because this system makes it so its impossible to progress. " Buy Tera Club" for more dungeon entries and coins you say ? It costs 1.3m gold , and for any new player to get that amount ,it is basically impossible.

    Suggestion : Reduce dungeon entry cost to something reasonable ( 50 ~ 150) OR make coins restore at a much faster rate.

    TLDR : The super slow coin regeneration and absurd dungeon coin cost do not appeal to any type of player.

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  • I mean there is tons of other content if you are willing to do it. such as quests and/or achievements (both can go towards your laurel potentially), you can do guardian missions if u like or talk w friends or you could try your luck with a battleground q orrrrrrr........

    anyways, i totally agree about the coins. whoever idea it was to put the adventure coin system in when there was already a cap to certain dungeons is literally stupid (no offence) bc its like waiting on top of waiting.

    good luck with your progression! hope u can find some things to do to keep you busy while you wait for those coins


  • Honestly I had no idea that free players omly had 1400 coins that's laughable. Even being elite I thought this was bad but without it I'd be finished my coins in about 6 minutes. That's not a fun system I think it's also pretty disappointing that a thread about the same problem has the watched tag and it's been completely ignored by anyone from gf no response at all.

    I still do not get why the coin cost of any dungeon is so high this patch when before it was 250 coins for the higher and obviously less for the rest. I also think considering DA, CT and SCE having entry limits there shouldn't be a coin cost on these dungeons.