State of Cross Server LFG

  • Almost 3 weeks ago, a few days after the release of patch 108, players were instructed not to use the new cross server lfg function or risk having your character be stuck in an un-leaveable party. At that point, lfgs from other neighboring servers were no longer viewable from the lfg ui, however you could and still can see the publicizing messages in world chat and join cross server lfgs through those messages.

    Are there any updates at all on the status of the cross server lfg system? I can say that as a player who plays on both Kaia and Velik NA servers, I and some of my friends have used the cross server lfg function (by joining through publicized messages in world chat) and have had no issues so far. The only time I've heard of someone being stuck in a party is when people that have formed a cross server lfg from both servers then use the instance matchmaking system in the party consisting of people from both Kaia and Velik server. Nevertheless, many people are still rightly weary of using the cross server lfg function.

    I can tell you personally that what is left of the players on Kaia server need this cross server lfg function to be fully operational desperately and im sure it would benefit most other servers/regions. Can we please get an update on this? Thanks.

  • The problem can happen in the matchmaking que too, I have a character stuck in one party with character of the same server and cant leave after just a normal que.