Thanos Snap 20.08.2021! Calling the Avengers!!!

  • Hello! my nickname HUUUUULK!

    Gathering the Avengers! Because my account has been permanently blocked im heavily exploiting Tera Club on 20.08/2021.

    This is my farewell letter to this project! I've been creating and nurturing my character for seven years. And I was erased by the Thanos flick for correcting other people's mistakes. I've been using the subscription for 6 years, and I've seen many variations of properly working VIP panels. In 6 years I have used sled animal, atlas, and traveler log millions of times, but got permanently blocked for repeatedly using boxed, new coin scrolls that I didn't need.

    I hope active players don't subscribe to Tera Club so You don't fall for any further provocations from Gameforge, otherwise your work will be destroyed without warning or hesitation!

    Below is the last screenshot of the Hulk with the face of Popori, who coincidentally fell into the textures in the dungeon and died at the bottom without the right to resurrection!


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  • Hi, I think this decision was made incorrectly by the gameforge, they were obliged to notify the players about this bug. so that people do not use it, and if they did use it, they must delete everything that they received (if the player does not remove (boxes, fire, or what he received), then he gets a ban). but gameforge decided to ban most of the players for nothing! they themselves broke the game client, thereby allowing a bug, I believe that they have not legally banned people. they must give amnesty to the people.As the bug happened due to the fault of gameforge (people did not use third-party software), the fault was solely due to gameforge. Gameforge, give people a chance to improve and play further tera, many did not know that this would be so. and if they knew they would not do so! gameforge, is it difficult for you to delete all the items received by the bug? is it easier to ban a couple of hundred people?

  • What about when man seduces man, who gets blamed


    EU After Launch Patches: 1.0.25 (03.05.2012) , 1.0.29 (15.05.2012)
    NA After Launch Patches: 17.25.02 (April 27, 2012), (April 30, 2012), (April 30, 2012), 17.25.03 (May 8, 2012), 17.29.01 (May 14, 2012), (May 18, 2012), 17.29.02 (May 30, 2012), 17.29.03 June 5, 2012, 17.32.01 (June 12, 2012), 17.32.02 (June 29, 2012).

    You still have hopes?

  • Hi, I think this decision was made incorrectly by the gameforge

    As much as I'm not Gameforge's white knight, I can't really agree on this one. If anything the level of punishment could have been adjusted to temporary, but actions being taken was the right thing to do imho.

    gameforge decided to ban most of the players for nothing!

    Bug abuse is not "nothing", it's a legit ban reason, I doubt click spamming that happened "on mistake".

    the fault was solely due to gameforge

    While they're at fault for not detecting and correcting the bug, anyone trying to benefit from it knowing it's unintended is certainly not a saint or an innocent victim.

    many did not know that this would be so

    So they should get away with it while others don't abuse?

    they were obliged to notify the players about this bug

    There are reasons why exploitable bugs aren't being publicly announced. I'm not a fan of big restrictions, but I'd rather not go to the other extreme as well and allow anything, let's be reasonable. Shame not to see Hulk back though.

  • Hello, as you should know already, the forum is not the place to discuss about account bans. All affected users can contact our support team in order to receive an explanation of what exactly is applied to their personal account.

    The thread is closed, please refrain from similar discussions in the forum.