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    1. SOMEONE KNOWS THE LOCATION OF THESE MONSTERS? TOMB Robber Bari - Tomb Robber Gibi - Tomb Robber Robin


  • The island mentioned on the achievement

    Apparently they are only here for 10 min

    Bari (south region / "dragons" vanguard quest) for 10 min

    1 min nothing

    Robin (all outherslands with BAMs) for 10 min

    1 min nothing

    Gibi (all fishing islands) for 10 min

    28 min nothing

    Bari again

    the above schedule is from Yurian

    Mystel should be something like this:

    Gibi XX:30-XX:40

    Robin XX41-XX:51

    Bari XX:51-XX:01 (Bari is weird and often changes his time)

    nice to fill up Adventure Coins - the person picking up the dropped 300 AC gets them - others wont

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