Disapointing game development

  • Hi

    I like to check from time-to-time up on Tera, last time I played the game was in the beginning of 2021, been a while. Logged into the game yesterday.

    Well, congratulations, the game steady decline in content is now a rapid decline. Currently the game is 99% pure shit now, guess congratulations on not taking feedback into account, 1% not shit is still the combat system.

    Are there actual people even handling the game anymore or just is it being managed by automated bots? Updated the game for nostalgic reasons i guess.

    Regarding the feedback/suggestion, just shut down the servers already and stop pumping peoples wallets for a ruined product.


    Not the only one thinking this way

  • Yeah man, i feel you! after so much crap taking, i ve quited also, the combat system is amazing but the content and p2w shit its getting out of hand. All the events are grindy AF and are no more fun events to keep ppl in game. Now i log in time 2 time to see the brokerage faling apart

  • gameforge are sitting on a gold mine, yet refuse to put the work and effort into building a mine that wont collapse...

    the game has a lot off followers and old fans who dont play right now for many reasons for example pve players having trash content thrown at them (1 boss dungions LOL) and more and more RNG gated grind for no rewards ...the pvp players being politly told to "shut up and get lost" with there PK server nuked, battleground leaderboards broken,civil unrest map nerfed to the current mess and many other bad decisions

    Tera's combat "was" epic and still is some off the best in this style on the market yet the game is slowly failing mainly cause off the current publisher in this region.

    right now i have zero motivation and i was the guy who spammed shorehold 5-20x a day for 16 months to get my +9 pvp weapon while getting slaughtered by people who got it on day 3 and butt f**d by rng outside off the battlegrounds

  • This game is trash right now, and needs to be taken from the publishers hands and rights to publish sold to a good publisher with a good reputation, otherwise it's just gonna shut down soon.

  • This game is trash right now, and needs to be taken from the publishers hands and rights to publish sold to a good publisher with a good reputation, otherwise it's just gonna shut down soon.

    True! We are struggling in the forums to tell them what is wrong, but they don't give us a response. But instead they keep posting Shop Updates, like that will solve all the issues, what a joker

  • Tera has been dead for a very long time. F I miss Tera large scale pvp. But alas...

    < Mazina >

  • I don't know if Gameforge can do much about new dungeons and such, since Gameforge don't hold the power to create new stuffs, i think blue hole does, however the way how grindy gearing up is, is really annoying, like getting perfect rolls and such feels like they put some really hard stuffs to keep us busy while something new don't appear..

    However for me one of the main reasons i don't came back is, i lost my account during the shutdown of Enmasse, i was hoping to at least be able to transfer some of my characters from EU to NA using Character Transfer Voucher since i also have gameforge acc with 6 chars lvl 70 on it, but doesn't seems like Gameforge will offer this service any time soon, i think i will stick with PSO2 new genesis for now.

  • The shutdown announcement from Gameforge should be happening soon enough

    I don't think GF has any intentions on shutting down the game as of right now, as I believe Tera belongs to their most profitable products. Have a look at GF's portfolio and you will see loads of other games (I don't want to mention names here..), which are in an even worse condition (low playerbase, dead servers, rarely updates, etc) than Tera is right now. GF knows how to run games at the lowest cost possible and where to save money (customer service, community management, etc.), that's how they have managed to keep the supposedly unprofitable games profitable. With the acquisition of the NA and RU servers, I believe a shutdown in the near future has become even more unlikely, and I doubt Krafton is charging them high license fees...