New Gear Review

  • I'm deeply sorry for the formating.

    I'll only talk about Mythical Weapons. There are differences between Rare, Legendary and Mythical Gear which would make this thread much more complicated but I'll try to explain those for each section below. Also thanks to Seraphinush for a lot of the translation!


    Weapon has three different main stats:

    1.) Unique Passive Option (Source Seraphinush)

    Weapon Magical Rainstorm Increase MP cost by 2 times, increase skill damage and effect of healing skills by (4/5/6/7/8)%
    '’ Vicious Curse (10/20/30/40/50)% chance to apply effect to decrease Physical and Magical Resistance to target upon successful hit, stacks up to 100 times
    '’ Spiritual Supremacy Decrease cooldown of passives with ‘increase Crit Power’ effect by (7/9/11/13/15) seconds
    '’ Determined Strike Decrease attack speed by 10%, increase skill damage and effect of healing skills by (4/5/6/7/8)%
    '’ Blood Predator Recover (0.01/0.015/0.02/0.025/0.03)% of damage dealt as HP
    '’ Enrage Subjugation Increase damage to enraged monsters by (8/10/12/14/16)%
    '’ Mark of Extinction (20/40/60/80/100)% chance to apply Mark of Extinction (pl.) to target upon successful hit; deals 0.1% of target’s max HP or up to 10,000,000 damage when stacked up to its maximum of 15 times
    '’ Pledge of Blood Decrease healing received by (10/20/30/40/50)%, increase skill damage and effect of healing skills by (2/4/6/8/10)%
    '’ Song of Courage Increase Magical and Physical Amplification of self and nearby allies by (2/2.5/3/3.5/4)%

    Explanation: As you can see there are 9 different options who each have five "strength tiers" (in roman numerals :!:) essentially meaning that I = weakest II = weak III = middle IV = strong V = strongest option.

    On rare weapons you can only get I or II or III ; on Legendary Weapons you can only get II & III & IV while on Mythical Weapons you can only get III & IV & V so for this example we will only look at middle, strong, strongest options because you can not roll the weakest & weak option on mythical weapons.

    This leaves us with 9 passive options who each have three tiers left = 27 different options when you receive a weapon. :!:

    2.) Two Overline Stats - just like for the Unique passive you can only roll III & IV & V stats on these two options. (These are the same rng stats as the current gear and you will have different stats again - white + green + blue + yellow + purple indicating how strong/high the stat itself is - example:

    Crit Factor will be white = 7 ; green = 9 ; blue = 11 ; yellow = 13 ; purple = 15)


    So on Mythical gear you're only able to roll the blue + yellow + purple stat and the available options for the weapon are the follwing:

    Physical Amplification Magical Amplification
    Physical Pierce Magical Pierce
    Physical Crit Power Magical Crit Power
    Ignore Physical Resistance
    Ignore Magical Resistance
    Critical Factor -----------------------

    These nine stats are possible to roll on your new mythical weapon and as explained you're only able to get the blue, yellow, purple rarity on the stats - which will result in once again 27 different options to receive (twice of course since you have two rolls available) :!:

    3.) Underline Stats are pretty much the same as 2.) but the numbers each stat are a bit lower meaning that the Crit Factor stat is the following:

    White = 3 Crit
    Green = 4 Crit
    Blue = 5 Crit
    Yellow = 6 Crit
    Purple = 7 Crit


    But for these three underline stats sadly even with a mythical weapon you are able to roll ALL five tiers of each stat, meaning that you can get White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple no matter what rarity your weapon has. Also compared to the Overline Stats you are now also able to get Physical Resistance + Magical Resistance + HP + MP as stats aswell which increases the amount of possible/available stats by a decent amount. So instead of nine stats (look table above) you now have thirteen different options who each have five tiers now so you have 13 options * 5 stats = 65 different options.

    Keep in mind though that you have 3 different underline options so in theory you have 1/65 and 1/65 and 1/65 if you want the best weapon.

    Overall tl;dr:

    1) Unique passive options = 9 options * 3 tiers = 27 different options
    2) Overline stats = 9 options * 3 tiers = 27 different options
    2) Overline stats = 9 options * 3 tiers = 27 different options

    3) Underline stats = 13 options * 5 tiers = 65 different options

    3) Underline stats = 13 options * 5 tiers = 65 different options

    3) Underline stats = 13 options * 5 tiers = 65 different options

    Meaning that the theoretical best in slot weapon basically has a chance of (1/27) * (1/27) * (1/27) * (1/65) * (1/65) * (1/65) = 0.0000000001849987 or you need roughly (1/0.0000000001849987) = 5.405.443.389 different weapons to on average get one Best in Slot Weapon.

    :!: Please if I made any mistakes during those calculation or if I missed anything - feel free to correct me :!:

    My opinion: We have been complaining for two years now that the amount of rng stats is too damn high - and you guys really come up with this stuff :?:I sincerely hope that not a single player bothers to come back for this joke of a patch and that even more players finally decide to leave this game behind and stop spending money on this garbage casino pay2win shit.

  • Well, thanks for taking the effort so I don't have to, pretty much says everything about anything I wanted to say.

    To add onto this: Remember that currently, we have ways to actually reroll the stats on our items. All of them.

    On new items, the only rerollable stats are the underline ones - which as previously mentioned, are FAR weaker compared to the overline ones. Three good underline stats are equivalent to one good overline stat, just to put this into perspective.

    Sure, objectively, this lowers the pressure on getting BIS in some way, but the main issue is still that once you have an item, you have mostly no control over what is on it. And the chance of getting a good item is still low... and getting lower the better your stats are.

    So, then are stuck with what you have until you drop a better item and are FORCED into using a cash shop item to transfer your stats, and all that, over. If there is even a way this item drops ingame, I doubt it's going to have any reasonable drop rate, if at all, most likely comparable to 2.0 dragons from Harrowhold would be my guess.

    This would not be an issue if instead of getting stat-based passives we got general class buffs and if the stats were actually balanced to be equally strong, but anyone with even half a brain can figure out this is not the case, and some classes will benefit from certain stats much more than others.

    Already feeling bad for the tanks that can't get a weapon with Vicious Curse.... with the cesspool of whatever toxic community is still left in TERA, the demand for those will leave those without it in the dust.

    The only, and truly, only positive thing I can see, is that Infusions are gone. But even those suffered from the same problem as here, lack of control over what you get. It's literally the same... so there's no improvement made whatsoever actually. And infusions are FAR LESS influential than those new random stats will be.

  • Updated my Post with a table of all available Overline & Underline Stats which each specific value for white/green/blue/yellow/purple rarity. Thank you very much for all the koreans that posted screenshots of their gear and shared a ton of information about the available stats on inven & other places!

  • Also one can notice that you may transfer stats from any tier gear to any other tier of gear but this also transfers the upgrade stage. This means if u transfer from a +0 item to a +12 item the result has the wished stats but drops down to +0. You have to upgrade before transfering stats or upgrade after transfering. There will also be an issue in regards of etchings, since Korea droprate of Etching materials seems very bad. GF should include a reliable source for Etching materials in EU. Also why is there one specific Weapon (phys or magic) for any class but we can roll Magic stats on Phys gear and vice versa? This does not make sense and should be fixed. BHS wanted to make it easier to farm "good" gear and yet created more problems

  • Personal suggestions:

    1) Either remove all rng stats (much preferred) or at least remove Magical stats from Physical Gear (It is completly stupid that its possible to roll magical amplification, piercing, ignore, crit power, resistance on physical classes) which would already reduce the amount of stats by a huge amount.

    2) Remove all white & green stats on underlines :!: to significally reduce the amount of worthless stats.

    3) For the succession system mentioned by riplex above - do not transfer the enchanting stage if its lower than the existing weapon. Since you can literally lose enchantments when trying to transfer underline stats from a +0 weapon to another +12 weapon :!:

    4) Add scrolls to reroll the unique passive & the two overline stats since they are not changeable right now.

    5) Dungeon loot is once again pretty poor and disappointing since you only get old gearing stuff and sometimes one new gear chest. The drop rates for certain rarer items are abysmal low aswell so you most likely won't see them even after doing a thousand clears. Available dungeons are incredible boring & lame so seems like that its gonna be another "run the most boring dungeon several hundred of times and hope for lottery rng to get good stats."

  • All the above and 14760/1470 hp/mp on overline stats while the rest of the bonuses are ... not good. At least the 2 classes that have 0 scripts and are totally ethical like berserker and sorcerer will not absolutely just nuke dps everything, that will not happen at all.

    My 2 cents:


  • Just as an comparison to the current/existing gear:

    You have three random stats with seven options (Physical & Magical Amplification; Physical & Magical Resistance; Physical & Magical Crit Power; Crit Factor) who each have 8 different tiers so you have 7 * 8 = 56 different options for one roll.

    1 / [ (1/56) * (1/56) * (1/56)] = 175.616 different combinations on a three-stat weapon.

    So compared to our current weapons with 175.616 different combinations were are going to have 5.405.443.389 different weapons with the new gearing system? Ex-fkingcuse me?

    We go from roughly 175.616 to 5,4 BILLION different combinations????????? Are you freaking kidding me? How aren't any of guys fired for doing this shit again & again while ignoring any reasonal feedback that you have been getting for the past 2-3 years from ALL regions. And no - I don't give a fck that you removed the infusions on gear because those were at least somewhat do-able compared to all of those random garbage stats:elin15:

  • The formula you mentioned about the number of different combinations on Soul kaia is not quite correct since you do not care about the order of stats (0.05 cp 0,04 cp 0,06 cp on a weapon is equal to 0,05 cp 0,06 cp 0,04 cp etc). You have to choose the formula (N+n-1 choose n) where N is the amount of possible Stats (in this case 56) and n is the amount of stats you are wishing to compare (so n=0,1,2,3)

    So this implies that the overall combination is:

    n=0: 1 for 0 stats on your gear,

    n=1: 56 on 1 stat gear items,

    n=2: 1.596 stat combinations on Gear items with 2 stats,

    n=3: 30.856 stat combinations on Gear items with 3 stats.

    This gives us a total of 1+56+1.596+30.856=32.509 possible stat combinations on our current Soul kaia gear (per Item, so overall for a full set of Soul kaia gear 4x32.509=130.036 possible gear combinations).

    The same problem arises when comparing new gear Items and I did not check it until now.

    I assume these values are correct and I also assume full stat Items (this means that the Item we observate has 1 unique 2 overline and 3 underline stats). Furthermore I assume these different stats are independent from each other.

    So we know that every Item has 1 unique (I dont know if there can drop Items without unique stats). This gives us 27 Base Items per Gear item.

    We have 27 Options rollable for 2 Overline stats and we have 65 options rollable for 3 underline stats.

    Using (N+n-1 choose n) Formula this gives us a total of:

    378 different overline combinations,

    47.905 different underline combinations.

    Now here is the big problem of the new gear: To get the overall amount of possible Stat combinations which include unique, underline and overline we have to multiply these quantities.

    This means that there is a total of 27x378x47.905=488.918.430 stat combinations for 1 full stat Gear item, which is much less then tob calculated, but still some orders of magnitude higher then the current system. To complete: The number of overline and unique option stats is quite good but the amount of underline stats is to high. This could easily be fixed by reducing the amount of stats available by underline stats (for example delete all magic related stuff und physical gear and vice versa).

  • The number of overline and unique option stats is quite good

    I wouldn't say that honestly.

    Now yes, the amount of underline stats that you can get - seeing as those aren't limited by the tier of the gear you are using either - is ridiculous beyond belief, but the underline stats still make the smallest difference compared to the other rolls (again, three purple underlines equal one purple overline), and are rerollable, you at least have some sort of control over what you get, which alleviates the RNG for those rolls just a little bit.

    The rest - which makes up for the greater majority of any damage contribution - isn't in any way... which I see as a much bigger problem, given you are forced to upgrade an item every time you get a better one (particularly when you want to do new content for example, given Ilvl restrictions and such) whilst having almost no sources for materials similar to the AQ Patch (Patch 86) unless you use a cash shop item to transfer everything over every time, or just straight up buy the materials from there, which seriously shouldn't be the solution to this.

    Actually, the same problem existed with Patch 86 as well, and let's not forget how hard Patch 86 cut player numbers compared to the patch before it. And given that players numbers are now far lower than that even... combined with the removal of so many dungeons, and the content very likely being boring and stale, with bad loot to boot, all of it combined with this bad rehash of the gearing system, I am not looking forward to it.

  • I understand what you mean and this is quite true. The really big problem is: One can not roll unique and overline stats on a specific item but only drop other ones so this is also an issue. I do not understand why BHS makes underline stats changeable but not overline / uniques, since this would grant players a chance to get BiS on these 2 quantities in a reasonable amout of time, if there is a good source to farm rolls for these stats. And do not think about including such rolls only for shop, if they will exist in future updates (Dungeon Resonance System for Juli confirmed has to drop something worthy)...

  • Shouldn't the order of the stats still be important/counted though? Since these different Items actually exist even though mathematically they've the same result? Or am I missing something :elin12:

  • Shouldn't the order of the stats still be important/counted though? Since these different Items actually exist even though mathematically they've the same result? Or am I missing something :elin12:

    Since you asked what is the number of possible stat combinations: NO it does not matter. Gear Items with overall same value in stats are equivalent. This is indeed an equivalence relation because:

    Every item is equivalent to itself (reflexivety).

    If a pair of items (A,B) is equivalent then (B,A) is also equivalent, since if A has the overall value as B so does B have the overall value as A (symmetry).

    If an Item A is equivalent to an Item B and Item B is equivalent to an Item C then A and C are equivalent, since A has the overall same value as B and B has the overall value as C, then also A has the overall value as C (transitivity).

    Since "Comparing overall value" is an equivalence relation one can compute equivalence classes. For example the equivalence class [unique X, 0.06physcp, 0.06physcp, 0.02physcp, 0.02physcp, 0.02physcp] has exactly one representative element for every unique X, but the equivalence class of [unique X, 0.06physcp, 0.05physcp, 0.02physcp, 0.02physcp, 0.02physcp] has two representative elements, namely:

    unique X, 0.06physcp 0.05physcp, 0.02physcp, 0.02physcp, 0.02physcp and

    unique X, 0.05physcp 0.06physcp, 0.02physcp, 0.02physcp, 0.02physcp,

    which are indeed equivalent and one can also look at Items of type [unique X, Overline_(1), Overline(2), Underline(1), Underline(2), Underline(3)] and notice that this equivalence class has 2!x3!=12 representive elements for every pairwise different vector (Overline_(1), Overline(2)) and every pairwise different vector (Underline(1), Underline(2), Underline(3)) (this means any two stats X and Y from these are not equal or easier to say all 5 stats are different from each other). because Overlines are independend from Underlines.

    If you however ask: What is the percentage chance to get an Item with BiS stats, this means in this case the chances of unique X, 0.06physcp, 0.06physcp, 0.02physcp, 0.02physcp, 0.02physcp for some unique X, then you may do not want to calculate in this space of equivalence classes, so yes there may be some missunderstanding. But since you asked about the amount of overall possible stat combinations (which is the same as asking for the amount of overall different values on Items), one should not care about the order of stats. So this means that if we only want to calculate the chances of getting BiS this is indeed 1:5.405.443.875.

  • So, the gearing is back at a point similar to level 60 end content Manaya's Core (or early Level 65 patches) but with no way to re-roll "masterworked" stats and/or keep some of them unchanged?

    Good god, am I glad that I quit

  • Typical - most important feedback which is supported by the majority of the remaining active & informed community - getting completly ignored once again. :thumbup:

    Guess going from 175.616 to 5.405.443.875 different obtainable Triple-Stats Weapons is not worth talking about or changing. Certainly won't be suprised tough when the new cash-shop boxes will be released during the maintenance for patch release like always, since that's literally the only thing these companies seem to care about. :elin15:

  • So fking disgusting how they keep lying about that shit every new gear revamp HAHA. Every single time they make it worse but pretend while writing "we removed/reduced the rng" in their previews. READ THIS THREAD AND STOP LYING TO YOUR PLAYERS FFS.

    What a freaking joke of two companies - unbelievable.