Suggestion: New Instance Matching Bonus Loot Event

  • I am suggesting this, essentially as an improvement to the mentor reward event. In this event players can queue dungeons and receive additional rewards such as:
    -adventure coins
    -legacy essences
    -elleon's mark of valor
    -goldfinger tokens

    In addition, queueing specific dungeons would give special additional rewards through parcel post:
    -Abscess, Akalath Quarantine: Murky Mahtnan powder x0-1, Tier IV etching (1 of 4: weapon, armor, boot, glove) x0-1
    -Velik's Hold, Damned Citadel: x2 of either forge fragment or power fragment

    -Draakon Arena: Murky Mahtnan Powder x1-3
    -all 504 dungeons: random chance to obtain: Kaia's Jewel x1 OR x1 of either blacksmith's token, tough nut token, or token of vigour OR top tier etching essence x1 (solar, lava, glacial, frost or lightning)

    Note: no additional rewards should be given for 510 ilvl dungeons as the potential for stacking premade groups given low queue volumes for these dungeons is too high. Also, the difficulty in clearing these dungeons in random IMS groups would be too much, and would likely put a damper on the enjoyment of the event.

    Conditions Any players who queue dungeons in groups of 2 or solo can receive rewards, however, multiple criteria must be met in order to receive additional rewards:

    -players must complete the dungeon that they queued for (entering a different dungeon after forming the party through IMS will forfeit additional loot)
    -the dungeon must be completed with the original IMS party composition intact; kicking any party member will forfeit any additional loot

    -Disbanding an IMS party will result in a cooldown period of 10 minutes (see below) being applied to all party members who disbanded.
    -If no activity is detected for 5 minutes from a party member who has matched into an IMS party, the same 10 minute cooldown period will be applied individually to that person who AFK'd

    10 minute cooldown period: Not to be confused with the 15 minute cooldown for dropping an IMS party, this would be a new cooldown debuff specific to this event. During this time, players who have this cooldown can use IMS. However, if players who have this cooldown form an IMS party, their individual additional loot is forfeit (even if the cooldown period runs out before they finish an IMS dungeon.) Once the cooldown has run out, players can queue another dungeon and again receive additional rewards.

    These conditions are intended to discourage players from trying to form premade groups through IMS, while giving extra incentive for players to queue up in random groups (and still allowing them to queue with 1 friend if they so choose).

    Areas of Improvement Additional criteria should be established to discourage griefing while at the same time encouraging players to tolerate other newer/less experienced players.

    Sidenote: I want to stress that it is not adequate to only award additional awards through IMS if there is a new/returning player in the IMS group if the goal of the event is to encourage the use of IMS. These types of players are few and far between, at least in my region of NA, and so limiting the scope of the event to conditions such as these basically creates the sense that there is no event at all because of how infrequently players will get rewards from it.

    Hopefully, an event like this would encourage more use of instance matchmaking, while still leaving regular formed parties and parties formed in lfg as viable choices.