• Hello. I would like to draw your attention to the problem with the availability of 2.0 dragons. As far as i know, there is no such problem on the KR server or NA. This is a huge problem on the Mystel. Within a month, i received only one offer for sale for 20 million, when in Korea it costs 3-4 million.

    I am ready to buy it for 10-12 million or for TT, but they simply are not in the game when they are at broker on NA.

    My friend opened a huge number of boxes for 25TT each in front of me and got absolute junk loot, outdated for the current patch. It was about 100+ boxes

    I want to ask you - are you deliberately mock the players like that?

  • what do you sill expect from this team.

    - Outdated items in all boxes from shop;

    - low drop rate of mythic gear in highest dungeon

    - Event dungeon almost impossible, no one is in leader board for 3 monthes (schm);

    - No code for lastest release (patch 109)

    - No more stream before release of patches.

    - ...

    everything is fucked up, they just profit the money until the game die, you can still profit of 40% reduction on TT ...

  • It's been like that for years in europe and nothing will change, it was possible to get 2.0 from ds long time ago (if you were top of the crop pve'r) but they quickly fixed that nice and tight. You'll need couple hundred boxes for decent chance at beating the slot machine.

  • and Demon Letter Event (yes, with the gods luck of getting a B)

    but completely agree: getting 2.0 / ancient mighty mounts is extremely hard - would be nice if you could get one for, say 1600 Dragonwing Scales (random number).